Boo boo

I am trapped in the home with nowhere to go. Because of Thaipusam on Thursday. The Hindus are all busy setting up all the stalls along the road and the place is soooo jam. In fact, the whole island is jammed. Here’s the video I took two years ago.

Ya hor, last night I passed by an accident scene in Jalan Kelawei (outside the mosque/Shell). The bus rolled over the motorcyclist’s head. Lucky at night already, I didn’t see a thing. Fast-fast cabut. God bless the motorcyclist’s soul.

Going to note down the boo boo I made today. There is this huge place and there are like 400-500 people. Everyone relies on the overhead projector for their words. So, they were like pledging something, you know hor…like some brotherhood pledge lah. Say those ‘hark seh wooi’ or gangsta brotherhood? They should know the words by heart mah, right anot? Close eyes also can blah blah blah mah? In the dream also can say right? 6 years old also know already. But hor….. my mind was going too fast and my finger too slow. Coordination problem lah, let’s say. I orang baru lah, my excuse. So, hor, can you imagine the awkwardness when I was too sssllloowww to press the ‘Enter’ key? Everyone also traffic jam. My next slide was slow a bit and the whole 400-500 people’s voices also slow like an audio tape running at half speed or those vinyl record going at 45 rpm instead of the 71 rpm. (heh, I am guessing the number only but we used to have vinyl records when I was small). *wipe cold sweats* Lucky my leader is very kind wan, or else kena grill liao. But hor…dem shiok ‘cos my finger dem pahwer, skali pressed wrong ‘Enter’ hampalang upside down. Muahahahar.

So yeah, just a few more weeks to Chinese New Year. Only my blog got New Year mood. I tarak New Year mood lagi. Dunno where to go also cos my chewren got one whole week off during CNY. I must get over the hurdle of the two kids’ operation on February 8th baru can do the next thing.

And this %$#@! internet is so slow. Darn…I am upgrading WP 2.1 for all my blogs and the ftp kept getting timeout.

Another thing – I ain’t cool ‘cos I blog on weekends. But blame it on the traffic jam lah. I hope you enjoy the Thaipusam video. 😛
(remember to thank me for the video, ok? I risk myself kena trapped in that crowd for the video. Those guys were either drunked or very, very high)

10 thoughts on “Boo boo

  1. shooi – Hehehe, pressure lor…like that. Got people waiting…

    Bryan – Yahor…but why da heck they set up since last week ler. My sons go to Youth Park every evening wan, kena bawak with motorbike baru boleh. Hahaha.

    Daniel – This wan is call faith lor. The nine emperor gods also got firewalking. In Philipines, they also got nail people to the cross. All mind over matter kinda faith.

  2. Thankfully you’re internet savvy. I guess even if you’re ‘quarantined’ for a week also NO Problem! lol

    Talking about no CNY mood, welcome to the club. My hubby is leaving for KL next Thurs. This really kill my mood… though he says he’ll be coming back every weekend, I doubt it. Cakap only. ;-(

  3. wuching – gimme a five!

    Irene – Yalor, I just returned from Gurney Plaza and no people fighting over shopping wor. Maybe everyone waits for gaji first.

    helen – Haiyor…you got no small babies at home, follow along lar. Hari-hari go hang out at shopping mall.

  4. Lilian.
    Don’t even think of WP2.1
    Got so much bug that even Ridsect can’t kill!@

    Anyway… Happy holidays. No wonder Jam all over the island.
    Lucky me don’t have to get into Pulau Tikus for next few weeks! Jam Mati liao! Even on a bike@!

  5. azrin – Nay…not true. I had upgraded all my blogs and none of them have any problems. All the plugins are working well too. And my spam have gone down to almost nil with the new Askimet and Bad Behaviour. Prolly those who didn’t follow the normal upgrading process get caught?

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