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Are you the kind of person who tends to forget your passwords? Do you have a lot of transactions online that require logging in with passwords? Are you dealing with financial transactions through the internet? Or are you sharing PCs with other people but want to protect your private information?

Well, I am sure many of us are in this situation. It is easy for someone to infiltrate our private information. If you think your passwords are hidden, well think again. In Firefox, you can actually see all the users password by selecting Tools > Option > Security > show passwords. I hope you are all aware of that? You certainly wouldn’t want to be caught with using your ex-flame’s name as your password by your wife, do you? 😛

And after you have browsed, do you think you have cleared history and your browsing histories can’t be traced? Well, no. If one knows how to check, they can find out. And if you have been downloading stuffs or keeping very important information related to your work, your financial transactions, your deepest, darkest secrets, you may want to delete them all. But do you know that these are all traceable with the right tools?

Yes, your ‘Clear recycle bin’ is not exactly thrashed. Think of it as pieces of scrunched up papers floating in your PC. You may need a ‘shredder’ to really get everything kapish/poof/disappeared without trace.

Now, there is this software which you can download free for a trial version call Safe-n-Secure
Privatize Platinumâ„¢
. It comes with a three locations licence, meaning you can download to three PCs/laptops. They claim it comes with military grade shredder which will get rid of all sensitive information.

The software will protect your files and folders using a privatize password protects which use the 256 Advanced Encryption Standard, one of the strongest encryption algorithms available. Besides that, you can send any sensitive files or folders over the web using Privatize’s email utility, P-Mailâ„¢. The recipient can use the free reader to open it safely.

So, if you are cautious and handle a lot of sensitive information, do check out the Safe-n-Secure Privatize Platinumâ„¢. It charges a one-time fee which protects you for life, without any annual fee. Worth paying for a good night sleep, eh?

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