Asian (Chinese) women vs. Caucasian ladies

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I have this question that I had long wanted to ask. Do you think there is any difference between Asian, as in Chinese women and Caucasian women? Please don’t come preachy-preachy with me about God created all equal, yadda yadda…judge not blah blah and those stuffs. Wrong blog, ok? Here we have no rules wan, just shoot.


Ok, we know that if you choose an Asian wife, you will get to eat tomyam kung. But if you married a Caucasian women, she will force you to eat salad with no salt, no MSG, no oil.

But I don’t know about the sex part. Then again, that one can be learnt one, right? What you need to learn, internet also got teach.

The other thing is Chinese women are said to have better skin, softer hair. Which of course is true, ok? Did you all watch The Banquet and see how sexy, nubile, willowy Zhang Zi Yi is? I said she is every man’s wet dream.

One other thing that is very obvious is Chinese women mostly have that cunning streak in them that most Caucasian women don’t. Unless, they are in soap operas like Dallas or Desperate Housewives. I like Caucasian women for the straight talking, no nonsence and very frank way of dealing with things. But still, sometimes, it is good to be a little snakey sneaky kind of way, right?

So, men, if you are given choice A (asian) and B (bigger tits), whom will you choose? Say lah, dun sked your wife pull your ears lah.

And please, no serious stuffs like all women are the same blab blab blab, it is the heart that matters, yadda yadda yadda, we shouldn’t judge people on their skin etc etc etc. This is just a curious question directed to the men. I think the ‘bush is always blonder at the other side’ applies…What say you?

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  1. Dont worry, i do not feel disappointed.. just because you say something does not mean that it really affects me in any way. Your opinions are worth the same as everybody elses on this forum. I guess i could call your opinions stupid, but that would be kind of stupid.. since this is a place for people to talk about asian and caucasian women, and express their opinions.

    Actually my friend really thinks dark men are the best.. I guess that is why she goes for them, maybe i should give you her number, so you could try to convince her otherwise…

    Proof for what? You can not prove anything when it comes to opinions.
    Just because some guy got burnt, does not mean that he is proof for anything, except maybe that he has poor judgement.

    Just because your husband or your friend says whatever he says because they think it.. or just do not want to hurt your feelings and try to avoid drama, does not mean that i can not say that asian women are the best, if that is my opinion.

    I can assure you that my wife says what is on her mind.. just like any other woman i have met..

    White people also talk shit behind eachothers back, incase you have failed to notice.. The thing about countries with high population and hard competition is that there is no room for assholes. You have to play the game to be successful. It is not too complicated if you think about it. I do not know what kind of work experience you have, but if you have been at a workplace in bad times, when people start getting fired, you will see the climate change very quickly. It can be a nice place where people do not talk too much trash in good times, and play fair but when it goes sour.. well, the talk and the backstabbing starts. Imagine a country where this work environment and competition is always there.
    The environment brings the culture. Culture sets the rules of behaviour, atleast outside the home, dealing with strangers.
    This might be what you have experienced.

    Everybody has sides that other people can see as negative. It goes without saying that there has to be understanding and compromises in a relationship.

    I am not saying that all asian women are great. Far from it. But in general, if you compare their looks, their way of taking care of themselves and how they respect the people around them, to any other race.. i think they come out on top.

    Did i forget to mention that in my opinion asian women are the best?

  2. Sure Arriba, it is your and only your opinion. If you prefer Asian women, good, enjoy. It really doesn’t matter, at least not for me, and I am sure for many other women either.

    My opinion, from my personal experience , that Asian women are not better and not different in any way from women of any other race or nationality, nor in they looks (in my opinion, for my taste, there are a lot more pretty, sexy women in other races and nationalities than in Asian), nor in the behavior toward other people.

    Arriba, I think we are going anywhere. So, do not bother yourself to answer. May be you and I will have opportunity to talk about this subject in 10/20 years later. It is obviously that you are deeply in love with your wife right now, and you are just a little bit blind, in my understanding. It really would be interesting to find out what you will think after 15-30 years of marriage, if you still be married to her.

    Be well, enjoy your life. And do not put labels on anything in this life: race, religion, women and etc. Because even your opinion could change with years. Keep your eyes and heart always open. 🙂 My best regards to you and your family.

  3. I never said it should matter for you.. I did not try to convince anyone to feel the way i feel about this topic.. I dont think that the people participating in these discussions, decide what the truth is anyway.

    When i say asian women are the best, you can take it however you want.
    You can take it as “that guy likes asian women, fair enough, i like pie” or “that bastard just insulted me and every other woman that is not asian, i am just as good as them, no i am better, BETTEEEERRR!!” lol
    When you talk about women i have my own taste, just as everyone else, but dont worry, i am more of a free thinker than a guy who puts labels on things..

    Well, who knows, maybe your opinion will change and you will think that asian women are superior to other women, or just a little prettier, if we speak again in 10 years. More likely you will dislike them even more.. I hated that guy who was better at football than me, when i was a kid. At least while we where playing. Competition is a bitch.

    Treat your husband good, Lena, and take care.

  4. Dear Arriba,

    I treat my husband well, otherwise he would leave me, don’t you think? 🙂 I love him and respect him.

    I never dislike Asian women in generally and never will be. I can dislike only particular person , who I know personally. If I dislike some black, white, Spanish, German , American, Asian, French and etc, etc man/woman I will never say that they are bad because everybody from they race/nationality is bad. My rules – never put cliche on anything.

    I never met you in real life but I dislike you. I dislike like you talk and express yourself and I can imagine that you are not a very nice person in real life. I hope I am wrong, because I know that some people let themselves to be a jerks online with people with whom they never met and never will be.

    I am not going to talk to you again, I had been stupid enough to continue to talk with you for so long, with a man who doesn’t have respect for other people (except Asian women), who thinks so narrow. You won, I quit. No more comments from me.

  5. I never set out to win.. I did not even know it was a competition.. I just expressed my opinion and countered some of the things people had mentioned in previous posts.
    If you go back and read what i actually wrote im my first messages, you can probably see that it was quite reasonable. I do not dislike any race. I simply think asian women are more attractive. I did not set out to hurt someone, i was just telling my own opinion.

    I recall someone calling me “not wise” and “stupid”, because i do not have the same opinions or taste as that certain someone.

    I recall someone saying asian women are twofaced, talking more smack behind peoples back than other people.

    Im sorry that everyone can not agree with you, so that you can be happy.
    You can dislike me all you want.. I do not dislike you, but i can tell that you always want to be right and want to tell people what to do and think.
    I respect everyone who shows respect, and you did not, that is why gave you some harsh words.

    About the way i express myself.. Language is a tool for communication, not an academic ruleset. It is not like i am writing a paper for another masters degree here. Anyway, you understood what i was saying. I do not know why you call me dear if you dislike me.. isnt that a bit two faced? lol just kidding.

    Anyway, do not take it so seriously, it was just a pointless discussion, no point to get all worked up about it, dear..

  6. I hope this isn’t too serious an article because it’s rather silly.

    That said I have dated both Asian and European women…I just happened to have fallen in love with a Chinese woman…but not because she’s Chinese.
    I think she would be considered ugly in China as she is 5’7″ and is a C-cup plus she’s quite direct and cunning.
    That said she’s also sopshicated, charming and funny. She’s very kind and understanding of me and that’s why I love her. We also have a lot in common, from music to food. We see many things the same way too yet she still has her unique feminine perspective on life which is refreshing and vital for me. If she was German, English or Mexican I’d love her…if she had the same character. It would probably be easier if she was European because Chinese is a lot harder for a native English speaker to learn than German hehe.
    Ultimately it doesn’t matter – if you find a good woman who you click with who understands you, loves you and cares for you then you need to seriously consider taking her as a life partner regardless of where she’s from.

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