How do hot gucci mamas stay hot under the hot sun?

Did you all read about the gripes from parents from a certain school?  Well, one of the hot gucci mama was not allowed into the school compound because the school said she is dressed indecently.  I don’t know if this is a wrong accusation by just another over fanatic, conservative and over religious school administrations or it is really true.

But what I can tell you is – there  is indeed a whole lot of hot gucci mamas who really dressed sexily in schools.  I had seen some nipples protruding through slinky blouses, bra straps of all colours peeking out from spaghetti straps, butt buns teasing from  micro minishorts and  of course, valleys!  Well, the Education Minister should understand.  Hot gucci mamas are probably in their early 20s when their kids go to standard one.  Standard one kid is seven years old.  Assuming they marry at sixteen years old, then they will be only 23 years old when they accompany their child in school.

These few days have seen me running in and out of the home.  So, I do bump into a lot of these hot mamas.  One thing that I admire most is how they stay so pretty, all made up under that farking hot sun?  The weather here is hot like hell and the temperature at noon is around 40 deg. celcius.  Imagine going into a car that has been baked in the sun.  The temperature can hit as high as 46 deg. celcius (I know cos last time my Renault Scenic has a thermometer).  They don’t seem faze by the sun nor the heat.

Me?  I only make mandatory trips to the hospital and let my other son takes a bus home unless he had been in school for the last twelve hours. Can die of heat stroke, I tell you.  I can’t even apply sunscreen because the moment I got out from the bathroom, my face will sweat.  The sunscreen will flow into my eyes, stinging them and blurring my contact lenses.  So, I am only dressed in my pjs (i.e. the men body suits like those cotton tees?) and loose jeans.  I tell you, every time I go out, I sure have to come back and change clothes because even the bras and panties are wet with sweats.

Therefore, I think the Education Ministry must kasi chance to these hot gucci mamas to go to schools in micro minishorts, spaghetti straps and remain braless.  Panas, encik.  Tak tahan, encik.  Dah basah, cikgu…  I already got booted out from the league or else, I would do that too.  Hehehe.

12 thoughts on “How do hot gucci mamas stay hot under the hot sun?

  1. In commenting to Astrosurge statement..hmmm….that’s a very preety sight!!!

    Well, I don’t think the kids would mind seing the hot mama’s but I fear the its the hansapness of the male teacher and the envy of the female teachers that has resulted in such a ruling….have you seen teachers lately? they tend to be out of shape or they are basically old ginger already that is no longer drooled upon by others so they jealous lah seing the hot young mamas 😛

  2. QV – Later, STP go whacked you, not my fault, ok? 😛

    terence – If you can turn back the clock like 20 years, then, I tell you.

    astrosurge – I don’t know lah, the news was just a small little column and i think most people would have missed it. If that’s me they stopped, maybe I will call the press. Or better still, blog about it. Hahaha.

  3. Aunty..I think I’ve been whacked out of existence by them that I’m no longer consider their relatives hehehehehe…no loss hahahahaha Aiyo!! Sure they start sms around now and start saying all bad things..tsk tsk tsk…what’s that saying can choose your friends but you CAN’T choose your relatives hahahahaha

  4. hmmm, last 3 – 4 years ago, sometimes i have to fetch my cousin brother from this school in KL, Chung Kwok … where all the rich tai tai’s kid goes to school wan … hmm blardy stim wan la .. all the aunties come in benz, beamer … with driver somemore … see the car oso stim edy … then see the lady who comes out froom the car … lagi stim ..


  5. earl-ku – Wei, then u can do part-time mah. True wan, last time I got a fren/ex-colik, Malay guy, handsome jugak, he got freebies like bikes, lots of $$$ being part-timer wor. But let’s keep this as another topic of blog lah.

    Bernard – Eh, the HM very yau yeng, I see liao, the rest no eye anymore. But the HM is a Catholic brother, meaning, celibate wan, so extra chikek wor. Hahaha.

    thatjames – You make sure you enrol your kid into the most pretigious school, then sure got plenty to see wan. Find one which is not sekolah kebangsaan you know. Mine is a missionary school. LOL.

    QV – Yakah? But why ler STP also boycott me? I lost one reader, so sad…

  6. Don’t know lah…CBC I guess cos you don’t kick and ban me…anyway..don’t worry, you didn’t loose his readership..just his comments..I know he still lurks here and there

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