Rebuking Mahaguru58’s ideals of an ideal marriage

That’s one major reason why adultery thrives everywhere here on Earth because couples fail to maintain their attractiveness and be sexually healthy for their spouses!No one would want to go seek forbidden pleasures if there’s enough halal pleasures being provided at home by their partners in life. Those who fail to take care of the sexual needs of their wife’s or husband’s are only asking for trouble to take root at home.

I am utterly disappointed with these sort of thinking coming from a proficient blogger. I must say that Mahaguru58 is a good blogger who often gets his thoughts across to the readers. But this is a very primitive thoughts, brader.

I am a Christian and yes, family institution is very important to us, especially Catholics. We don’t divorce unless there is no other way to solve it. Yes, we are taught to take care of our husbands and wives. In fact, Jesus emphasised that men (women too) ought to take care of their wives/husbands like their own (limbs/bodies etc).

Few days ago, I was disgusted with a documentary coming over on RTM1. I did not see what sort of programme it is but there was this fat, farking, ugly, over made-up, oily face woman whom is supposed to be some sort of expert giving out ‘expert’ advices exactly like the above.

I immediately yelled, ” Hellloooo, makcik, tolong tengok cermin dulu? Nak ajar orang jaga tubuh badan, jaga diet, jaga badan ramping? Tengok cermin dulu? Tolong……”

Then, if that is not bad enough, another professional looking doctor went on to talk about sexual health and how to maintain manhood. After which, I did not see what was the show all about but I bet it is those that try to sell dieting formula and tongkat ali.

My point is – There are many excuses for people to stray in a marriage. Not getting enough sex at home is just one of them. What if the wife or husband is physically sick? Are we animals who can’t control our sexual urges? And Mahaguru58 is doing a disservice because you are actually encouraging every horny men and women to stray because you just sealed in a perfect good excuse. I bet many people look up to you (not me, though) so this post of yours sucks! to the max.

Phew!!! Long time no do this already.

24 thoughts on “Rebuking Mahaguru58’s ideals of an ideal marriage

  1. Ok, I don kondem religion, I kondem men canna?

    You see hor, men all very gatal wan.. even got miss universe sleep with him at home every night, he oso must cari makan luar.

    that wan is dessert mah.

    the house wan is the main course. after taking the main course, sure must have dessert lah. Even how full eat at home aredi, there is no dessert, so mah go outside and eat lor.

    like that can be excused onot.

  2. AhPek – Like this I ngam teng lah. Admit you are horny and cannot remain faithful, it’s ok. I accept that. But try take a look at the manner of which the matter was written. It is a very good article, ok? Very nicely written. But the message I get is marriage is all boils to only sex.

  3. Ermm….firstly – I don’t think yin and yang would find agreement in Islam. Yin and yang is about balance whilst Islam and even Christianity affirms God being supreme.

    Secondly, I cringed when I read Mahaguru58 speaking generally about the west and their ways resulting in children born out of wedlock. We should first look at our own backyard. Cases of incest, rape, pre-marital sex, etc. are prevalent. Conveniently blame it on the west? If we are so strong and holy in the first place, why would we succumb?

    Anyway, he has his way of speaking. I respect that.

  4. Terence was here. Now back to my project.

    Dont want to get involved in this deep/complex subject.

  5. ROFL.
    When people facing the same face for 365 days, 8 hours a day for X years , they will get bored. No matter he/she with handsome/gorgeous looks. So at the end, relation is about interaction.

    Well, everything will come with exception. The exception? Unless wife and husband are having life similar to the movie “Mr. and Mrs Smith” 😉

  6. wah lao… he makes it sound as if takda sex boleh mati like that… there’s so much emphasis on sexual libido and its importance in a marriage in that particular article, it’s amazing. even something as vital as communication and respect has given way to sexual health!

  7. Men got the harmone tetostrone and a hard on. ,
    women dont understand…..

    How many ‘boinks’ u score per week ,per month or per year..? 3 times per week, once a week or once a month or only once a year.?
    Then u know how healthy is ur marriage.

    Then ,also are u satisfied after each session? Felt like
    pumping a deadwood or just like a daily chore….?

    Ever in a situation where u partner not interested in sex with u…..or cannot have sex with u.. How ah?

  8. Sex is part of marriage but not something in totality. If you love your spouse, you will not do something that might hurt her/him, right?

    Married partners who indulge in extra-marital affairs are selfish people. Plain and simple.

  9. Give,give, give all ur love also not enough….

    Give give give all ur money also not enough…

    Give, give, give all ur heart ,also not enough

    Cho lang chin kan koh (Hokkien)…..Hard being a man…

    Bo boh kan koh oo boh chiat boh koh..!

    (No wife difficult , got wife got wife problems)

    Want to drink milk, buy n keep a cow….

    cow no give milk or cannot produce milk…

    Buy wrong cow…aiyah!

  10. ONG – I am going to say this only once. I don’t like your comments, none of any of your long winded preaching, none of the man vs. woman rubbish philosophy etc etc. I find them offensive. Get the message?

    Read the Mememe and know when to talk and when to keep quiet.

  11. Marriage without sex to a man is like marriage without love to a woman….

    WTF wanna get married for…?

  12. OK, Sorry if u felt offensive… I shall withdraw and tender my apologise and get lost from ur blog..

  13. helen – Agree. He is actually promoting a whole lot of things. What can those poor women who have to toil in the paddy fields, work in the markets etc do? Can we expect them to do nothing but to prim themselves to be sex slaves? I am thinking of the whole nation’s interest and not just his ideal thoughts of man and woman going out of the way to be what he preached. If you have been to Kelantan, you will cringe at the amount of kopi jantan, kopi tongkat ali being promoted there.

    minishorts – I actually like it better when he went on the extreme with religion! LOL.

    moo_t – Yalor, I don’t know what has gotten into the mind of some of these people! They are focussing too much on money and when the money bug bites in, they realise that there is whole world out there which can be bought with money. Tighter vagina (yeah, that’s what the fat lady on TV on RTM1 said) included. Niamah.

    terence – Smart!

    pablopabla – Yeah, yeah…even yoga is forbidden for us (Catholics). You see, it is respect that I voiced out. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have even give a look at what he wrote. I am privy to so many broken marriages and often times, most are not due to sex but so many other factors, social mostly.

  14. Eh! ONG,

    “Marriage without sex to a man is like marriage without love to a woman….

    WTF wanna get married for…?”

    To us whom love our wifes day in day out 24/7/365, it called making love. If you want sex, go to a brothel, or pick up that bar of soap in the gym’s shower. Getting married is sharing the rest our lifes together with the one you love.

    Please use your other head to think before speaking/writing. I meant the one with the brain.

    Now, back to my project. Cheers, no heart feelings!

  15. It is also about upbring of a human – how he/she view their marriage. Physically, spiritually & mentally should be balanced but sad to say ppl who strays are only aware of physical needs. Since witnessing infidelities from young, ppl are getting more daring.

    Boy after girl, girl after boy, boy after boy, girl after girl.

    After a long and strenous chase, they are still unhappy. What’s so difficult about loving own husband/wife? Why not be like parents who had loved kids unconditionally.

  16. Mr. Loh – 😛
    *shields terence from reading below comments*

    agnes – We can see how the males’ thinking are, so is it any wonder? All sama pangsa wan hor? LOL.

  17. To remark that wives who do not “maintain” themselves and there’s no sex in the marriage or no sexual appeal in it, is rather crass and backwardness in their thought.

    First and foremost, what is the basis and foundation of your marriage? Looks and sex? Don’t bother to get married then, go buy milk and not the cow..(for want of better words to use 😛 )

    Marriage is a sacred thing which unites male and female (male and male, female and female? comment on that…would that be sacred anyway?) It is not a momentary thing.

    True that most people enter into a relationship nowadays with the idea of beauty and “trophy” spouse mentality in their mind, but, that is rather superficial of them.

    Marraige, a convenant between two people is something that should transcends above beauty and sexual favours, rather it encompasses trust, love, obedience to one another and responsibiity to one another and most of all mutual respect to one another. (maybe that is why I remain single still, for the responsibility of marriage is a heavy burden and not something to be entered lightly or because your parents say that its time for you to get married!!)

    Therefore, to state that due to the looks and lack of sex in the married life would encourage spouses to seek extra-marital affair clearly states that the spouses entered into the sanctity of married life with only those two things in their mind and in thus doing so, shows the immatureness (is there such a word) of their understanding of the beauty and sanctity of married life. It further shows that there has been error in their upbringing and in their lifestyle that they would be able to do such things or even think of such behaviour…I say this for the reason that if a person is responsible for themselves and for their spouse, they would not seek sexual gratification outside their married life due to the responsibility that falls upon them to cherish and love their spouse, no matter what shape and how sexually incomparable that they are.

    It further shows that they were not ready to enter into the sanctity of married life and lack the understanding that beauty is only a momentary thing and that they are far more things that will blossom into beauty in a married life.

    Harbouring such ideas also shows that the person does not understand the sanctity of married life and value and respect the sanctity of marriage and therefore, to think of such things, as mentione earlier, is rather backward and crass and I would add, infantile of their mentality.

  18. “Marriage without sex to a man is like marriage without love to a woman….

    WTF wanna get married for…?”

    WTF is that? I thought the most basic foundation for marriage is love and not looks and sex? You don’t get this? Go to the nearest toilet bowl, dunk ur head inside and flush!!! Then proceed to bang your head to the wall 24-7-365 cause obviously u’ve got brain the size of a pea. Continuous banging and flushing with those highly-protein-concentrated water will hopefully, help your brain to grow bigger and produce smarter brain cells!!!

    And *ehem* Minna, pls excuse my brashness. On this issue, I totally agree with terence. Having intercourse with your love ones is called ‘making love’. If you want only sex (no emo, no relationship no nothing, just sex) then go to the brothels. Sheessshhh!

    To anybody who says that ‘if your wife tidak jaga badan, ur hubby tidak jaga otot/no 6 pack bla bla yadda yadda then u can bercerai/divorce then obviously these ppl are same pack with those ”animals”. It’s just another excuse/cover story for them to use to their advantage. Just fess up that u’re gatal lar, wat your wife tdk jaga badan bliblablible… tiu!

    Gomen Aunty. Topics like this makes me ‘ON FIRE’. Hontoni gomenasai.. but then again, don’t u agree? -_-”

  19. Yoga is not only forbidden for Catholics. We (Methodist) also do not agree to it. Actually hor, we have more in common than not. Sigh….and people really think we are different!

    But then hor, hate the sin, don’t hate the person 😉

  20. To all males who think Marriage is Sex, what do you think of YOUR MOTHER, YOUR GRANDMOTHER, YOUR SISTERS AND YOUR ENTIRE FEMALE CLAN?????

    SEX MACHINES walking around????

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