Appeal for A+ blood – Ipoh folks, please help?

I received an email from a reader, Patrick. He wrote to me to ask for help.

Dear 5xMom,

I’m a regular reader of ur coloum and my name is Patrick. I’m writting to you because I need help from you to help me to get blood donation for my best friend sister which is in need of A+ blood in Ipoh.

She is having ovarian cancer and going to go thru an operation in Ipoh.Her cancer is in the serious stage already, doctor is trying to save her by doing the operation.

I hope you can help us out.

My contact number is (number is given)

Thank you very much.

Regards Patrick

So, if anyone of you can help, please either email him at cosway88[@]yahoo.com or email me for his handphone? Ipoh bloggers, maybe you can help by posting this?

8 thoughts on “Appeal for A+ blood – Ipoh folks, please help?

  1. Thank you for helping us out Lilian. I hope reader and blogger out there will be able to help us out.
    WE really appreciate the help.
    Thank you again to all readers and bloggers.
    Regards Patrick

  2. Thank you for all the well wishes. My friend’s sister just had her operation today and she is out of the operating room already but we still need A+ blood for her. She had her ovary taken out, a part of her bladder and her intestine too..
    Hope reader and bloggers will help us out.
    Thank you again..

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