More rants on Johor flood

First thing – If you haven’t chip in to help the victims, you can do a direct ‘you > >>> flood vicitms’ kind of help. Just give a few bucks to Earl-ku and ask him to buy the stuffs and bring it to Johor. The folks there NEED ALL THE HELP THEY CAN GET. Don’t let the print media cover your eyes with wools and make us like fools.

ADDED : Bryan, who is my webhost and my chettiar who cashed PayPal money for me has offered to help those who wants to remit through PayPal. You can arrange with Bryan, i.e. you pay Bryan by PayPal and he will arrange the transfer of the money to Earl-ku. Of course, some percentage need to be paid to PayPal for the transaction. But hey, if you have made money from paid posts, go lah, contribute back some to charity. You can write to Bryan at sapiensbryan(@)gmail.com to enquire.

Now, I just read that the Meteorological Department has issued another warning of impending floods. ‘Third wave‘, they call it. And the Batu Pahat folks are going to be immersed in the water for another two weeks because it takes that long to drain the water out. Can you imagine the sufferings of living in mud, dampness and losing all your basic necessities? So, go on, chip in to help these people.

But what got me pissed is how many politicians have flocked to that forsaken place call what-what Kueh Talam. I mean, yo, dudes, if you can spend the time travelling to that place, you certainly can go to Johor where YOUR HELP IS REALLY NEEDED. Blardy tiu to see that son-in-law squatting there talking to kids when he could well spend his time actually working and helping the kids in Johor.

Then, the other day, I saw the interview on TV where our DeePeeYam said, “No…the flood will not affect the 9th Malaysian Plan for Johor.” And somewhere, I read, “No…the flood will not affect the Visit Malaysia Year 2007.” Come on, get your priority right. It is not like we need more of those tourists who go to hotels to fleece the face towels, table lamps, burn the carpets etc. Get real lah, the kind of tourists that we are boasting of aren’t exactly the most desirable crowds. So, stop boasting how many millions tourists we received. And focus on the real needs, right now, right there in Johor instead of worrying if the tenders are going to be cancelled and hence, the kopi lui that masuk poket are going to be less with the floods.

You said correct or not? That’s why I don’t like to read the papers. It always got me off into a bad mood. Show me a constipated, haemorrhoid baboon red backside also never mind, but never show me the son-in-law’s photo.

13 thoughts on “More rants on Johor flood

  1. Lilian ah! u said so much bout our gahmen,boh kia tiok liak meh? saw on the newspaper tht they’ll be around checking oh! dun kena tiok liak leh,love reading ur blogs.
    our gahmen always lik tht one ler,say nia la,at the confrence semangat berkobar-kobar lo,when flood all cabut de,smile smile hug hug nia..i oso know la

  2. You r rite lilian, no name mention there mah. I sokong you. I just talk to Earl today. Thought he is a young boy but from his voice, don’t sound young ady. Hahaha. He say I courier the things there damn expensive. I told him if wan to contribute – money and cents got to put away. Do it with all our heart and with the strength we could. Agree? Like you say about the transaction which a commission got to be paid – aiyah if wan to contribute that satu dua dollar don’t count lor.
    Yesterday, my customers from Johor came to buy something also tell me. She said luckily move over to pg few mths ago otherwise also susah but now she also got problem – rumah cannot sell. No laku. Cheap cheap also boh lang ai. This morning I saw a man at the coffee shop he told me banglo last time buy 500k now 50% discount also boh lang hiew leh. Very sad.

  3. Erina – Yalor, properties investment risky like that hor? That’s why nowadays I don’t care about what-what new properties, what retail shoplots etc. Like that Berjaya one? We almost bought one unit but now see all these floods here and there, better enjoy the money now . Skali earthquake, habis liao.

    Earl-ku? Sudah tua lah, hahahaha, everyone who calls me aunty also tua-tua liao. They all tak perasan tua only. Hahaha.

  4. True lar. To us 1 hse is cukup liau lor. Got a shelter is better than nothing mah. Take the money and do something else and y commit ourselves with more burden. Btw, how old is Earl-ku. From his website,he give me an impression he is quite young but from his voice not really leh. Hahahah…. Earl see this sure dissapointed lor.

  5. hahaha, walan eh i blardy hepi edy see you two aunty call me young … i am a quarter century old la .. aunties

    hmmm no my only concern is that like i have told Lilian before this, like my trip, if we manage to 300 (but now its way over that figure edy la … ) only 300 la, lets say … then we buy stuff worth of 300, then go down there, including petrol and toll also bout 200 edy … might as well take the 200 petrol money and add in to the fund and pass to someone else … rite …

    like in ur case, if the stuff u send down is 100, and the courier fee is also hundred, then its a waste of hundred … not to say wat la, i know the courier fella also need to makan, but just that … u know la, a 100 goes to waste in the name of charity … this is my point of view la …

    but still – i am damn happy la … coz i am still young .. single and available … any aunties got any single and available daughter? if got please get intouch with Erina and send her along with the courier … hahahahahahahaha

  6. thanks Earl-Ku. We all appreciate the your effort of doing those logistic for us.

    5xmom : My fire also come up. The Pee-aM still want to go for his pork-barrel 9MP without adjustment. I afraid those born in Y2K going to inherit a broken nation when they growth up. šŸ™

  7. err dont thank so much la, its nothing much actually, just sacrifice some time only … thats what i have th emost currently … we dont go and talk bout what other not doing la, what others not doing la …

    just ask yourself what have you done … i know – those people are damn far away … it does not concern us at all … but ask yourself this, what if, someday u yourself kena …

  8. wah i can preach really well … but shit la, when i ask people to donate USD1 each for my iPod, kaninia no one donated… hahaha

    but it seems if its for a good deed … everyone is coming at it … total fund collected so far including the ones from the previous one is now at RM3k +

  9. earl-ku: donate for ipod won get karma one… so better spend the money wisely on something else. *ahem* *run away*. šŸ™‚

    money sent, so see how soon bryan can make it. if there is a third round, do keep me inform. i might be back in Malaysia that time.

  10. haha, i was trying my luck only … mana tau now got one very good samaritan see me so kuai and good boy, he has shipped one to me already?

    then one unsuspecting day i get this parcel … Ipod!

    hahaha – daydream …

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