An ex-secretary, a blogger and a happy mom

This blue/brown building used to be my office. When the building was just erected, I was involved in the moving, decor, office staffs seating arrangements and all the bitchy details like which level of employees get what sort of phone lines/type of chairs, who gets an underground parking lot and who doesn’t……yadda yadda yadda. I even get to assign the phone extension and chosed Ext. 778 for myself. My office was on the seventh floor. I was the one who took the fengshui master around to chart out the seating for the boss….. Ok, you get the picture? Total. Bitchy. Sexy-turkey.


Now? The company had sold off the building to AIA. Most of the staffs had to be re-located to some god forsaken place in Kedah call Tikam Batu. The balance few are in an office somewhere nearby. Me?

I am sooooo glad I no longer work. ‘Cos if I do, I am still with the boss. Because good secretaries like me are their left & right limbs. The only way up is to progress to the bedroom. NO! This is not a spelling error, I am not talking about boardroom. But since I am not that type nor have the assets to qualify, I guess being what I am today is more of an achievement. Gosh, I can’t imagine holding a bitchy post for like….20 years! OMG, I have worked that long?


Today….I have the time to myself. I don’t have to rush to the office, rush home to the kids. Today…I can spend time playing tic-tac-toe with my toddler in the playground.
Today…I can say, ‘I am a professional blogger’.


Ngek, ngek, ngek….and I got no boss to worry about and no colleagues to stab me behind my back. I can sleep till noon. And I just hit USD1K at PayPerPost! Per month. And I have one ReviewMe’s review to write next – USD50 per piece, wei. Plus Adsense, plus TextLinkAds, plus local ads…..*busy counting money, dun kacau ok?* Today, I am a happy mom. Thank you, Jesus!

19 thoughts on “An ex-secretary, a blogger and a happy mom

  1. YaY! No need to work BUT still get to count money! In USD some more! I bet your ex-colleagues hate you now, hahaha… 🙂

  2. Envy you don’t have to work ~ “sigh” it’s still along way for me to go through ~

  3. True….. working as a secretary is like cow also. I am your gang lor. Ex-secretary. Really tired of working with boss control too. Now…. no matter how tired I am, it’s all my money mah. And when I can’t take more order, I can stop at certain level and enjoy go pak tor with hubby and playing wih my kids. hahahaha

  4. Good on you..
    Oh…so romantic..Raining hearts also not bad…hehe.
    Wonder what can we expect during “Bak Chang” festival? LOL…

  5. But hor…i know an executive sexy turkey of a public listed company who was promoted to Marketing director…BIG BIG shot! She’s somewhat a millionaire now buying properties and cars. I would really hate to think she went to the bedroom to achieve those coz she’s really smart and “seng-mok”, hehe.

  6. suki nang….Felt damn honoured when you leave a comment in my blog…ah mai you really pro blogger lar…mind teaching this raw kid here to earn some cash like you????And my family all Pure Hailam Hong

  7. hi auntie…..dunno why so mahuan to leave comment here…..Felt so honoured when i saw the word 5xmom at my blog’s comment site…shocked and suprised….yea whole family is hailam hong….and u gave the right link bout the lor mee too

  8. pookyma – Sure, we barter trade. If I go, you give me extra suan thau chor…Go read my Make$ Money$ blog lah, all the tips there. http://5xmom.com.

    catatoullie – Got one time my ex-boss offered me a marketing executive post when I resigned. That time I only 26 yrs old. If I accepted, maybe I oso become Marketing Director hor? But chey…I dem bodoh wan, dare not take the offer, sked kena molest by Banglas (their Gov. buy power cables from my company) and I oso dunno how to choose prostitutes for those angmohs clients. (sour grapes lah)

    mott – No ler, my boss no humsup wan. Only I not enuff ‘mistress’ material so got no prospect of becoming #2 mah. Hahaha.

    Agnes – Now I know how to do liao, sure I hari hari think of new things to drop.

    tehsee – Yahor, can do things to suit the mood. What’s for thaipusam ah? LOL.

    wuching – Choy…those problogger earn five figures wan ler. I only share this figure ‘cos it is public, all the people can see on the dashboard wan. So, no need to hide-hide lor.

    erina – Yalor, after a while, you either become kaya like some Jap’s sec here who drives a Volvo and daughter go overseas for study (and drive another spanking new car) or you got tired of the game.

    Angel – I also took a leap, close eyes and just resigned. Out of fed-up ‘cos no naik gaji, no bonus (but kakilang got).

    pelf – Shh…I hope none of my ex-colleagues found me. My domains stretched further than my ex-company which is a Bhd company. That KNNMCB system analyst/engineer/IT manager who always wanna bully me oso not so terror and kerng like me ler.

  9. Congrats, you did it. Seriously considering the option of becoming a “Professional blogger” but I simply can’t stay cooped up at home – I actually love the office environment.

  10. Lilian, still remember my ex-boss when he had a gf. There were one day, where the both of them must be having some arguement or don’t know wat lar. The gf call me up and ask me to go and wait for a fax for my boss. So, put down the phone and be a ‘dong goi’ go to the fax machine and wait for the fax. When, the fax came in I almost laugh to myself. Find it very childish. In fact, I stand there and smile whereby my kawan kawan ask me why. Off course, tell them nothing lar. This gf of my boss apologise to him on what had happen and many ‘yuk mah’ things lar. What I do were, take the fax and pass it to my boss. He also paiseh. Sometimes, I feel being a secretary is very difficult or ‘khun kor’. We have to lie, have to pretend, the evil and angel are us too. I give up my secretary life after 6 years and join hospitality. You encounter any of mine experience?

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