USD39 – 4.30 am

Hehehe, it has been fun.  I told Earl-Ku that I will pledge all my earnings from PayPerPost for January 23rd to donate to the Johor flood victims.

So, there go you, USD39.  I wish I can write more but I had taken off my contact lenses before the opportunities start appearing.  By the time I wake up in the morning, it will be another new day in USA.

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, bloggers and friends, kepohchee and tangachee, if you want to chip in to buy something for the Johor flood victims, check out Earl-ku’s blog.

I have just got a call from Peter(9W2TKC), that him and some fellow members from the Lutherans Church in PJ is going down to Kota Tinggi, this weekend(27th January 2007). So i was hoping that we can get another round of collection and get another batch of stuff to be sent down together with him.

He will go and buy school uniforms, baby diapers, dried foodstuffs and things like that to be delivered by his ham radio friends (ham radio is kinda hobby group, in case you never heard of it).  Some of the members are people from Johor, so they know what are needed and who need them most.

No obligations, ok?  And stop giving me those, “I wonder if my few bucks are going to be conned by so and so charity group yadda yadda yadda, I don’t trust anyone after NKF yadda yadda yadda, these things will probably never get to the victims bla bla bla.”  Come on, how much are you giving?   Just a few bucks that you can afford right?  So, if anyone cheated off your money, they will be the ones bearing that huge sins of  abusing our trust and denying the poor victims of their help.  To me, that is money well spent ‘cos you know…they can go to hell with just your few bucks.  But if you keep going on with that paranoid thoughts and try to convince others against giving out to charity, nothing will ever materialise.   Anyway, I’d rather chip in to small groups like  the above than huge corporations.  So?  How?

9 thoughts on “USD39 – 4.30 am

  1. i put my trust on all, until they screw up big time.
    so i bagi-bagi le. uuummeeenooo @ my area also do collection, so i get my kids to donate from their extra “belanja” for the week. easy for them, coz’ the box is at the community hall. so they drop off the money after themselves. my portion i donate thru’ personal friends who are orang Johor themselves. they pakat-pakat with the bus service to send goods every other day. post flood is worse than the flooding time itself ! may they all be strong in faith and patience.

  2. yeap, the post-flood is even worst … now that they have to bring themselves back to the society …

    anyway, i have this video which shows the flooded areas, on the 20th throughout 23rd december … i dont even know when did the flood started …see we are actually that ignorant of it …

    anyone in KL with superpower pcs to resize some videos? or u know any softwares to do it?

  3. earl-ku, what are the thing that ppl in Johor need most leh. Maybe, I can kepo asking around my friend then can collect some and send to u mah.
    Lilian, what do u think?
    Just help in whatever way we can mah……… I hear from my neighbour who happen to have relative in johor. She told me the chinese there very ‘yum kong’. Government did not help much wor

  4. earl-ku,
    It is not the ignorant, but MSM (main stream media) neglect their roles. The flood news only make one headline for a day, then the news “submerged”. Have you heard the news that a minister talking nonsense like “floods is hurting VMY2007”.

  5. coz they dont want he visitors to be flipping the paper and see those flooded areas with the sad people on the pages … and they dont want to see that a “developed” like Malaysia to look like Waterworld …

  6. err mostly would be stuff like matress, pillow, blanket, canned foods, and those which you think might be necessities lo … like daily used stuff la …

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