Five Malaysian bloggers meme

Must fast-fast take up this meme from PabloPabla or else, no one will tag me anymore.

The original tag is five favourite Malaysian bloggers meme but I shall drop the word favourite ‘cos later the 500 angry with me for not including them in the tag.

Here are my favourite five, not in any particular order :

1. My sifu – Dr. Liew

Many of you who came late into the blogsphere have missed one of the bestest blog around. He is the one who define how our blogs should be. Nowadays, he had gone up the mountain and no longer show his previous posts like those times when he studied in India and later his housemanship at the Government Hospitals. It was followed by the bad, the ugly and the dirty sides of life. I picked up some of my styles from sifu. Marn sui, marn sui, marn marn sui…sifu. šŸ˜›

2. My si heng – Wingz

Another sifu’s doudai. I read Rojakz long before anyone knows Rojakz. I think it was only his fifth or fourth posts. Still remember it is the lychee’s worms post.

3. Simontalks

Heh, here is one blogger who can be part of the blogsphere without getting into controversies. His observations and photographic memories are fantastic.

4. Malaysiabest

Ok, ok, the rest of the lists are more or less half-fight, so I can’t include one without leaving out the other. So, I am going to put my favourite blog here. Malaysiabest is my treasured blog which has gained readership almost as big as my own blog. It is Google Adsense top earner because I didn’t write paid posts there.

5. Random blogs I picked up from

I started this blog feeds so that Mr. Rojakz and my blog readers, blog linkers and blogger friends can join together in one blog feeds. Lately, I have discovered many good blogs from there and it is so easy to just surf over after looking at their blog feeds.

I am going to tag :

1. Montessorimum
2. Just my thots
3. Adam
4. Curlybooboo
5. Everyone who wants to do this! Let me know so that I can include your links here.

**who took it up – Mumsgather

And the tag also goes to : Doris
I am tagging sss1979 who is going to have her first meme!

18 thoughts on “Five Malaysian bloggers meme

  1. wuching – My itchy butt lor, I dunno do what to it until my own rss oso hilang. Hahaha, another one of my failed experiment.

    Wei, secret lah, cannot tell everyone. Later our secrets leak out how?

  2. Wah lau eh! You make me sound so old! But still able to kembang left right center nevertheless. šŸ˜›

    But true also, these days I only write stuffs that maybe only our chewrens like to read. And chewrens are supposed to be our pillars for the future.

    Me old liao…

    Chim enuf anot? šŸ˜›

  3. simon – Tks! The site is a bit wonky and a bit siao-siao at the moment ‘cos still waiting for some revamp.

    moby – I took a random ones so that we can spread the meme bugs further. Tks for taking it up.

    pablo – If you dare! I would insist to be tag as well.

    shooi – Hehehe, I see yr site quite new so good to get some exposure.

    MG – OK, noted.

  4. Me! Me! Me! Can you include me please?? Need traffic ler.. Lilian, why you didn’t reply my email? I really want to feature a successful WAHM in M’sia lah.

  5. wahhh… brilliant list-le!!

    most of the links are stuff i read everyday – like taking vitamins, must take or else my “cyber-health” will suffer!

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