“Can I see your body?” (WTF, Animax, Astro?)

WTF? WTF? WTF? I normally don’t give much attention to the TV but this is on air at 12 noon! Doh! Don’t they have some form of censorship?

“Oh Tahaome…..” moan, moan

“Can I see your body?” sensual music…smouldering looks

“HAH! Change channel or else mummy lock it again, then, you no need to watch TV the whole day.”


Strips, hugs, kiss….

“You somemore see naked girl? I tell papa now.” (heh, waste of breath only)

“WHERE GOT? She got wear pants wan lah.”

“How you know wor? You can see nen-nen leh.”

“Dragon ball want to do already. You see…..Neh!!!!!!”

Back to show…

“She is a virgin….She will bla bla bla..”

“Her energy bla bla bla”

*&^%#@! You tell me lah, my boy-boy only four years old, can read the info and time on the Info on TV. But give him his books, he can’t recognise the letters sometimes.

I am wondering where our so-called strict censorship board has gone to? Tell me lah, is it ok to stream shows like these meant for adults and older teens all day long? I know it is parents’ prerogative and control to monitor what children watch. But hey, how many kids are lucky enough to have parents’ supervision all day long?

It doesn’t stop here. Take for example, Dr. Jack Black (or is it black jack?). He got a tiny little girl who follows him around and cooks for him. She is like 6-8 years old and he is a doctor. Tiu, she is his wife. Niamah!

Then, another one. A young male student in love with his teacher. “Mam….I love you….I love you….” KNN, poisoning little boys’ minds.

Lagi ada….Ranma. She is a he and she when wet. Cheebye, like that oso can? So, she/he got a lot of lovers. Animals love her. (said suggestively on the trailer) And got one old man who always steal panties and sniff it!

I am not talking hentai. This is day time TV aired to innocent kids, my dears. What da fark is wrong with Astro? Don’t they have some form of principle and responsibility to the masses? Animax sux max. Parents – do everyone a favour. Please guide your children well. Suicide, joy of dying, pleasure in pain, god in tettered clothes etc are seriously poisoning their minds.

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  1. I dont think Animax@Astro is meant for kids leh aunty… Animax is from the Japanese Manga and content if more for adults rather than kids..so better put up the parental lock on it 😛

  2. my little brother watches this show as well. its a bit annoying when he asks whats gay and stuff.

    I’ve to agree with comment #1, its only suitable for teenagers and adults, but not kids. Stick to playhouse disney. My fav! Haha. 😉

  3. When I saw the 1st 3 words of this post on petaling street, I thought it’s just another post by either a teenager with full of angst and acne or a raging, bloody minded 20 something youth. It was disappointing to note that it was a post by 5xmom. I thought you are able to do much better than that.

  4. even shin chan on national tv is perverted (though ‘stricter’ censorship toned the series down a bit.

    all these japanese based cartoons are both perverted and a bit too ‘open’ for our malaysian culture.

    i’ve got animax but rarely watch the channel partly because of the perverted nature and quite illogical.

    but i’m sure there are some people out there especially manga buffs, who have mostly reached puberty and ‘thinkable’ age, who would say my views are rubbish.

    hey, it’s an acquired taste.

    anyways, about pre-pubescent and lil children, perhaps these kinds of cartoons are below ‘watchable’.

    i remember during my younger innocent days, i used to have fun watching mickey mouse, tom & jerry, roadrunner and the coyote, etc.

    perhaps i’m getting old or just being ol’ skool. perhaps the cartoon genre has moved on and became more ‘matured’ and ‘sensual’.

    i just hope when oi have kids, they would appreciate my collection of transformers cartoon..

    *oh drats, they’re in vcd.. by the time vcd is like ancient man..*

  5. Lol, until you see gores anime, those are small matters.

    BTW, story book are no better. Read Tales of Arabian night, there is plots, murder, killing, torturing,etc. Remember how Ali baba brother? The hunter from Little Red hoof rip the wolf apart (oh yes, blood and gores).

  6. hahaha… Aunty Lilian, japanese anime mostly hamsup hamsup ones… it’s either fighting scenes with lotsa blood, or its a lovey dovey drools, les romance, gay romance, even got robot romance lar. I know cause I’m an anime freak and well, u just hafta screen thru wat ur boys boys are watching lor. Can’t depend on our retard censorship board lar. They always censor non-violent stuffs and show violent shits. eg check out all those horror movies and cerita hantu showing in all cinema and all bloody tv progs (and choi!!! fancy showing stuffs like that when it’s near cny liaooo!). C? Retards will always stay retards..duh

  7. I think you got it all wrong. Animax is never meant for children in the first place. Most animes out in the market are catered for teens and adults only a handful are for children. Its best to put a parental lock on that channel.

    Also, Japanese culture is very different from Malaysia’s. They are very open when it comes to sex. A teen manga already have semi-nude girls. So to them its normal. Even doraemon’s manga had bathing scenes where u can actually see the butt.

    Its just the big culture difference between us and the japanese… to them its normal but to us its “ZOMG WTF CENSOR!! CENSOR!! CENSOR!!”

  8. Agree with Val. They show cerita hantu like Pontianak dan cerita-cerita yang sewaktu dengannya during hari raya. And they thought they do a great job showing horror movies during CNY. CHOY!!!

    Censorship board going out for tea too often, i guess…

  9. I agree with doc. NGC has plenty of nudity and beastial sex.

    Although I have to agree on the part about kids watching these shows. Animax shouldn’t be rated U i guess. I suggest a new rating specifically for animax, 15-AS, For agees 15 years above, featuring Anime and Shit.

  10. *smacks doc’s butt* You are not 6 years old, ok? 😛 And don’t lah leaked about the hentai you downloaded and burn DVD for me.

    Silencers – It is a good but the issue is how easy access it is to the Malaysian public in general. The problem is not what my kids watched. I am very open with them and we watch a lot of movies together, including Borat, Brokeback Mountain and stuffs. But I am more concerned about the masses. I can bet that our so called Zam-Zam-ala-KaZamm pun not aware of such. So, I am making that little awareness.

  11. OMG!!! I can’t believe this is happening. What is wrong with those censorship board? It is already a cruel cruel world for the children to grow up in and now they can’t even watch children tv program in peace?! Just another thing for parents to worry about. Great.

  12. Hmm.. rather than enforcing strict censorship, I rather not have them broadcasted on TV at all. Severe censorship kills the spirit of a show – at least, most of the time lah.

    If it’s the easy access you’re worried about, then let animax be one of those paid channels like MTV or something. Which brings up to the point that MTV is probably more devastating to our children than animax is.

    While most anime shows some skin during it’s fanservice scenes, MTV plays RnB and hiphop artists singing about drugs, alcohol, kicking ass and free sex.

    The more I look at it, the more it appears to be a choice between two evils. Not many of us get the opportunity to raise children in a spick and span world – but of course, being a parent, I’m sure you know that fact better than silly ol’ me.

  13. Jeez. If it bothers you so much don’t even subscribe to that channel. Just because you have some issues with it doesn’t mean others do. I mean, come on. Not ALL animes are hentai okay? Why must you pinpoint on all the bad points of anime? Also, do try to understand that even if Astro does not host the Animax channel, people can still download/buy animes elsewhere -.- Animax sucks? Well I’m so sorry to have to tell you that you are so conservative that you cannot accept other’s culture. Maybe you haven’t come across a great anime yet, and I’m sorry for you. Take Slam Dunk for example, it is about the joys and hardships of a high school basketball team. You should just try to relax.

  14. I already watch dragon ball 3 times..Please i want DRAGON BALL Z..Don’t repeat the story of dragon ball..Continue the story please..”DRAGON BALL Z”

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