This is referring to my previous post. I am too lazy to reply them all.

So, to all the little kids – sit down, don’t fidget and listen up. I posted it because I am telling parents to pay attention to this culture of Japanese manga because many parents are clueless about it? Get it? I am not interested to listen to you little boys telling me things like:

Animax is from the Japanese Manga and content if more for adults rather than better put up the parental lock on it

I know, I said so.

Next time, read and listen to what I said before repeating what I have already done.

Ian Teh commented on February 6th, 2007:^

When I saw the 1st 3 words of this post on petaling street, I thought it’s just another post by either a teenager with full of angst and acne or a raging, bloody minded 20 something youth. It was disappointing to note that it was a post by 5xmom. I thought you are able to do much better than that.

You little farker Ian Teh. Get lost. I don’t need to listen to you whining. Exactly what’s your point? That my title is too enticing? Little kid, that exactly what was said and aired quoted in all TV in homes with Astro. And this a huge number. If that title shocked you, think what impact it does for all the young kids? My concern is for the parents who are clueless and leave their kids to grow up with these sort of things. Some of these parents do not even know pedo exists, gays and lesbians happen, self-mutilation goes on, their kids playing with space monkey etc etc. Shucks, I am wasting breath writing this. You probably won’t be able to read anyway. Just get lost, ok?

Nazli – I like you! You make sense, right? We don’t just think of the tiny picture, we think of all the children in our country. Are we ready for this kind of things streamed into our home? Are the parents open enough to talk to their kids about the perversions that is going on? Is the religious foundation strong enough to counter this? Gimme a five.

The rest of the comments? Lazy to reply. Thanks for those wise feedbacks. And to the rest, THINK FIRST BEFORE YOU MAKE YOUR COMMENT.