Little morons – Get lost!

This is referring to my previous post. I am too lazy to reply them all.

So, to all the little kids – sit down, don’t fidget and listen up. I posted it because I am telling parents to pay attention to this culture of Japanese manga because many parents are clueless about it? Get it? I am not interested to listen to you little boys telling me things like:

Animax is from the Japanese Manga and content if more for adults rather than better put up the parental lock on it

I know, I said so.

Next time, read and listen to what I said before repeating what I have already done.

Ian Teh commented on February 6th, 2007:^

When I saw the 1st 3 words of this post on petaling street, I thought it’s just another post by either a teenager with full of angst and acne or a raging, bloody minded 20 something youth. It was disappointing to note that it was a post by 5xmom. I thought you are able to do much better than that.

You little farker Ian Teh. Get lost. I don’t need to listen to you whining. Exactly what’s your point? That my title is too enticing? Little kid, that exactly what was said and aired quoted in all TV in homes with Astro. And this a huge number. If that title shocked you, think what impact it does for all the young kids? My concern is for the parents who are clueless and leave their kids to grow up with these sort of things. Some of these parents do not even know pedo exists, gays and lesbians happen, self-mutilation goes on, their kids playing with space monkey etc etc. Shucks, I am wasting breath writing this. You probably won’t be able to read anyway. Just get lost, ok?

Nazli – I like you! You make sense, right? We don’t just think of the tiny picture, we think of all the children in our country. Are we ready for this kind of things streamed into our home? Are the parents open enough to talk to their kids about the perversions that is going on? Is the religious foundation strong enough to counter this? Gimme a five.

The rest of the comments? Lazy to reply. Thanks for those wise feedbacks. And to the rest, THINK FIRST BEFORE YOU MAKE YOUR COMMENT.

33 thoughts on “Little morons – Get lost!

  1. helen – Yalor. And these people don’t get my point and terus buta-buta tok kok here. Go play far-far better lah. Hahaha.

  2. i know am evil but hell yeah 5Xmom you hit the nail on the head with ANIMAX…

    BRAVO ! i may not be a parent but yeah where did all the lovely toons go?

    you got my vote 5Xmom

  3. terence – Can can. *pictures white paint, blue hairs, tattoo on the butt, toothpicks on the corner of the mouth, long nails on pinkie, 6 inches steel nails…*

    Lucifer – ‘Cos those other cartoons don’t generate other income like this which creates lots of fashion industries, emo stuffs, etc etc. I am not against Animax in general but just hope they have a more controlled way of showing it ‘cos I believe every Astro subscriber get them? I tell you, anytime, between Astro Wah Lai Toi and Anime, Anime is so much more addictive.

  4. bryan -that’s why i ask all the si gi nah che tiam-tiam, mai cho luan, tua lang kong wah, mai chap chui LOL

    erina – ya, it is all good for now until when things are out of hands. Hrmmmppph..who has Michael Chong’s number? LOL.

  5. Niamah! One more time you do that ar! I boycott you.

    Ppl now wear Armani suits lah. Metrosexual.

  6. Si Gin Nah and anime…dunno why they are inseparable…what is that so addictive about manga??? Big boobs chicks only? Yeah, maybe that lor…

    Hmm…I still prefer the Tom & Jerry, Donald Duck, Goofy, disney and looney tunes wan…coz there’s nothing obscene about animals being naked in Disney’s….LOL

  7. Not easy to teach the right value worr…. Some parent are not even qualify to be one. And worst, some “role example” in the TV and newspaper can make you vomit blood 🙁

    IMHO : many parent don’ take it as opportunity to teach their children about right value. Instead, they just lock up the program. Few parent will tell their children why such as such cartoon/anime/story are poor taste; why it is barbarian to use force and violence to resolve problem etc. Well, maybe I am asking too much, since most school teacher also fail to teach the student correct value. 🙁

    BTW, anime is quite straightforward. Story like “Snow white”, “sleeping beauty”, Ali baba and the 40 robbers,etc are sugar coated. And the bad influence of “married to the prince and live happily ever after” (lucky you don’t have a daughter, otherwise you will have prime time to teach them why it is bullshit).

    Write a topic of it, people will think you are over-reacted. At the end, we see youngster use violence to resolve matters, young girl cheated by man. etc.

  8. next time use FUCK, FUCKER ,SUCKS and etc…no need geh geh there…you’re just another bitch
    such a disgrace, go to church some more…PUIH!

    b4 you curse again, FUCK OFF!

    *approve my damn comment you fugly fat auntie*

  9. Comment #14 – So, happy liao hor? Now go back to your wanking, dun waste your time here. Nothing to see. FUCK OFF.

    moo_t – I was fishing for response and see? Got one sui yee liao mah. Jatuh straight into my bait and show us the kind of generation we are going to have.

    wuching – Yalor, dem hiao kah beh tong hor? LOL

    clare – Ya. *points to #14*

    doc – Dun share here la, just mail me the whole set of DVD easier. LOL.

    terence – *pictures white paint, blue hairs, tattoo on the butt, toothpicks on the corner of the mouth, long nails on pinkie, 6 inches steel nails…wearing Airmani, shirt button all the way to the belly button, platform shoes, picking nose* Mr. Metrosexual, kau meng ah!!!!

  10. come to think about it, i know a 14-yr-old girl who’s so addicted to anime that she’s so..japan-ized. she speaks japanese, sings japanese songs, eat japanese foods, drink japanese, sleep japanese..and she had crushes on this anime characters. gosh. she can relate ANYTHING to anime.

  11. My gosh..i diden realized how jakun I am. Don’t have Astro at home and never watched anime b4, though i have a good fren who is addicted to it. Really got to pay attn to wat kids are doing nowadays.

  12. Shooi, at least you got no Astro. Me got Astro also never come across this channel leh. Lagi sakai leh ……. Wah! Lilian, after you write about this har, I can see the effect man. This soi soi really take things so serious har. Wah!!! Movie only leh…. Wah, that young man #14 very boh leh mau har. Actually, I very pantang ppl curse or say bad about ppl religion. To me, no matter what ppl worship don’t related to it. It’s ppl personal stuff. Agree lilian? In fact, I am a buddhism so, can any one out there guarantee any religion ppl are good? Don’t puih at ppl – very rude. Don’t like also, speak nicely

  13. erina – Yalor, now we can see mah, my words true or not? Nowadays, both parents working, where can monitor the kids leh. Somemore this si gi nah wanna challenge me. Boh ka si. LOL.

    shooi – It is a very beautiful and very subtle thing that we wouldn’t notice but only see the cuteness of it. Like lesbians? There is this anime with two girls, school mates and one said she will follow the other until her death. Death is so often seen as an escape in many of the shows. There is this Hell Girl who just need to ‘ting’ the bell and pull red strings. Then, another one is a ghost back to revenge. Oh ya, got one his pets died and rebirth as Angels and all fight to jaga him. So, these bunch of big boobs pretty girls just centre around cooking for him etc etc.

    Jamie – Yeah, and when can’t solve the problems of the real world, follow the Japunis and die and become angel lah, ghost lah, soul la etc etc. So glamourous mah, become angel wor, so mah fast fast die lor. Got one more, she intentionally hurt herself so that she can get to her parents faster. And you see this all on Animax. Heh, I just need to listen to the trailer between Dragon Balls or watch one or two episodes to sum it up already.

    Adam – My point exactly. This is a free channel right now but I think they are going to make it a paid channel. Well, most of the affluent kids can download them on Youtube and P2P but at least we know that it is not the whole country of children. I wonder where our Jabatan Agama is on this issue? Sometimes they make such a big fuss, sometimes, they are just clueless.

  14. If you read today’s public tv channel program listing, Ranma is there too.
    No tv channel nor Astro in my house as I select CDs and DVDs carefully for my 4 year old and 2-year old boys – Pingu, Mr Bean, Gogo learns english, Ultraman the movie and Power Ranger(Japan version).
    As a result they learnt to speak and sing both english and japanese well (my partner speaks a little japanese).
    The chinese teachers wondered if we r the parents for 2 blondish kids that speaks english. As a result I bluff them my roti-man is an ang-moh.

  15. Actually I would have to respectfully disagree with your comments on Animax, there is nothing wrong with the majority of the anime there. In fact I find some of them to be rather boring.

    BTW, Ranma is supposed to be funny rather than having any sexual suggestiveness. And it really is funny.

    – MENJ

  16. If I am not mistaken, Animax will be free on Astro for 6 months. The broadcast first started on the last merdeka day. After 6 months, animax will be categorized under variety package that includes MTV, Channel V and Star World. Although I personally enjoy watching anime but I am quite concern at the same time knowing my little cousins and niece are exposed and watching this channel too.

  17. Give me #14’s IP. I track him down and teach him some manners.

    *pictures white paint, blue hairs, tattoo on the butt, toothpicks on the corner of the mouth, long nails on pinkie, 6 inches steel nails…wearing Airmani, shirt button all the way to the belly button, platform shoes, picking nose*

    You know my nature of work right? I can track and have access to all banks, local councils, police and gomen files. By the way #14 writes, 100% in Malaysia. Give me, give me , give me. Very free this few days lah. Boring.

  18. Lilian, not bad leh…………… you got terence to support you to kau fun this leng cai. 🙂

  19. mott – See liao. I find it distasteful to place one’s mother’s pics with the milk jugs pic. But then, maybe we belong in a whole different world and it is the norm for them.

    erina -wuah..this one hired killer, dun pway-pway with him. Hahaha, if you see him, faster faster wish him good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night.

  20. Wah ………….. sure sure. Will greet him all the time. Must know liau like that. Can ask for protection if ppl kacau kacau me mah. LOL

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