Why it is good to marry an accountant

Two days ago, we received a letter from the bank which got my accountant hubby into a fit. Apparently, they have raised the interest of the home loan on the pretext that the base lending rate has increased. That’s one thing good about marrying an accountant. The bank can’t do anything without him knowing that we have been charged more than we should.

For someone like me,who can’t tell the difference between Home Mortgage and home loan or bother to know what is the current base lending rate charged by Bank Negara (our national bank), then, I will probably get fleeced unknowingly. But with an accountant, he is like the walking calculator, checking out Home Loan Mortgages, whether it is wise to add home improvement costs into the home loan mortgage when we apply for loan or just pay off the whole thing with our employees provident funds. Well, good thing is we are staying in a tiny flat and it is easy to avoid of being strangled by the bank. We decided it is time we settle this. Now, we are free to sail off on a cruise since the there is no more payment to do!

6 thoughts on “Why it is good to marry an accountant

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  2. mendee – I notice that too ‘cos my feeds won’t go into frenzrss. Not sure what I had killed or how or when I did that. Must be the feedburner thingie I put. Tks for the info. Appreciate that. You know how to solve it? Hehehe.

  3. Clueless…am not an accountant and do not have any loans to pay…anything pertaining to finance, please refer to the accounts department..I only make and spend money..I don’t keep track…(hmmm doesn’t this sound like the M’sia Government? Except they don’t make money..they just spend hahahaha)

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  5. Hey, Lilian,
    I’ve been reading your blog for years and this is the first time I am leaving a comment ^^
    You are right about all those differenty type mortgages and loans etc! I am just trying to buy a unit trust and I am already confuse by the variety and stuff. Good for u to have an accountant hubby~
    Keep up ur blogging~ Make me laugh so much~

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