Pregnancy inducing ‘drug’

Ok, ok, today I am going to help the country to boost its population. I will heed our PM’s call for five-a-family. After all, I am very patriotic, right?

So, all you guys, better hang on to your family marbles. Sure you can resist or not? See the photo already, faster-faster go home and tell your wife, ‘I want a baby and I want it now!’ And the ladies, I know you are going goo-goo and gaa-gaa and the siren clanging ‘Make me pregnant, make me pregnant!’


Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the most adorable, healthy, cutest, sweetest, most handsome, beautiful, chubby baby with sparkling eyes, beautiful skin and drools. My breastfed baby. Taken in September 2003.

Damn…I want to get pregnant too. But I can’t anymore. So how?

Eh, what are you doing here, still reading? Go make babies lah!

26 thoughts on “Pregnancy inducing ‘drug’

  1. Hahaha!!! Making and during the pregnancy period is fun and enjoying – provided everything goes on smoothly. Like me, aiyoh! For first 5 mths, i vormit like nobody business, pening and no apetite. After that, baru ok. Off course, the other half will normally give us what we want punya. Hahaha…… Lawrence is lucky coz i never look for food at odd hour or asking him to tapau food that is located far far away. The moment I afraid most is entering the theater room. Lilian, I lagi not go for normal birth leh. Kena dipotong wor. 1st baby full sleep and 2nd baby I am alert. I were not ready during that time. Wah lau!!! Kheng sei ngoh loh… Lawrence almost fainted …….. heheheh……… he will tell ppl abt his experience whoever ask him abt it. But honestly, growing together with the kids are also a fun time. You definately understand what i say abt. Like you and Matthew lor. I love seeing him.

  2. Go Wuching!! Go Make Babies!! QUickly before its too late!! hehehehe

    As for me..not yet lah..factory hasn’t been declared open yet, as the other partner has not been found to operate a factory together with..can’t exactly make my own by myself hehehehe

  3. the process of making it (babies i mean!!!hahah) surely fun la..and somemore hor by having sex-ercise can make you loose weight one ler… shiok + healthy at same time…but hor, ponder on spend the first two years of your life teaching them (your kids la) to walk and talk. Then you spend the next sixteen telling them to sit down and shut up…got fun meh?

    Grandchildren are God’s reward for not killing your own children….hehehe..deep hor…and am sure this statement has put a smile on your face ler…

  4. huh…? i wondered if our Ringgit Malaysia is getting smaller or growing …

    living cost is rising, how come an ordinary couple can have extra babies? šŸ™

  5. Eh … u think easy ah to make babies !!! :)))) It takes more that THAT to make babies u know………. :))))

  6. growing too fast liao…sekejap oledi reach the age of kek si parents..haha…don’t dare to make baby now..make fun can lah..:lol:

  7. Just delivered a baby boy , a month second..making baby easy la..but take care susah lor..

  8. i want, i want, but my gynae just kept quiet when i ask him. After his 2 minute’s pause, i pester him with same ques again, he said not encouraged wor. i still dont want to acknowledge my age ler. maybe will try despite all odds

  9. Planning for number 2 already, but cannot get pregnant yet coz we’re moving in a few months’ time. Old people believe women should not be pregnant when moving homes. So in order to avoid conflict, better follow what old people say.

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