Confession time! Do you have crushes (online)?

I found this very interesting post through a few days ago and posted it on mywomenblog. But I received only two comments.

So, here it is again. I am very sure all of you have plenty to say. Tell me your deepest, darkest secrets…Do you arm luen the blogger of the blog you read?

Arm luen

= shiok sendiri in BM
= crush in English
= shiok tiuk in Hokkien
= arm luen in Cantonese


A girl can easily be swept off by words that can stir a range of emotions when she reads the blog. The powerful surge of words coupled perhaps with the blog persona, mystique or a certain photograph or comment can cause the heart to flutter. This fierce attraction, I mean the expert use of words, can give rise to a smile on her face or make her laugh and cry. It is not hard to be attracted to a person by the way he/she writes. It is a delicious yet sometimes a painful addiction.

Quoted from Sun, Moon & Star

Fuwah! Terror nyer. Like that oso can? But I think what Miss. Moon said is true ler. Heh, I am devoid of such feelings but I do have some real confession of so & so arm luen so & so blogger and etc etc. Of course, all these are told to me in private so none of you will ever get to know about it. Some more hor….got some girls actually ‘chase’ some male bloggers wan wor.

Plus I have seen some sick puppies wagging their tails every day at some blogs, waiting for a piece of bone. Aiyoh…..I so old already, I very clever to read between the lines wan, so I know lah.

Now, tell me? You got arm luen any blogger or not? Hoi! AhPek, you got arm luen me or not, jek? *slaps self*

24 thoughts on “Confession time! Do you have crushes (online)?

  1. Got. I arm luen *the money you made from blogging* YOU.

    Again, my bank account number is ………..

  2. so geli… like that also can arm luen… but can ARM LUEN RAIN? hari hari hujan also no problem… last time was BAE YONG JUN.. šŸ˜‰
    Tell you something, before email from you to notify your blog update, i have finished reading your latest entry hours ago.. is there a problem with my email?

  3. heh. i commented on the other site.

    girls, mahhh… easily swept off their feet by people ‘mulut manis’, unfortunately. that’s why lah dulu-dulu if some guy want to ngorat some girl, they go and write poems, lah, songs lah, what-have-yous lah… right?

  4. zyrin – Sekarang nak ngorat jantan pun senang, banyak-banyak camwhore, lepas tu tulis emo posts, lepas tu sure lalat berlambak-lambak. Hahaha.

    agnes – I dunno how this feeds work lah, I simply tembak here and there, now my little feed chicklet (the little button?) said I got only seven readers. But I check on the site, I got 126 readers. Hahaha, I really dunno where the problem is also.

    terence – Hoi, later, people betul-betul believe, mampus. Eh, I can buy insurance to insure my blog from getting sue anot ah? Got such policy ah?

    pablopabla – Ears oso grow long. Hahaha.

  5. Hmmm I confess having had strong attractions to certain guys online and vice versa. But it was during the heydays of mIRC + ICQ etc etc … A while back (ya, getting olderrrr..)

    However, after we met, the attraction slowly declined. Maybe because “online persona” and the real person is truly different? Many words expressed through writings may come from the depth of the soul, and verbally expressing them sometimes causes confusion and appears to have different meanings attached to it?

    Now blogging and reading blogs I only started after I met my husband. So … never felt attracted to any bloggers before. Admiration for the pretty ladies got lah! LOL! Perhaps its the same? šŸ˜‰

  6. Arm luen is shiok sendiri meh? Not shiok orang lain ah? Hahahaha!

    As pointed out by Aleanor, last time ppl arm luen over IRC/ICQ/emails/, and now teknologi semakin canggih can arm luen over blogs. Arm luen over internet is a real thing lor, but what happens beyond the cyberspace is the usual grind and sweat like in any regular rerelationships. (I met my hubby thru the net, btw!)

  7. Arm luen ppl only through reading blogs??? OMG!!! What is happening to the world now??? Arh, nothing to be amazed of i guess…gay couples are allowed to get married in US, prostitution is legal in some countries, nenek can marry 20 year-old man, etc…

    As for me, never arm luen guys only by reading their blogs lor…but I arm luen auntie’s blog…Hahaha!!!

  8. You could sell the policy cover idea to an insurance company for hacking, defamation, who knows. You could be an overnight millionaire.

    Possible, possible. Anything can happen.

    40% if you become millionaire ar.

  9. actually, if a girl is going to get a crush on something someone wrote, it shd also apply to articles in the papers, and novels…

    btw is frenzrss finish beta yet…?

  10. Too much watching those soapy Korean dramas.. in real life…lacking those mushy mushy moments cos the attrictions of daily life takes a heavy toll on both partners…

    In the internet ,one can be anybody and can be faceless but speaketh from an open heart……words which we craved , longed and dear to hear which we seldom get from our partners…with tat..the internet or blogs become fertile soils for romances and crushes to bloomed….

  11. wow dangerous la lilian …. from what she wrote …. i arm luen you la. One day dont read your blog i go pusing pusing (like kitty chasing his/her tail). I might not blog all the time but i read you blog 2 to 3 times aday. Die lor ……

  12. AhPek – I sked your heart cannot take it, skali khong kha khiau. Later Ah Soh chopped me with butcher’s knife. LOL

    QV – Yayaya.

    pookyma – Haiyor, I dunno Hainanese lah. Let’s see..I only know phulangkang, nangbohtinang kuibotikui, kaupangtai (dog shitting). What is phulangkang ah?

    cili – eeek…die ler, I must write about cars and hardwares so no women like the blog hor?

    simon – What BETA ah? I oso dunno. Wingz is waiting for someone to do it. Slowly lah…But talk about crush, I got crushed with Memoirs of The Geisha, that handsome guy whathisname wor.

    terence – Good idea hor? Deal 60-40.

    vegemaster – Hahaha, you can go straight to the Penang bloggers meet and ‘chut sot & pang tien’ lah.

    clare – Got one…..very common somemore.

    wuching – Yeee…you very the geli lah. Who ah? Tell me? Wingz, AhPek, QV….all the male bloggers ah?

  13. catatouille – Like one hand clap no sound lor. You shiok but the other end dunno. Perasan sendiri. Hahaha. Good for you! I know another blogger MamaBoK oso know her hubby online.

    aleanor – Really? Which girl’s blog you like ah? Xiaxue. LOL.

  14. A women’s heart is like the moon.. every month can see a new moon..keke!

    Either bloggers or their Korean heartthrob…. at the moment Rain…..

  15. Can ma… girls get crushes on anyone who’s shows his sensitive side. So, a blogger who writes with sensitivity could likely be the object of a girl’s infatuations.

    Right anot?

    p/s… you and QV got “arm” something tete-a-tete … must keep it arm arm one ah?

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