Asian (Chinese) women vs. Caucasian ladies

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I have this question that I had long wanted to ask. Do you think there is any difference between Asian, as in Chinese women and Caucasian women? Please don’t come preachy-preachy with me about God created all equal, yadda yadda…judge not blah blah and those stuffs. Wrong blog, ok? Here we have no rules wan, just shoot.


Ok, we know that if you choose an Asian wife, you will get to eat tomyam kung. But if you married a Caucasian women, she will force you to eat salad with no salt, no MSG, no oil.

But I don’t know about the sex part. Then again, that one can be learnt one, right? What you need to learn, internet also got teach.

The other thing is Chinese women are said to have better skin, softer hair. Which of course is true, ok? Did you all watch The Banquet and see how sexy, nubile, willowy Zhang Zi Yi is? I said she is every man’s wet dream.

One other thing that is very obvious is Chinese women mostly have that cunning streak in them that most Caucasian women don’t. Unless, they are in soap operas like Dallas or Desperate Housewives. I like Caucasian women for the straight talking, no nonsence and very frank way of dealing with things. But still, sometimes, it is good to be a little snakey sneaky kind of way, right?

So, men, if you are given choice A (asian) and B (bigger tits), whom will you choose? Say lah, dun sked your wife pull your ears lah.

And please, no serious stuffs like all women are the same blab blab blab, it is the heart that matters, yadda yadda yadda, we shouldn’t judge people on their skin etc etc etc. This is just a curious question directed to the men. I think the ‘bush is always blonder at the other side’ applies…What say you?

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  1. well, let me shoot 1st.
    i grow up in a traditional n conservative family & i have always admired how our mom is so super capable lah in handling household matters and bringing us up even in difficult & tough times. thats why as i grow up i also became family oriented cos it has been nurtured in the family about the importance of being a united family.

    so when it comes to issues of finding a suitable life partner, of cos i wanted someone who is about my mom lah (no offense to tha laydees okay?), not a clone of her lah..but somewhat similar if can. I know its impossible nowadays as i hafta be realistic also lah cos in this modern world that we live in now, even asian gals are gettin more n more westernised, & yeah they know about their rights cos they r far more educated nowadays & also tend to be more career minded too. i have no qualms in that cos i kinda admire tough career women too.

    i have been in UK for many damn years now & what i can say that the girl of my dreams seems to exist only in Asian gals lar. I know asian girls are not as sexual as western women but i personally dont like wild & raunchy angmor gals who come tearing up your pants for a romp to kautim you. I prefer asian, as they are shy shy paiseh paiseh but they know you wanna rip their panties off, & yet they jual mahal mahal. After haggle haggle & teh sikit, baru kasi sikit & so on until they steam then baru they rip you off..itu baru song mah! baru ada fun! angmor wan are like commercial porn movie liao. tak best.

    I know lah even Malaysians are westernised nowadays but you still can find an average chinese gal that could stay home fix you simple meal & cook you maggie mee. At least even career minded gals in love or siew jie’s that come from rich background that cant even fry egg also will take initiative to learn. i have in fact known some malaysian siew jies (damn rich) who came to UK cant even fry egg, excel becoming pro in cook & baking when they get attached with their bo-boi’s. In UK, the family institution is decending into chaos already lah. there is lack of family centredness due to the fact that their ladies don’t understand their role already, or should i say abandon their roles. In here they cant be forced. if they tell their man, you eat shit, you memang eat shit lah. They wont even press the ON button on the microwave oven for you cos if the bf or hubby make noise, they use the rights against them. So basically they prioritise their ‘rights’ more than prioritising their family first. These rights is the rights of ultimate freedom such as have limitless of fun, promiscuity & do watever they want etc. In UK u can see aunties (yeah like your age ah Lilian) with skimpy outfit kau angmor ah bengs (19-20s) as toyboy’s or ONS’s while their hubby work night shift or away outstation. Angmor gals cant cook. They suck in the kitchen. You randomly pick 10 girls lah, i can say 8 cannot cook lah. UK angmor food is all about microwave ready-made instant foods. Taruk microwave 5 minit – Ketingg!! Siap. Hey, if i got kids i don’t wanna poison my kids with those junk food. And i detest having burgers, fry-ups, hotdogs n fast food 24/7! That is why I never like angmor food. Plus UK (as a nation) has obesity problems, no.1 in Europe summore.

    I hentam them cos I’m not afraid to say that I can cook very well. Gimme the kitchen, I rock you with laksa and rendang, soups & chinese stiry fry dishes better than many average girl. A decent chinese home made cooking is what I like, which I crave for & what I need to have every day. So, in that sense, I also want my gal to be able to do that, & to be able to do that, my suitable candidate is still within my own race – chinese.

    I know Lilian’s blog is attended by viewers of different race and background, but not racially biased ok. But in this sense highlighted by lilian, I still favour my own race the most. Chinakoi! Hahaha…

  2. Oh one more thing, i dont like oversized boobs like angmor women have cos i believe in this principle ‘more than a handful is a waste’. So Pammy’s kinda boobs is out. Asian one kecik & perky baru sexy.

    So, I conclude angmor gals chun but only for display, but buat bini sorry lah bang, tak boleh pakai langsung.

    (pls combine this in my above post ah lilian)

  3. OK, I wont be “preachy” but you know what? They’re pretty much 6 and half dozen. I know western girls who are superb cooks, including Asian dishes, and my wife is my wet dream. I know Asian women who couldnt keep their homes clean and Western women who can sit at their men’s feet, tongue drooling and waiting for a next command to satisfy their master. Size? Same arguments. I’ve seen countless airport chests on Western women, and I have seen super boobs on Asians. Really, maybe onlythe colour is different. Even that, these days you’d be a millionaire everytime you see a blond Asian, right?

  4. I only love Hainanese women. * do I get a prize for writting this? *

    Anyway, I prefer asian women, Japanese would be best. Probably its the culture they were brought up in. They are just ‘perfect’ in a way. Sexual part, Caucasians cannot come close lah. I used to have a Jap girlfriend. * this is safe, the thyphoon knows, hahahaha * ( to be on the safe side, I didn’t use my name) LOL.

  5. I only love Hainanese women. * do I get a prize for writting this? *

    Anyway, I prefer asian women, Japanese would be best. Probably its the culture they were brought up in. They are just ‘perfect’ in a way. Sexual part, Caucasians cannot come close lah. I used to have a Jap girlfriend. * this is safe, the thyphoon knows, hahahaha *

  6. Not all asian woman have small tits..they also have a well endowed boobs to be proud of…nowsaday chinese woman seem to be have better assets than our mother times… so does that mean woman with a better cup size is out of the game ?? i tot all men love big boobs and sexy lady.. ? i am confused now.

  7. The general stereotype is that Asian women are more passive and domesticated compared to their Western counterparts. They make excellent home managers (read: housewives) and place their hubby & family above everything else whereas Western counterparts aim for equality and at times, the career seems to take a higher pedestal than hubby * family.

    Asian women are seen as more traditional in terms of behaviour, mannerisms and dressing. Many do not drink like a fish, swear like a sailor and smoke like a chimney.

    Yet in reality, there are a lot of Asians born and bred in Western/European countries who have adopted so-called Western behaviours. Some Westerns come from highly religious and traditional families. So would they still fall under these two stereotypes?

    Anyway, just to fit into Aunty Lilian’s requirements, there are a lot of differences…sexual behaviour included. 😉

  8. I’m not a man so i won’t compare but my husband jokingly (quite often) said that when he’s rich enough. he’ll get a gwei mui as second wife. I told him to go for it but make sure leave me half of his wealth. 🙂

  9. I wanna fuck an asian woman or a caucasian also can! In fact any woman also I want hahahhahaah. Seriously! Each has their own unique tuff to offer.. I like! long time! I mean like seriously what kind of a Question is that!

  10. Well, wat about asian woman with a better endownment as the ang moh girl ? Does that mean man will also shun them away ? I doubt so.. comparing physique, nowsaday young gals are having better assets than our mother times…you could simply spot a C cup woman walking on the street. But i do have a guy fren who did not like his gf to have bigger boobs..i dont know what is wrong..maybe he just dont want guys keep staring at his gf boobs.. watever is the reason, if you are born with it, flaunt it.. i mean life is short. Flaunt it with class lah.. OK, guess man is born with a dick thinking mind and only the lower part if thinking.. whether is ang moh or asian, do they really care?

  11. Cacucasian cannot cook? Depends lar. Housewife keep talking about healthy food sure boring one, no matter they are Asian or Caucasian. Get italiano housewife , French(rural, not the city) housewife lor. Can cook (in kitchen), presentable (at the living room) and laid (ahem!!).

  12. The answer is C, the heart, it doesn’t matter of the skin color or the size of the boobs, if her heart do not match your heart then all is meaning less, better to sleep alone.

  13. i heard from my friend that the western milo tin is bigger than asian milo tin… may be god create them with extra space so that can be accommodate with bigger spoon when you scoop powder …. well like the oldies always said , ” lili la kong kong ” !!

  14. AH YA —— All holes—– OP sorry I mean all women are the “same” Black– White –Brown–Yellow you name them they are all the same.
    You see one you have seen all.
    In todays WORLD MONEY talk Honey?

  15. errr..i like guys one ler? i cannot comment on asians or ang moh char bors…but hor, if i use the same mythology ( asians – small kukujiao and ang mor- big banana) , it oso cannot be used here coz at the end of the day, it boils down to chemistry. what’s the point of having a prized possesion aka thropy partner when he/she has a pea sized brain? pleasures should not be derived from skin/color/ look the end of the day….if in lala land, sure want the best one la, but in reality, long as aga ngam then ok oso have to take a mirror and see see own muka first la..if you bratt pitt or tom kurus or whataver, then you can pick and choose…if you “chue yoke weng”…the ah lian minding the chicken stall oso you sapu!

  16. Actually people are more or less the same. It depends on the preference. For me, the characteristics of the person is more important in the long run. But if the person is good looking, thats a bonus.

  17. errr….what if there’s a new breed of caucasian women who has the caucasian appearance, the asian personalities?

  18. ront – I dunno wor, I am 100% female.

    boss stewie – I know, you watch too much Japanese Anime!

    marina – yayaya

    siamese – So, it is true? Asian men’s are smaller? Yay! My hunch was correct.

    penangmy2ndhome – Ya, at the end of the day, money still rules. When it comes to men.

  19. i do know a few…though not many…..homely caucasian women…..who has strong personality and would make good wives…….equally i know more asian women who thinks they’re the queen of the world and wouldnt lift a finger arnd the house… does that answer your question?

    in the end..everyone is unique…

  20. As a white male (well russian american) I actually find women of all races very attractive, but asian women among the most. It is just my personal feeling on the matter: they just are more attractive to me. But I know this:


  21. A thing of beauty is a joy forever. A good wife is like being in heaven..It doesnt matter if she is an Asian ( Chinese )or Caucasian…as long as she love u and u love her..

    U marry because of love, not cos she is Asian or Caucasian or got bit titties . U cannot compare the goodness of an apple to an orange.If u prefer an orange , then take the orange..

    Man moved by visuals and woman on emotions..Even if a man marries the most beautiful woman in the world, without love , the marriage will dift apart..
    Everyday eat Pg laksa also can get fed up one…..

    When u paktor and when u marry are two different things…

  22. I don’t know what all the fuss over women is. Guys are the best! Who could unnerstand what another guys needs are but other man. All i can say is, guys, give up these women and try guys. u will never go back.

    Chinese men are the best bar nun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. I like to have them fight it out… Asian Vs Blond girl fights are the best… Has anyone seen any good fights?

  24. I am white and so is my wife. I like Asian women and dated a Korean Girl in school. My wife is very pretty, educated and 5’10” which I like. My kids are tall, and she feeds them well because she grew up on a farm and likes to bake and cook. When I have a need to eat some really good Pho or Dim Sum, I go to a restaurant. I suppose if I had other hungers I could have those satisfied as well. I think Asian cultures repress women a little more than western ones so you can have a very bitter woman on your hands if she grew up with a bad attitude toward men – equally bad is a western woman who wants to be a man, but is slow to realize that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. A child’s love for his mother is longer and stronger than anything you get form a job. Most women realize this eventually, the others are a pain in the ass.

  25. I agree the asian food is much tastier, but anyone can go to a nice Thai, Korean, Japanese, or Chinese restaurant or take out for a quick fix.

    Food and housekeeping isn’t why men marry a certain woman, is it? Most men would want a presentable wife who isn’t meek, shy, or less than social with others he cares to please and remain within the social circle with.

    I would think that this article is a offering to white men regarding chinese women. I don’t agree that chinese women have better skin and hair than whites. It depends. I believe most people decide on marriage by social standing. It’s higher social standing to marry those within your own race even for Koreans, like myself and other asians as well as whites.

    I’m not racist, just realistic. I’ve dated white guys when I was a bopping teen. Somehow now that I’m older, I’m afraid of getting involved with other outside my race and in particular because of social unacceptance.

  26. I’m caucasian but I prefer the Asian:
    1- Smaller, but less dangling boobs
    2- black straight smooth hair
    3- thick layer of fat under the skin, which makes it soft and white/yellow with no reddish undertone to moles
    4- flat ass
    5- Round face
    6- Shyness

    But the problem is that there is a less percentage of beauty among Asians than caucasians

  27. well, I’m an english white guy and I generally prefer any race that is not my own. I’ve had lovers from almost every race and country and my favourite so far is Mongolian. They have Asian face but more curvy bodies. Personality-wise they are a bit more western-like. Heavy-drinking, very sociable and very good sense of humour.

    Most Chinese girls are terrible in bed, in my experience. Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese are all much better. I think it’s because of government control of the media. So Chinese girls have no idea how to be good lovers. I suppose you could teach them if you had the patience.

    Oh, I have met Chinese girls with very large breasts and round butts which I personally like a lot. I can’t stand flat-chested, flat-assed women. They look like boys, not women.

    Western women on average have much better bodies than Asians, until they get too fat. Then the Asians have the advantage.

    For personality, I think western women and Mongolians win over most Asian countries. I don’t like the repressed women who can’t say what’s on their mind.

  28. This site is beeping BS. Comparing a woman of a nationaity to a beeping race of women who live on every beeping continent. Idiot!

  29. Moderation my ass. The silly moderator will delete because he knows it’s true.

    Beeping asiaphiles

  30. You men are fucking gross.

    “bigger tits”? Fuck you.
    How could you just compare two completely different races of women like that? When NOT EVERY DAMN WOMEN OF THE SAME RACE IS THE SAME!

    God damn, you men are so stupid and inferior.
    Now i understand why men have smaller brains.

  31. who really cares about this ??
    JUST FIND A WOMAN WHO YOU CAN GET ALONG WITH !!! does race really matter ??
    I mean, dont compare ! if you can’t get a white woman, or simply not attracted to them so get an asian and dont consider all of caucasian women as “big tits”. thats stupid !
    I believe this post was written by a “proud to be asian” asian guy. I’m an asian myself and I feel bad for you son !

  32. Asian women are amazing. I liked white girls in high school, until my first girlfriend, who was asian. Smaller legs make my di– look bigger, and even though they can be very mean, cruel, and even abusive, they are amazing in bed as long as their daddy was mean.

  33. Dear Lilian,I’m no man so I may be not supposed to answer your question, but I would like to do so anyway. 😉

    I’m caucasian and I think you’re right, ’cause most of caucasian women are too easy to get, are lacking their manners, don’t care how to cook and are too ‘manly’ with their career (sorry for you my caucasian sisters… >_> anyway I don’t care being sister to most of you, brrr..)
    For what I know they are very few that are kind-hearted and understanding, and what do they do with make-up? Airbrush? Painting?? It’s gross most of the time!!
    There may be exceptions, so I’m no typical caucasian myself, but if I was a man I would prefer asian women.

    Anyway, it’s similar with the men. To my mind caucasian men are really scary with all their hair on body but often not on their head, it’s disgusting, don’t you think?
    And they are so TALL!
    I’m 5 feet 3 inches, just 45 kg, small boobs and so on, when I see a caucasian man coming to me with his so big scary hands and tall hairy body I usually turn round and run, because it doesn’t fit anyway.
    Of course my beloved mum would like seeing me marry, but thinking about marrying one of these tall hairmonsters, I’M SCARED TO DEATH!!!

    You see, there are even caucasian girls supporting your opinion. 😉

    (By the way: Happy new year!!! May all your wishes be fullfilled and stay healthy!!)

  34. Asian women have whiter underarms than Caucasian women. And Caucasians are more inclined to stink than Asians. According to a research, Apocrine sweat glands essentially serve as scent glands. East Asian people typically have remarkably fewer of these glands compared to people of other ethnicities, which is why East Asian people generally do not emit such odors. (It is reported that 17th century Japanese described Westerners with the word bata-kusai, which means “stinks of butter”.) The only question is, are you turned off when someone stinks after a few minutes of aerobics? Well I am. I am from Russia, But I don’t emit body odor for it is cold here and I rarely sweat. Besides most Russians are biracial, part Asian part Caucasian.

  35. Hi all, I am Russian woman living in US. I am not a racist, never have been. As a woman I can say that I never thought to get married to man of some other nationality because my home is my castle. And how it can be a castle if I do not understand or have different background than man or we do not speak fluently the same language? As about Asian women (and not only women) you almost never know what on they minds, they hide it all the time, they smile and agree with you about everything, at least they want you to think so. Do I need even a friend like this? No, hell, no. If I am wrong I want my friend to tell me this. And my husband must be my best friend. Marriage is about love, trust, understanding each other, forgiveness, great sex and etc. My husband Russian too and he never been attracted to women of Asian type. But we all have different taste. I think that you can find beauty in any race or nationality. But lets face it many Asian women get to married to white man or American soldier because they are they meal tickets, not because they in-love with them. I personally know American man who had been married on Korean woman for 16 years and most of the time he has to beg her to have sex and she didn’t like oral sex and almost no foreplay. And she wasn’t submissive inside home, she always wanted more money and etc. The talks about Asian women high sex drive is not true. Lets face It depends from woman to woman how much hormones her body produce in any race. Like lets say, I am 46 and I still need sex every day, I love make love. But it doesn’t mean that all Russian women like this.
    And smell plays very important place in love, to make you horny, hot, wet. It is on our animal level. We all like smell of opposite sex. I am not talking about bad smell (btw Victor many Asian people eat to much onions and garlic so they smell pretty much ).

  36. wtf when you say asian (chinese) i mean why didnt you just say chinese cause ASIAN can be south asian srilankan indian paki then u have japs korean malay etc. and to be honest i would pick whites ova yellows. but the ultimate race the beautiful race are those of srilankan\indian\hispanic women or better yet THOSE three races mixed with european 😉 there way sexier THOSE LADIES theres nothing special about women who look like their 12 (chinese) and have no tits ass etc . and theres nothing special about a race (whites) who think their the best and look up to a anorexic bitch ugly girl paris hilton like grossssssssss. im portuguese ;] my gf is east asian mixed euro n a lil bit spanish . she sexieeeeeeeee !!!!!!!

  37. Well, I’m a caucasian man in Australia. I see a lot of asian women/anglo men pairings – so something is going on (not sure what it is). Personally, I never used to take much notice of Asian women, even if they were beautiful, because they didn’t exhibit much personality. Now, I find them more attractive than any other race – predominantly because they come across as being more feminine and tender than their more masculine anglo counter-parts , and they seem to place a high priority on faithfulness in marriage and their children. This is not to say that anglo women don’t possess these traits, but I do believe our traditional family values are in decline.

    That cover’s the personal/emotional aspect. On the level of physical attraction I find the slim figure which often persists into older age for asian women to be more attractive than the more buxom figure of a caucasian woman. They also tend to look younger for longer than caucasian women (though some asian women do age noticeabley past say the age of 50 – and can then age much more quickly than caucasians). Being a blond I tend to be more attracted the raven haired moreso than blond women too. The size of a woman’s breasts doesn’t really mean that much to me, as I find sensuality the most attractive trait of all, which I think is more prevalent in the asian women than in the anglo women. It’s as if an asian woman appreciates her feminine charm and appeal more than the caucasian woman who, as one who has been indocrintated through the media and other sources to develop the hardness and driving nature of a man to succeed in a man’s world, feels she must also carry these traits over into her personal life and dominate the man – an instant turn-off I assure you for most caucasian men.

    That said, there are caucasian women who relish their femininity , and in doing so, reap the benefits of sincere and lasting relationships without compromising what she brings to those relationships. In doing so , she enhances, rather than supplants the man’s contribution.

  38. i am asian and i can say that asian women in general are pretty stupid compared to other women. they are not stupid academically but they are really weak and objectify other races more than asian men. i find asian women more disgusting though unfortunately good or normal asian women with some decent self-respect get tossed in with them. asian women are the slimiest in the aspect they will grovel and try to be white or if not, act the opposite but secretly worship whitess or want to be white. they are the most disgusting breed of females in this PARTICULAR aspect. god, they are disgustin.

  39. White woman are big-boned, fat, loud in speech and manners, and ungraceful in gait and personal demeanor. More akin to horses than what one would expect in a woman.

    For this reason alone, I chose an Asian woman to be my wife. She is thirty years old, and is still a size 2 and looks about 20 years old. American woman could starve themselves, get anorexia, and go to the gym for 90 hours per week, and still not have as good a body as what comes natural to her.

    She is also educated, devoted to family, great values and morals, works harder than any human I have seen, has a great career and makes a lot of money. She is not at all submissive, she is dominant, aggressive, and ass-kicking. Yet she is faithful, devoted, honest, and loyal to me, at such a level, I don’t think any American woman could ever understand it. I honestly don’t know how I could have found a better wife. I’m really glad I went for an Asian woman as a wife.

  40. Deodorants are sometimes difficult to find in Asia although they have become more common in recent years, in part through marketing efforts by deodorant makers. Body odor is produced by apocrine glands in the armpits and genital area. Men have more and larger apocrine glands than women, and Caucasians and Africans have more and larger glands than Asians.

    BTW, asians arent more cunning than whites. what kind of idiot stereotype is that.
    White people always try to view WOMEN OF OTHER RACES as SEXUAL deviants.

  41. Asian women are the best!

    I am probably a bit biased, since the woman i love is asian.
    I am caucasian.. and she is my wife.

    White girls hate it when a young good looking man chooses an asian.
    All those looks we have recieved.. even at our first date some girls where whispering “Fucking whore” at the table next to ours. Luckily she did not hear it. It is really pathetic. Maybe they should behave like ladies and take care of their health a bit better.. Then maybe some men would choose them instead. Good looks is not everything, i know, but it can be decisive when you first meet someone. I would not go for a fat girl that does not take care of herself, puffing some cigarette and talks like a trucker.

    People automatically think that a white guy with an asian girlfriend, can not get a white girl, so he settles for the asian.
    Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but that is not true.

    Of course there are those mailorder brides and other shit.. Some 69 year old with a 20 year old.. which i do not support.. but then again it is their business..
    but i believe that most mixed couples actually love eachother.

    My wife is also close to 30, same age as me, and she looks fresher than most 20 year old local women.

    My wife does not use deodorant and she NEVER smells bad.

    My relatives where against us being together in the beginning.. and now they also love her. She is just such a nice person.

    The only downside is that we live far away from her parents and old friends, and she sometimes misses her homecountry. I guess we should live over there a few months every year…

  42. Dear Arriba,

    every family is different. If you and your wife happy, it is great.
    But sorry Arriba , it seems a little bit not wise to say that asian women are the best. 🙂 It sounds that you saying this because you married one, and as many men, you like to think that everything you have are the best. In any race or nationality you can find a beauty and pretty women. The same comes to asian women. Sure, there are some beauty. But I also see a lot of them are not pretty especially when they get older. And not every men like asian type of face, I know that for sure, from real men. If this is your type of beauty – great.
    One more, they have different culture. In the beginning it could be intriguing and fun, but after a few years it can bring to not understanding each other, it could drive you away from each other. I hope it will never happened to you.

  43. Well, yes. I said i am “probably” biased.. 🙂 everyone who mention their personal opinion is.

    I agree with you.
    Most of the things i said reflected previous posts by other people.

    I know that every person and every couple is different. It is not merely the race that determines the personality or beauty of a person.
    I know that there are gorgeous women all around the world. I also know that i could have married some white girl or latina or whatever.. I have dated some.. even two of them seriously for a few years, before i met this one.

    About the cultural differances.. everything becomes normal after a while and it is not really exotic anymore. The things that attracted you in the beginning can become annoying, that goes for two people from the same place aswell. If two people do not understand eachother then it probably will not work. That does not have so much to do with the culture it think. Two adults on the same level can usually come to an understanding about most things. But yes, breakups probably happen because people can not agree on things caused by cultural differances, but then i think they are not compatible to begin with. An openminded person seldom stay with a closeminded person for a long time, i think.. if they have a choice.

    Anyway i am happy with my choice and i think that the physical features of asian women in general are great. I have always considered asian women very appealing. That i found one with a personality to match her looks is great.

    Dont worry, there are men for all types of women, wether you are thin, thick, short, tall, black white or something else.

  44. LOL, Arriba, I do not worry at all. I have been happily married for 23 years and my husband still thinks that I am beautiful. (lucky me) 🙂 Btw, I am white and my husband is white too. But it doesn’t mean that I think that white men are the best, or white women are the best. 🙂
    I am sure, sooner or later, everybody will meet somebody to love and to be loved back.
    As I wrote before if your type of women is Asian, great, at least you know what you like. But I am also sure that you do not think that your mother, sisters are not beautiful, and I doubt very much that you ever will tell them (your mother and sister) that you think that Asian women are the best. 🙂 So, do not say it here too. All what you can say that you prefer Asian women. It is all about chemistry between two people and how they compatible.
    Common, it is like arguing what is more tasteful: apple or orange. There is no right answer for that.

  45. Good for you.

    Well, i think asian women are the best… or atleast this woman is the best for me. So why not say it? In a discussion forum you are supposed to express your opinion. It is not like anyones opinion here matters anyway. It is just for people who want to know how other people feel about something.

    Maybe we all should just say “everybody is equal, It does not matter if you are fat, skinny, fit, blond, black, asian, smart, stupid.. you are just as desireable anyway” We can say that.. but it is not true, atleast not if you account for peoples opinions.

    I actually think my wifes appearance is better than my mothers and sister. Not that i think they are ugly..

    They know that i prefer Asian women.. does not take a rocketscientist to figure that out, i married an asian anyway. Not only because of her looks of course, but that is why i approached her in the first place.
    She was nicer looking than the other girls, that where mostly white.
    In general i think they also behave better and are better looking.

    It is not that i dont love my mother and sister, but i do not want to be their partner.

    My sister likes men to be shaved.. I usually dont shave every day.. and even if i do, i still have beard stub at the end of the day. It did not kill me to hear that. A girl i know never has white boyfriends.. and she has told me she likes them to be tall and dark.. buhuuu! I should tell her she is wrong.. because i am not dark, so it can not be true.

    But, since every person is unique, it is hard to say what race is the best as a partner. Of course it is something between two people. I have met asian women who where unattractive, atleast in my opinion.
    I have met more white women and especially black women who fit that description. sorry! My opinion is still that asian women are the best, just my opinion, you do not even have to read it.
    But i can write it.

  46. Arriba,

    Your friend, that likes man with dark skin, she doesn’t say that they are the best. Right?
    My husband and some men that I know, who prefer white women, never say that white women are the best. My husband doesn’t like Asian women generally. He doesn’t find most of them pretty or attractive, Asian type of face is not his type. I personally like them and sometimes when I see pretty Asian woman I say it to him, he never agrees with me, he always says: “not my type”. Plus he had a few of them as co-workers and he thinks that they are not smart, actually he said: “pretty stupid”. But he doesn’t think and never said that all Asian women are stupid, only because a few, with whom he worked, are.

    And I have a proof from men who was married on Asian women and do not think that “they are the best”, they say that it is a myth, mostly spreading by Asian women themselves.

    The point is, as I wrote before, I am glad to hear that you found the one woman for you, and I hope that you will be happy with her for the rest of your life. But telling that Asian women are the best, when you are married just to one of them and there are around a billion of them in the world, is not very smart.
    Sure you can say anything you want, and we all here would be glad to hear your opinion, but what we like to hear is your opinion about cons and pros of Asian women. We all know that there is no angel on earth 🙂

    We all have likes and dislikes, but making statements, that what we like are the best, is a pretty stupid thing, that pulling people apart in the world. Sorry to disappoint you but Asian women are not the best, they are just women like others with they pros and cons, who wants to love and to be loved, have happy family and etc.

    I would expect from this discussion to get information not only about what is good in Asian women , but also about they negative side, because they have it like everybody else.

    Like example, what I dislike in Asian people (women and men) that they usually do not say what they think , they opinion. They will smile to you and make you think that they agree with you but they will turn around and say bad things about you behind your back. But I also can not say that you can find this only in Asian culture, you can see it anywhere, but not to much like in Asia. And this bothers me when I meet Asian people. I do not want to have a friend/lover/husband who thinks one thing and say another. I want to like/love people for who they are, not what I imaging about them. But if somebody do not say his/her opinion, you never will understand that person. But some people like to live in the world that they imagine :). I personally think that if you love somebody, you must love everything in that person, know positive and negative his/her sides and accept it.

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