Finally, the answer to the ‘Unknown’ numbers

*This is a sponsored post, ok?*

I had ranted how I dislike ‘Unknown’ numbers received through our cell phones. Most times, I ended up wasting several cents by text messaging a few chronic guys who love to use this feature ‘Eh, KNNMCB, did u call me?’

They have this service call Reverse Cell Phone Look Up where they can trace the numbers for you. Maybe if you have a sicko, stalker who often sent lewd messages or make heavy breathing calls, you can use it to nail them? Nice eh? Or if you see Unknown on your spouse’s mobile, then, it is perfect to spy whom he is keeping in the secrets, right?

I like the site’s attitude. They say :
P.S. Please keep our site to yourself. Don’t tell anyone!

Yeah, right…..BTW, dudes, get your spelling corrected please. Unknown is spell U N K N O W N. 😛