Bloggers together gather party – You going or not?

Venue : Federal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
Date : 9 March 2007
Time : 6 pm till 11 pm
Dress code : Anything
Charge : RM35.00 (payment made b4 18 Feb 2007)
RM40.00 (payment made after 18 Feb 2007)

Well.. last call to do all your cam whoring and share em!!!!!

Leave your email at our comment section or email us now at for further information.

That taikor Rojakz sent sms and MSN so many times already but soli lah, I never post earlier because I am still not confirm if I can go or not.

Because I want to meet the following bloggers:
1) Simon, CLF, Alphonso (where he go liao?)
2) AhPek larling, LinPeh, 9393
3) Helen, Samm
4) Menj
5) My sifu (don’t dream lah wei, that man doesn’t exist in real life wan)
6) Pok Ku
7) Babe, Boo
8) My MMB kakis who are bloggers (this is like a whole battalion, ok?)
9) Swiwwy Pig, Mott, Agnes,
10) Moo_t, PabloPabla, Ryan, SKTew
11) The whole lists of the Top 50 most influential bloggers
12) die ler..if I keep typing, until March 9th also cannot finish cos my list is very long

So, are you going or not? You go, I go. If not tak achee.

Oh ya, hor, my dear blog readers/stalkers/lurkers/haters….please want to come ah? Especially those male readers, lengjai-lengjai sekalian?

Oi, Taikor!!!!! You got security, metal detector, bomb detonator, Hongkong Mafia, mat rempits, bodyguard, hampalang to ensure safety or not, jek? Later I betul-betul kena C4 how, jek?

And got sign agreement that some will remain anonymous? I think this is one of the concerns.

And oi, go farking update your organising committee site lah. That one grow mould liao. Never tell us got makan or not? And can make same dress code, baru fun mah.

Plus, if you are a student blogger, not working, come lah, I belanja. A few can lar, don’t come in one hundred, I pokkai. My #2 son (Form 3) also going.

(sorry, I can’t link hor, I too lazy)

SAY YES! Baru bloggers unite mah.

30 thoughts on “Bloggers together gather party – You going or not?

  1. Arrrrgggghhhhh!!!! I can’t make it!!!

    I wanted to…. looking forward to it liao… summore it’s a school holiday… ish… but now i can’t. Arrrggghhhh!!!

  2. hcfoo – Hey come lah, bring some friends etc. Good networking, you know?

    pablopabla – Aisey…

    dr bernard – I wanted to include your name liao but sked SP too far. Try lah.

    cely lenglui – Datang datang, jangan tak datang.

    AhPek – I book you liao. Helen, stay away from my AhPek, ok? I already book for Marie France, Swiss facelift, liposuction with dr bernard… that I can be AhPek’s date. Stay off AhPek, you hear me, Helen? Hahaha.

  3. oi u post komen for me wei! your blog blacklist 9 my ip ledi

    niahma!!! loyar u must kam!!! if not i bring bangla to your house and rape your dogs!!!!

    Cely must kam too!!!!

    Bernard must kam too!!!!

    Suma must come!!! I m influential blogger and i m now using my influence on u guys!!! KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA

    Your Paikia Wingz

  4. pookyma – You get yourself to KL lah, then, can…In return free Lor Mee for one year, ok? With extra tu kua and suan thau chor.

    wahlau – Aiseh, CNY you organise one lah. Ya hor, I haven’t got back to you. HOI! Wingz, apa maciam?

    marina – Should have it on Sat. night hor?

  5. Wah aunty can sponsor me arr, I am still a student(but uni student) *wink* *wink*

    I think I will give this a miss tho, unless I can sort out my finances soon.

  6. What day is it? Thursday or Friday?
    I want to go ler….I’m student also, can sponsor me bo? From Kedah…aduh, have to plan properly if wanna go lar

  7. Wei! I am offended liao. You didn’t personally invite me. Anyway, I cannot be Mr.Mohan on this lah.

    * trying to hijack your blog and erase all posts* hahahha!

    Like I told you b4, 9th is on a Friday. Mortals like me have to work on Saturdays and I am not based in KL. Organisers missed this. *organisers, pls take note*

    Its like having a wedding tea ceremony on a weekday and hope all your friends can come.

  8. hik. sounds like fun. but i can’t go….

    the last big bash that i remember was the PPS one. and that was being held basically right belakang my old office… and still i couldn’t go.

    yang ni lagi lahhhh…

    have fun, ppl.

  9. Uahhh… sked of the paikia and taikarche influential bloggers lo.

    I wanted to go liao.. told my son want to go to KL ledi.. but now got a talk to give la of that Friday .. ish. Cannot change one.

  10. Aunty Lilian… I also wanna go… but hor 🙁 I in Australia leh… Dont think I can leave Australia cause of some long story… But hor, can I be there mentally and emotionally ah?

    Take a lot of photos and show it to me yaa.. I wanna see all the leng chai uncles and leng luis aunties and all the leng chai kor kors and leng chai jie jies 😛

  11. SUITUAPUI!!!!! – Wahhhhhh!!!!! Mana lu lari so long no see? See how happy I am? Until go make one comment big big to welcome you back. COME COME, you fly over lah.

  12. zyrin – Yalor, I think they can’t get Saturday. But I got ask Rojakz crew and see whether can change or not.

    terence – I heard people say ‘There ain’t no mountain too high……highway to far…..’ LOL

    Jess – Ya lor, all my idols there mah.

    Clare – Friday. Clare,now I am not sure I can make it this Sat. cos my anak now not what I expected. I thot he sure strong and ok but now lembik and doc cannot promise when balik. I had to cancel all my lectoring and OHP duties already, just in case. See how hor?

    earl – *smacks head* You old old somemore wanna cheat old aunty’s money ah? I nochet charged you for Borat yet.

    Dylan – Cannnn.. But wait, how old are you ah?

  13. watch out then. i will call for a meetup somewhere during CNY then 🙂 hahahahha

    i dunno many people here.. since i am new here *blush* 🙂

  14. LOL! Wah! Itu just like red carpet welcome. My anak in Khidmat Negara lah, eating smelly fish and cooked without removing the insides. Finishing on the 12th, otherwise, we can go together…and she can meet ur boy (Never mind Form 3 only; Demi Moore also very old! Ha ha ha!) and who knows we may become outlaws, oops…I mean in-laws!!!

  15. hello mama..can sponsor me.?? me poor poor la..still student 😛 eh..real la i’m still a student..
    wanna meet with the big guys..and meet kukujiao there too..LOL..and u too mom..hidup MAMA~!!

  16. Long time no hear! Hehe can’t resist to post something sorry for being so quiet but be sure I’ve been following your blog 😉 (kembang kembang). Bloggers get together mmm if lilian is going can’t miss it mah since she comes all the way from Penang also would be nice to meet many of the others famous blog celebs since me only small fry hehe.

  17. Eh auntie you sure going? I’m interested joining in too…. I think maybe I’ll go into details with you through MSN.
    Recently my computer rosak so abit difficult to keep in touch with ur blog.

    P/S: Dunno why my Google Reader no longer displays your blog feed. :S

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