Weekend food photos & lottery sellers rant


Jagung – ada sarong, ada bulu, ada biji
Full of nutrition, makes you poo corn


I have lost count of the number of almond cookies coated with chocolate that I popped into my mouth today. Inside this, there is a whole, roasted, crunchy, freshest ever almond. It is so, so, so delicious. You can check out cookingisland.net on how to buy. I am so glad that Erina and Lawrence finally set up their online store because I am getting tired of getting comments and emails on how to buy, make, bake yadda yadda yadda those delicious stuffs they see on my food blog.


Read my lunctime rants at Food Haven. Tiu, I cannot eat mee mamak with chopsticks lah. If I see Indian Muslim noodles, I must eat it with fork, not chopsticks. If you ask me to eat that way, my mind get all mixed up and I lost my mood to eat. And these pesky lottery sellers bugged me throughout my meals. Before I even get to put my backside on the chair, they started coming in. Endlessly. Indian, Chinese, old, crippled, fat, thin. There are SIX of them in the 30 minutes I was there. Can you farking believe it? Then, those charity people, lagi tiu, bring some yellow torn papers with some Government-looking chop and ask me to donate. There are three groups of them. Shite man, how to eat like that? One of them dragged a poor, handicapped and mentally retarded poor guy and sell toothbrushes and etc. Then, got sell wild honey people going from table to table also. Niamah.

I totally lost my appetite. Mongkang betul. (hehehe, Hainanese for dumb) Want to chew oso cannot, want to open mouth to put the food oso cannot, want to swallow oso cannot. Blardy hell. Have to keep telling them not interested, shake the head until like kena ecstasy pill.


Toddler says, ‘Chill…mom, I ask papa to bring you to Bakerzin and have desserts, ok?’

7 thoughts on “Weekend food photos & lottery sellers rant

  1. Yalor. Those lottery ticket vendors very kacau. They can go round the shop and ask me twice. Normally I will tell them I strike 1st prize liao in the previous draw.

    Then my wife pull me ears. Say pantang that I will never strike because saying that. What lah she! Like I ever got buy lah.

    But really, those ppl very irritating lah. Want to eat also susah.

  2. Wanna know what I told them? *feign interest* Uwah!!! Nice! I want! But me pokai liao. No $$$. Free can ar?

    Guess what? They will cabut faster than lightning. Trust me. It works all the time.

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