Will you link this, please?

First of all, thanks Celestine! Your post on Cathedral of the Holy Spirit has helped.


So, folks, you see….I am working a new website which I really, really hope to push up on the search engine. Thank God Goolge has indexed the site! If a site is new and it is not indexed by Google and the other search engines, when a person search for it, they will get a message that the site is not available.

Can I for once ask for people to help me to quote something like this on your blog? Of course, no obligations at all if the matter is not agreeable with your faith. Otherwise, a passing mention will be very, very much appreciated.

Use any one of these names will do:

– Holy Spirit Penang
– Cathedral of the Holy Spirit
– Holy Spirit Church
– Penang Holy Spirit Cathedral
– Holy Spirit Cathedral

and link any one of the words to this URL : http://holyspiritcathedral.com

You can say something like ‘I am helping a friend to share the church’s website of (the church name and link).’ And that will be super.

But please, please, please don’t quote my name nor my blog URL.
šŸ˜› Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Muaksss!

18 thoughts on “Will you link this, please?

  1. pablopabla – Tell me where you want yr review to be and I will do it right away. Pick your blogs, pick my blogs and tell me. Hehehe. I am doing a bit of barter trade lately, if you notice the extra reviews done, for freebies. Hehehe. That’s all I can offer to help the church, using my own blogs for promo. And please don’t mention my name or URL in the same post hor? Later search engines pick up skali, mampui. ‘Cos 5xmom doesn’t exist.

    AhPek – Wuah, I kasi lucky number with a chance of winning 5K. Let’s see….8313! Go buy. Hehehe, the time on my clock said so, I just add 8 in front.

  2. pablopabla – Can lah, as long as you don’t compare. hehehe, later both denominations fight, we got no place to hide. Hahaha. Thanks a lot!

    terence – I take 40% cut.

  3. No compare lah. In fact, trying to tell people that we have more in common than not šŸ™‚

    If you can review my blog, then give your 2 cents on http://deliciousasianfood.com if you don’t mind. I am trying to build traffic there as well as google indexing (since I’ve spent hard earned paypal funds, LOL!).

  4. I link it from cultural point of view, just link the history portion, hope you don’t mind. šŸ˜‰

    But quoting inside blog.. hmmmm…. I just blog MoT for lack of culture, bor-ben-hua, not easy to blend it inside since the history page. For example, why the church are build in modern form, and who is the architect; info about relic of Blessed Nicholas Kitbamrung, etc.

    p/s: Not to mean to make it a tourist attraction.

  5. moo_t – I actually didn’t know who is the Thai monk until recently when I have to type the bio of Blessed Nic from a printed mag to html. I tell you, after I had finished typing, I want to call Blessed Nic my guardian Saint already. His life story is so touching wor. And hor…the church history….we didn’t really have an archive until we start hunting for all the senior members to tell us. That’s why we are on a mission to archive it online so that it is not lost to the new generations. How they struggle through the red tapes etc. Thanks a lot wor. I also found the octagon shape very fenghsui aligned. Hehehe. But our Catholic churches normally place culture and tradition highly and blend it with Christianity.

    pablopabla – It’s my pleasure!

  6. Bought 4D liao. If strike, we go holiday during CNY together-gather ah? My treat. To that little island you mentioned, just ME (wife, inlaws) and YOU (family). *hahahaha!

  7. Auntie, I’m going to visit your church next week. Can wait a bit longer till after I’ve visit it then I’ll do a review about it in my blog. Sui bo?

    I’ll attend sunset mass. Will bring my junior along.

  8. shooi – Tks a lot.

    Clare – Next week? I am on duty, jaga OHP. So make sure you come by and say hello hor? I sit next to the organist but don’t call me before mass over hor? Or else, I later boo boo again and press wrong button somemore. I am that clumsy wan…little bit of distraction, I forget which slide I was at. Hahaha. See you!

  9. OK … let me get some pictures and get it posted on my site too.

    It is good to form own blog networks. Imagine over 50-100 bloggers start to link to a new site. Sure will bring a lot of spidering activity by search engine bots.

    Take a look at this …
    http://www.bloggingbig.com , I have read this ebook and whatever they say, make sense to me.

  10. david – Please do! (the church pic, I mean)

    Ya, the blogging network helps. I see that many new blogs got up on search results simply because they made comments on the higher page rank blogs (like mine hehehe). That’s why I love meme but no one tag me ‘cos they thot I have no time for those.

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