Up yours

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It is a public holiday here today. But my poor dear is working because he follows Kedah state which does not recognise Thaipusam as a public holiday. The weather is freaking hot. You can forget about going anywhere when there are kavadi procession going on.

And I can’t go shopping either. (shopping mall in another area of the island) Why? Because of this :


If I go anywhere, I have to bring my kids along. If I bring them along, this is what they did to the mannequins.


And no, I did not allow them to do that. I was busy buying some clothes for the toddler and the two middle ones were laughing and giggling and rolling the floor several aisle away.

So, I returned home and found these pics in the camera.

12 thoughts on “Up yours

  1. If you can shop successfully with the kids in tow, you deserve a datukship šŸ™‚

    i find it a hassle…conflict of wills..what the kid wants and what I want

  2. I did that when i was shooping with my mum when i was still in primary school.Was cheeky back then.Auntie u very mongkang(stupid in hainan)..hailam lang but dunno how to speak

  3. QV – Cute right?

    pookyma – Yayaya,mongkang is another word I know. Eh, where to find Hainanese lesson in Penang ah? I want to learn. I only half hainanese, my mother is a ‘sing ning’ (like cantonese like that).

    bengbeng – I can go crazy trying not to make too much spectacle of myself and yet, keep them tame. LOL.

    wuching – Wuah..your bahasa malaysia very ‘char’ lor. Where got kuat pandai lah. Sangat pandai, you mean?

    bryan- It still exists you know? You can walk through the ghostly supermarket from Komtar to Prangin.

    terence – Aiyor, 15 years old already if still dunno hor, I would failed as a mom liao lor. These are all essential life skills, you know?

    shooi – Yalor, I wonder they got change back the hands or else LOL, all the kids follow.

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