ReviewMe : Flucidity = Theory of Everything = The Universal Language

I had spent the last 30 minutes engrossed in this website Flucidity. that I was asked to review. Initially, I was dumbstruck why I was assigned a scientific site to talk about. I mean, what does the owner of the site sees in my chaotic blog? I blabbed about almost anything and everything, except science. I flunked Physics in school and the only part of science that I am interested in, is the male reproductive organ. ROTFLMAO!

Then, something struck me. Hey, this is my life the theory is based on! Mamma mia! I know what you mean by Theory of Everything. I am a high school drop out too. No, make that – I have never been to high school. Yet, with these few simple steps of Flucidity, I didn’t do too bad, did I?

You see, the Theory of Everything explains everything. Forget about science, forget about the complexities of religions. The universe is not as complicated as it sounds if you know Theory of Everything. In short simple words – there are only four steps to this. I cannot explain fully so you have to surf over and read it yourself. I don’t want to misquote and my maths sucks btw. But I do know 5-3 = 2.   And if you really want something or someone badly, you begin by any of the three ways below:

  • To create and structure experience
  • To predict and discover information
  • To change conditions

What I can summarise is – My life maybe chaotic but in the end, it boils down to the same destination. Ok, ok, maybe that is my theory of ambiguity. :P  You may be interested in the following FAQs.  I love A. Sorel’s sense of humor.

How Do I Know That Flucidity Isn’t Some Crackpot Science?

Why Should I Listen to a High-School Dropout?
Is This a For-Profit Organization?


Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to print out a mock check for USD12K with my name on it and based on the Theory of Everything, I will see you at the top!  (it is a joke because once some ads programme has computer glitches and I was reported to earn USD12K per month).

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