Things they bluff tourists (about virility)

This post has nothing to do with my previous post. But please do check the call for blood donation when you are done with this, ok?

So, I took my two younger kids to the Fort Cornwallis this afternoon where the Penang island is keeping the statue of Sir Francis Light. It is one of the local tourist spot. I went there ‘cos I was waiting for my other son to finish his sports practice. One hour plus to kill. Never leave a blogger to stray.


This photo of the cannon is an icon of Penang. The cannon faces the sea and during the British colonial times, the English armies guarded the island from this viewpoint. Photo taken by my 10 years old son with my DSLR. (how come his photo sharper than what I took neh?) This is taken from the ground level.


So, there was this bunch of Chinese tourists with a local tour guide. That fellow was bluffing the tour guides that whoever rubs their palms on the cannon will bear baby boys. So, this group of women and men were busy rubbing that ‘stem’. It has become shinier and shiner each time I visit. I wonder how many people have gone home and bear boys only in China?


In my mind, I was muttering, “Rub what cannon lah, go rub Sir Francis Light kkc lagi cun lah. Sure kena liao, get angmoh looking babies.” (I dare not translate this! The British may send a colony of armies to invade us again.)

Then, I went home and told my atm. But he has an even better suggestion. He said, “Want baby boys ah? Easy only….Come to me lah. Those tourists young and pretty or not?”


So, what are some of the wackiest things your tourist guides have told you? I know they always tembak the tourists. Once in the National Musuem, one guide told a bunch of tourists that all Malay men will marry and stay at their in-laws home until they can afford their own home? Bluff wan, right?

8 thoughts on “Things they bluff tourists (about virility)

  1. With regards to malay man staying with in-laws until they can afford their own place..that’s no bluff one…quite true actually, providing the in-laws also malay lah…(if not, but the in-laws don’t mind having malay guy in their house..then ok)

  2. it’s true abt the stay with in law. Some of my friends did. I am so touched by their closeness. Some chinese family treat married daughters like water thrown out into the street – like my mom, I am so shameful of my mom.

  3. Try to use wide angle often, walk closer to the subject and compare effect of zoom. šŸ™‚ BTW, because children don’t need to squat to compose photo, their candid shot are usually more convenient and better than adult. :-p

    I find that many local tour/site instructor love to “bring cart of water” (Cantonese, cheh-sui. En. bluffing). Some even relate themselves with many famous latuk,latin,lan sri, akong, etc šŸ˜‰

  4. When i went to Cheju, Korea, the tour guide says that if u rub the Korea Tua Pek Kong’s chin, will get bb boys, rub the nose will get girls…Rub the belly will get lotsa money. So everyone queue to rub the belly.

  5. I was in New York, and visiting the Wall Street area, where they had this bull sculpture. (To signify bull-run on stock market ma right)
    Then I was taking pictures, this bunch of Chinese tourists (all aunty) just come over, and start rubbing the bull’s balls, and saying ‘fa cai, fa cai’.
    Damn pai seh for them, until i found out gwai lo also do it frequently, even worse than those aunties.

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