Peeples – Remind me never to trust TV ads anymore (KFC ikan)

There is this advertisement from Kentucky Fried Chicken, you know….Colonel Sanders…blek, if you don’t know what is KFC, then, you wouldn’t be reading my blog, eh? Ok, about this advertisement. They are promoting their new Alaskan Fish burger or something like that.

So, in the TV ad, there were these two guys on a park’s bench. One of them was eating a fish burger. And around them, pussies everywhere. Cats, I mean. Brown pussy, black pussy, white pussy, gray pussy…ok, ok, that’s enough of SEO *smacks self*. The cats were so adorable and they were meowing away while the guys was eating.


This is the burger. You can get a 1024 pixel pic by clicking here. It is bigger than your head. Hehehe. I had been hankering for it for almost a week and finally popped by KFC. KFC here is housed in a heritage building from the English colonial time. There are nice children’s playground with swings too.

And what da fish? I didn’t read the fine lines, didn’t hear the jingle. So, I have this yummy looking burger with an Alaskan name. And Alaska means Western, right? The biggest state in America, on the toppest north.

Oh yeah, KFC also claimed their burger is 30% bigger than McDonalds. Ok, they didn’t say it out loud but we know they are comparing with Fillet O’ Fish. So, I was expecting it to taste like Fillet O’Fish.

But it turned out to taste like an Alaskan married to a Thai with some Malaysian genes! The sauce is exactly like asam pedas minus the spiciness. There is a strong taste of lemon grass and resemble tom yam a bit. By the time I finished the burger, I still can’t tune my brain to match the wavelength of Alaskan plus Thai plus Malaysian. Verdict? I am not ever going to trust all these promos again. Oh ya, KFC taunted us with ‘Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.’ Gerenti sedap. Puadah…I am not going to bring a half eaten burger and tell them I want my money back. My face water (image) is worth more than RM7.20, ok? Too bad there are no cats around or else I would feed it to them.

Eh, think can get sued by KFC anot ah?

16 thoughts on “Peeples – Remind me never to trust TV ads anymore (KFC ikan)

  1. Haha! Well, whatcha expect from a chicken fast food joint selling fish burgers. Sure not nice one! Stick to the chicken lah. šŸ™‚

  2. Well, the ad did its job, it got you to try it. Nvm it’s taste is like what you’ve described in glorious details. lolx. I’ve subsribed to ASTRO just avoid these ads but AF ads appears ALL over the channels whether it’s Wahlaitoi or Tamil. Aiyoyo. Bayar oso kenot escape these ads being forced unto out throats.

    But KFC’s good ol chickens are still great. I prefer KFC over MacDs anytime. hey, that should be a tagline but again it’s not legal to condemn competition here. ;P

  3. KFC- for fried chicken (they are not even fried anymore)

    McD- for fillet o fish, french fries and stupid sauce dispensers

    For the best burgers, go to the RAMLY burger stall lah. Double special tambah cheese.

  4. Hahaha…..i kena conned by them also! The strong lemongrass and sourish sauce was so totally not suitable for fish burger. Some more when my burger arrived, it was cold already! Fish eaten cold is the yuckiest. Think I’ll stick to McDonald’s next time.

  5. One of the reasons i dun eat at KFC is that apart from their chicken, the rest, can feed something else. I understand ur angst. Like kena cheated liddat, bluueekk.

  6. Haha.. i don’t like it also.. It taste terrible! KFC advertisements are all super exaggerated! Don’t ever believe them!

    Btw, how do you get paid by PPP? Thanks!

  7. Ah… the price of advertisement. No wonder those ad agencies are earning crazy money. If we are exposed to the same ad many times, somehow our brains will be programmed and ‘crave’ for the advertised products.

  8. Yah Lilian,
    Fully agree with U. I also kena… like cheated ! They say ?% more ikan like the advertisement showing but this time
    bohong big time!!! And the sauce ……VERY POOR!
    I expect at least like tatar sauce but……’Thai Sauce?..
    should have kept it only for Chicken.
    At least I am glad that they use deep sea fish from where? I dunno but not from the Sungei Mekong ala Patin.

  9. eh! I didn’t now that KFC stand for Kentucky Fried Chicken! I thought KFC means KONG FU CHOW. When my children asked me to bring them to KFC, I always bring them to eat Kong Fu Chow!

  10. NOW I know why the burger tasted like that! I was trying to figure out the sauce in the burger, and yea, tasted a bit tomyam-ish..

  11. I kinda like it actually. At least the fish is authentic, not like their previous fish burger experiment. But now that you mention the Alaska bit, I do feel a bit deceived hahaha.

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