Someone is going to read my blog from day one!

I have over 1,800 posts collected over a span of three years. I started blogging in October 2003 and moved to this domain on February 14th, 2004. That explains the ticker tape above – 2nd anniversary. Ten more days to my blog second anniversary.

So, during a conversation, I jokingly told someone that since he likes my blog so very much (ok, so very much is my own spices added), he should read the first few months entries because at that time, I write much better because I have no hang-ups. No one read and I was just shooting away without worrying about the consequences. I can say an Indian black or all housewives are boring people without worries. Now, I have to re-phrase my sentences so that they are at least a little politically correct.

He said he is going to read ALL my posts, from day one. *faints* I did a calculation and assuming he reads one post a day, it will take him five years to finish!

So, remember to count how many people I dissed on my blog, ok? And while you are there, chart and see if my rants only appears on certain days of the month. Also, see how many times have I contemplated stop blogging? Plus, don’t forget to read the comments. The comments are the most priceless. Unfortunately, between October 2003 to February 2004, the comments were not imported over here. Ya hor, count also how many times I kena lambasted by people.

When you have finished, I sponsor my neighbour who is a char koey teow seller to go to your place and make char koay teow for you. And no, she is not a SYT. Go, Bonanza, Go!

Heh, I myself couldn’t bear to read the old posts ‘cos sometimes, I went…..OMG, did I really write that? Shite, why did I post that?


If you notice, on my sidebar, I have added a Link of the day button. It is a plugin for WP. The guy, Owen of Ugh!! is going to refine it and I will share it when he has finished. I am doing a test and I must say I love it. I told Owen, it is like the ‘Hit the Jackpot’ button. 😛

9 thoughts on “Someone is going to read my blog from day one!

  1. clare – Hehehe, dunno. But I did read’s posts which span for two years before. (they are no longer online now) It took me a few weeks. It is nice you know, reading a blog from the beginning. Like a novel like that. But hor…not everyone’s blog is that entertaining lah.

    wuching – You jeles issit? LOL, wei, I oso got read your earlier posts wor. The one with the sleeping Chinese statue wann…See?

    WTJ – Ya lor, those are the real, uncut versions.

  2. Eh, so obvious la who’s the secret admirer.

    *points to the name who keeps appearing in “Recent Comments” for posts dated since 2004*

  3. Hey Lilian, I am one of those no-live-soul who track back ya entire archieve too.

    So much so till my virtual friends starts a conversation with “Reading blog again ah?”


    Yes, I know I am a very sad sad person.

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