Good morning!

I have been up since 7 am because my dear alarm clock has gone to KL on an early morning flight.  So, I have to wake up to get the kids to school.  *yawnnnn*  I couldn’t get out of bed when the alarm clock was beeping in my ears.  Slammed it and wanted to go back to sleep.  (Saya ponteng cikgu.  Emak saya tak bangun tidur cikgu.) But my bed partner for 20 years knows me better and phoned the house phone.  *haihhhhh*  “You wake up already hor?”  “Tiuler, if no wake up who is talking to you on the phone now?”

You know what’s scary about mornings?  There are lots of healthy and perky senior people up and about, exercising.  All the yuppies and poor folks like you (heh) have to wake up to earn a living.   Poor kids have to trudge to school.  Argggh…I hate that!  ‘Cos it reminds me of the times when I have to go to morning school as a kid.  Then, those mad morning rush of dropping kids at babysitter, daycare and primary school.  Those years when I sometimes rushed too much, I even forget to wear contact lenses or bras.  (I swear!  It’s true.  I have three kids with three different drop off points.)

And when I see the senior citizens all so cheery, I know that in another few years, I am going to be amongst them.  So, meantime, let me sleep until noon.   Good morning!   ZZZZZZ

16 thoughts on “Good morning!

  1. Good morning, Auntie…

    Sigh! I have to wake up at 7am this morning too. Gotta attend class at 8am. But hor, when alarm was ringing next to my head, i press the stop button automatically without opening my eyes…then overslept till 7.30am. After that, mad rush hour…! It is not fun ler…wanna sleep late also cannot.

  2. clare – And it’s Monday too. Oh ya, 5.30 pm Novena and I will be around but not in the church cos my duty only for the mass. You got my number hor? SMS me cos I am there to see my kids after their cathecism class, meaning around the church compound. And yeah, can we have dinner together nearby the church? Great foods ler.

  3. Gooooood morningggggg Lilian Che.

    It’s not the age.. but the station in life lah.. if you’ve still got kids in school… you’re still not in their club 😉

  4. Same same here also ma ….. I’ve to wake up at 6.00am, there are times I’m so rush rush (cos sleep late, like for another 5mins thingy), I also forget to wear my panties or bra 😛

  5. cili – LOL, so I am not the only freak in the world who can forget such important things lah? Phew…

    wuching -You no leong sam, somemore must wake up and cook congee? You think I live in China ah? Got slowcooker can do the job wan lah, wei. And how can you forget your cock for crow ah? LOL

    terence – Heh, I balik tidur until 1 pm, enuff liao. No need to leter me. Which month liao? What year?

    Doktor – Oh itu maciam, I thot mandatory to jalan pusaing-pusing arund the apartment grounds at 5 am, swinging the hands by the time I hit 50 yrs old. LOL. Eh, my youngest still in primary school only then. I can still afford to tidor.

  6. Hi Lilian,
    penang-mui here lah. may i know where can i get the yummiest cheesecake in penang ar? Is Maxim’s (pulau Tikus) cheese cake any better than Jeni’s home-made?

    love ya! 😀

  7. penang-mui – No lah, that one is very lauyah one, no taste of cheese oso. Jenni is good but it depends on your taste lor. For those basic lemon baked cheese cake (NY variety?), I like Continental. I never really like cheesecake so I can’t be exactly sure Jenni is great or not cos I only tried a few. I like Secret Recipe’s caramel cheese. Die, you just make me craving for it.

  8. Oh Lilian, in few years time I will join you liau. Matthew and my Delwin are the same age. Sei for lor…….

  9. Lilian, 5 am can… after that have to get ready for school liao.

    When the kids go to secondary school also can already mah… they can ready themselves and take a bus. Don’t wait too long though…. or else after the kids get married liao, the grandkids will come and kacau u pulak.

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