Sex & p0rn 1 – as explained by 5xmom

There is a relative of mine who haven’t heard of a pedo.  Then, another one thought that the sons who are locked in their room are very smart in learning IT.   Heh, probably will get a master degree in wankingology .  Well, this is for them.  (though they don’t read my blog)

But before I go on, let me tell all the little morons to bugger off because I don’t welcome comments from you.  This post is mean to educate (yes, you read right, E.D.U.C.A.T.E.) parents around my age on what  are out there on the internet.  Don’t try to pile your guilts and take it out on me.

I believe by sharing and learning, we will be able to guide our children better than to be totally naive and innocent.  In this age, it is almost impossible to shield our children from all the elements.  My policy is to be open about it.  My kids know what are molestors from young.

So, let’s get on with our lessons, mamas!  (heh, I bet all the papas had their own education already)

Lesson One – Molestors
As soon as your kids leave for kindies, i.e. four or five years old make sure you explain to them that no one is to touch their little pet-pet, birdie, kukujiao, penis, vagina or whatever you call it.   My children will ask me, “What about doctors or nurses?  Or teachers?”  My answer is “No one.  Unless it is us (parents) who brought you to see the doctor or nurses.  I am privy to children getting molested by their kindies friend or relatives living in the same house.  Then, some over-smart, over-read, over-pandai mom   asked me, “Aiyoyo…like that how do you wash their private parts?”

*slaps forehead like Mr. Mohan’s driver*  “Aiyoyo, why in the world do you need to turn the foreskin of your  six  years old son’s foreskin to wash every day, twice a day at bathtime, jek?   My doctor told me best to just give regular bath without being execessively fanatic over keeping the kukujiao clean because it is naturally self-cleansing.  Too much tugging (albeit well-intention) will cause tear and infection.”  So, I don’t freaking understand why some parents are so engrossed with that part of the hygiene.  I guess the same goes for washing the vaginnnn (ala Borat’s pronounciation) for girls.

Ok, that’s for lesson one.  Too much info, you also cannot absorb, right?  Anyone got questions ah?

12 thoughts on “Sex & p0rn 1 – as explained by 5xmom

  1. The first time I heard the word “pedo” was in my mid 20s over a news on TV and radio. The stapid me actually thought that it was spelt as “Peter’s file” like Ops Sikap something like that. Only much later… I know the real spelling.

  2. Thanks to a show on NBC last night, I just learned that pedo is short for pedophile. Lillian, hope fully you don’t mind, but for those who do surf a little porn, please check out getsafensecure.com o find software to password protect your porn


  3. Ray – No prob. I still owe you one thank you.

    Val – Really? Old man who likes to play with little boys birdie. Hahaha, that’s what I told my kids. Those ppl who molest little kids?

    shooi & WMD – You should surf more porn. 😛 Serious! To know what the world is.

  4. The only reason why those silais out there being meticulously clean about their boyboy’s kkc is that they don’t like the taste and smell of their own hubby’s kkc. Nuff said.

  5. yar..the other thing is I think parents SHOULD NOT PUT UP THEIR NAKED/SEMI NAKED PHOTOS of their cute bubs. No matter how cute they look..pls keep it to yourself!

    BLOGS r PUBLIC! Pedo-s R everywhere!

  6. mott – Yes, I got that kind of searches all the time in my parenting and photography blog. Cos I wrote the warning and it contains naked children photo. Sick lah.

    Irene – Ok, will go over and check it out

    blueheeler – Hahaha, go snip it off lah.

    doc : -_-“

  7. jee.. i better cepat cepat remove some pics tomorrow. anyway, it’s my hubby who’s obsessed with cleaning our son’s pee pee. see what he taught the little kid now? skin all the way down! i had to spliak his hands when i see it.

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