50 Most Influential Bloggers, wor

I knew about this since yesterday but had been hesitating if I should tell my dear readers. Initially, I thought of just mentioning it in passing at my Make$ Money$ blog. But just only, I see that 50 people have commented/blogged about it, bitched, questioned, applauded and hehehe boasted about it as well.

Since my blog is going to celebrate it’s second anniversary on Valentine’s Day, I will loud-loud shout to everyone:



*slaps self and ROTFLMAO* Seriously, it is an honour to be listed up there. But frankly, there is nothing to be proud of because the title ‘Most Influential Blogger’ is too heavy a title to carry. But thanks, Gaman. You have done a great job. Bryan, congrats. BRYAN IS MY WEBHOST!

My siheng Rojakz is number 13. If you take a close look, take away the politicians and celebrities plus the tech-geniuses, siheng and I have done well. I must attribute this to sifu, of course. Sifu, remember to whack me if I (we) get too lansi, hor. šŸ˜› I know we must not compare like this, but cincai lah, gimme a chance once in a while.

So, what have I influenced you guys, ha? LOL, please don’t treat this seriously ok? I treat this as just a joke, only. But I hope I have touched you guys, in some way. Good or bad, I don’t care ‘cos you got your own brains to think. And thanks for all the supporters, linkers, readers, my friends, my family, my relatives in China….

*HOI! 5XMOM, you think this is the Oscar award or what ah? Get down lah, puadah!*

21 thoughts on “50 Most Influential Bloggers, wor

  1. oi waht u mean take away the politicians and celebrities? U R calebrities what??!!! u appeared newspaper n mags how many times liow wei?!!! kakakaka

    Kunghei kunghei la!!! we from same skool of lokter liew one, SIFU! NGO DEI DUCK JOR LAR!!

  2. Wah, your webhost so the kengchow wor…….number 2 in Malaysia!! More influential then jeffooi and anwar ibrahim!

  3. Your sifu would probably be ‘kembang’………….

    I am also ur sifu’s blog faithful reader. *Kembang* Hahahaha!

  4. Kong Hei Kong Hei!!! I am ur supporter also mah…. You what so special? You are a very special person and I like you very much – speak very frankly

  5. how u influence me? well…yr blogs (rant or otherwise) are inspirational. you’re always hapi and positive and u make my day, 5xmom!

  6. Congrates, Auntie….!!!

    Uncle Wingz is right, u r a celebrity wat…All the best to u! Ur blog really influence a lot of people lor, whether u realize or not…a lot of times, ur blog really made my day…Thank u for your blog.

  7. Ganbatte! Ganbatte!

    You and Wingz memang a match made in heaven.

    *throw flower petals throw flower petals*

    ~~~bom bom bom-bom~~~
    ~~~bom bom bom-bom~~~


  8. You are my sifu wat, in many ways, in how to jaga my hubby properly to how to raise kids, even breastfeeding!! Your daily post often give me a whack in the head, to see things from a different angle.

    Congrats! 5xmom. So proud of you n happy for you.

  9. natasya – I miss those times when we were all so busy with kursus and all that. But I retired liao from attending kursus tapi happy to see the group keeping growing and getting more moms to breastfeed. Tks for the words, I appreciate it. Cos sometimes I wonder why i spend so much time doing MMB when I can auction the site off and move on. LOL. These sort of words will tell me to hang on to it.

    doc – Marn sui, marn sui, marn marn sui. *call 1000 concubines to serve sifu* LOL, 2+ years of virgin supplies. All Japunis and Koreans.

    clare – Where got lah.

    QV -tenkiu

    budokid – hepi!

    erina – kamsiah

    terence ahbeng Handsome ass-sexual metrosexual – Harlow.

    catatoullei – Let’s vote Bryan for the next GE. *ROTFLMAO*

    si heng – ammahhh…ngo dei duck jor lah…..

  10. babe – Dun be! You and boo’s blogs gave me the idea to expand to food blogging and am still learning from each other. Hahaha, let’s give ourselves some well deserved pat on the back.

  11. You influenced me a lot wan…lemme see…er…

    1) what to blog (Food!)
    2) where to blog (own domain & host)
    3) which host to buka kedai (Bryan! Woohoo!)

    etc etc etc…

  12. Wah, congrats lilian..
    I’ve been following sifu’s site last time also, and he’s so good.. too bad he hasn’t been blogging much lately…

  13. Congrats congrats. You are definitely an influential blogger. I started blogging because of you. So can call u sifu ah?

  14. Powerlah Lilian. I read your blog daily. So, not surprised if it is among the fofular ones . Hope shoot higher next year, wokay? All the best!

  15. Congrats. You deserved to be rate among the top.
    I read you blog very regularly. Great Blog. Keep it up. Cheers.

  16. Congrats Lillian… you deserve this mention. See lah, all the more must feature you in my H.O.W. – ring a loud bell to all the overseas bloggers… I’m still waiting leh.

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