Life is temporarily on hold

QV tried to get me some rooms in Kota Kinabalu but couldn’t. I had tried too and got the same results. So, the KK trip is cancelled.


For some funny reasons, I don’t have the mood to :

  1. Buy new clothes for everyone;
  2. Get the home ready with new stuffs;
  3. Plan what to bake and cook;
  4. Give angpows to all my readers; hehehe not that I have previously;

So, I really don’t know how stressed out I am going to be when the date is nearer.   I have told my sisters-in-law that there will be no makan-makan at my home this year.  But I usually relented and do it anyway.

Whatever…life is temporarily on hold because I need to get my two kids to the hospital on 8th February at 8 am for their tonsils and some adenoids removal.

I had called my fav. doc. the other day and asked him if my younger kid, who is 10 years old, need his (paed) attendance.  The operation will be carried out by the Ear, Nose, Throat and Neck (wuah so many parts) surgeon with radio frequency procedure.   Paed told me if he is around the ward he will pop by to say hi to my kid.  Hehehe,  the problem when you have cushy insurance cover is the urge to ‘buy’ all the doctors available to attend to just one small surgery.

My kids are cool about being put to sleep (with GA)  ‘cos I had 10 (ten) operations before and know the feelings inside out.  I made it sound so exciting like it is   a  once in a lifetime chance of being high on drugs legally.  I told them about the struggle to stay awake after they had pump in the sleeping medication, the smell of the oxygen, the waking part and the high feeling plus the endless talking after the drug tails down.

Kid #3 is excited about getting his Slurpee and ice-cream.   He asked if the surgeon can make his voice sounds like a rocker?  So, counting the days….Oh ya, kid #2 who is not going for the operation wants to videotape the procedure.  *smacks head*  I wonder if I should ask the surgeon to keep #1 and #3 adenoids and tonsils and make soup for kid #2?

3 thoughts on “Life is temporarily on hold

  1. actually i also no mood for all those items you’ve listed out. i guess its not only me… what more when you have 2 boys to go under the knives or was it radio frequency??? wholely understand cos my boiboi had a minor op 2 years ago and goshhh we were so worried but yet so cool until he was inside the OT. it was only then the tears start to flow. take care ya and keep us updated of their progress.

  2. WOW, your kids certainly are brave.. I mean, even if I knew how the whole procedure would be like, I’d still be trembling every-single-day before the operation!

  3. pelf – They have been exposed a lot to hospital and ICU when Vincent was around so got use to the environment, I think.

    babe -thanks for your kind thoughts. 🙂

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