So random yet colourful


I did not know these things are called slinkies until I learnt it from the forum I was in at PayPerPost. Marisa uses the quote which I found to be quite funny. So, I took a photo of the slinkies we have at home (my mouse cute or not?) and post it along with the quote:

Some people are like Slinkies. They have no practical use whatsoever, but they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs.
Hah, don’t we know many people like that? Evil to think but still….


So, guys….have you bought something ‘ong’ for the Year of the Golden Pig or not?  Like this red underwear?  Actually, we were at Paddington Pancakes the other day  and my son stole a shot of this red underwear with his camera zoom.  Then, he challenged me to go into the shop to buy one for my atm.   I did walk inside but I was too embarrassed to buy a male underwear.  That son of mine so clever, he did not want to go in with me.  I walked out pretending there is nothing to browse.  Well, I don’t know, I think it is rather awkward to be buying underwears that are not ours, right?  What do you think?  Are you going to buy red panties and bras for the wifey?  And your wifey got buy leopard prints  g-strings for you or not, ah?

18 thoughts on “So random yet colourful

  1. My wife bought some RENOMAs for me. She said must wear new clothing for CNY. Flouresent orange colour. Can see me a mile away in the dark when I strip.

    No joke, check out the RENOMA shelfs. Luckily got no chinese characters on the briefs.

  2. Ur son is turning into a papparazi with sneak shots of display underwear…I wonder when he would upgrade like the mom to human models? HEHEHAHAHA..(getting prepared to being bombed by hiding in the bunker now)

    Would I buy panties and such for Mrs? No Mrs. but for a friend..well..happened before, she asked me to get a particular brand for her…hmmm…wrote out the detail, size and colour on a piece of paper and gave it to shop assistant and told them to pack it up for me..hahahaha….

  3. A senior male friend of mine bought a set of panty and bra for his girlfriend when I bumped into him in Thailand last year. I stole a glance at the clothings, so sexy man!

  4. Thanks, Lilian. You’ve just reminded me that I need to replace my worn-out and tattered briefs. All that *ahem* pulling and tugging …. grrrrowwl!! Hehe!! 😀

  5. My hubby bought me a sexy see-through white night down that came with a barely there G-string last Valentine’s. I have yet to wear it. Maybe after a few reds this year, I MIGHT just wear it… in the dark.

  6. “they still bring a smile to your face”. Bringing a smile is practical enough.

    Red mean “ong” ? Then put on big pineapple(ong-lai) underwear better. 🙂

  7. Who doesn’t love new undies?!! So nice and “fresh”..
    seriously – I think buying underwear for your loved ones is ok -whether male or female, at the end of the day- it is just a piece of clothing. Thanks to the marketing companies, lingerie is actually cool … think about the smallest bit of clothing with the highest price tag. sheesh.

    hmm…now for that new “ong” underwear.. err……….

  8. Hi Lilian! This is my first time here. Interesting blog..Ok, now on your entry, never in my mind would I buy undies for my loved ones..Not today, not tomorrow…I’m just a conservative brat..*LOL*.

  9. I bought a red boxer with the word Tai Kat Tai Lei printed on the bum and oranges in front. As a joke birthday present for a friend. hehehe

  10. During the previous year of the Monkey, me and my colleagues planned to wear all red to the office on the 15th day of CNY. A colleague of mine actually wore a red traditional Chinese ensemble that makes her look like Loh Chia Kong LOL, complete with brand new red underwear! Her logic – a monkey’s @$$ is red hahaha, so it is only logical that her @$$ must also be red to bring in maximum ONG.

  11. today, i went into a supermarket called Auchan here in suzhou. the moment i entered into the main entrance. Wham, bang!!!! my eyes were blinded for a split seconds. i saw RED!!!! red socks, red male n female underwears, red clothes, red male china ah pek shirt n kids clothes. n female n male underwears have the picture of pigface; Chee Thau Peng, at the bum bum there.
    told myself, “oh yes, i am indeed in china!”

    after being here for a yr, i have to get use to the way things are done here!!! sigh…….

  12. Heh… I don’t see anything wrong with buying undies for gfs or bfs… It’s perfectly normal. Sometimes extra ‘spice’ IS necessary too! Just… don’t buy the WRONG size lar. Volcanoes may erupt and you become a Tsunami victim..wakaka

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