Gory pic of tonsils – blogging ala Dr. Bernard Chan

Warning : Blood and gore photos

Now you see it…


and now you see it still….in containers…


Bye bye tonsils and adenoids…The front container are the tonsils. The back container are the adenoids. My younger one adenoids are four times the big brother.

Now who wants some to make bak kut teh? If you boil with red dates and snow fungus, they said drink liao voice like Il Divo.

**My kid drama sungguh. Both still konk-ed out after 6 hours out from the operating theatre. Two of them, two rooms, two different floor. Because the young one so drama until I kena panggil another paediatrician to attend to him. Never mind, insurance cover, call all the lengjais doctors come oso not afraid. Mrs. Mohan said, “I got insurance, I got insurance, I got insurance…”

16 thoughts on “Gory pic of tonsils – blogging ala Dr. Bernard Chan

  1. Wah!!! My first time tengok leh. Cannot tahan also but have to make myself brave and see so, I won’t be sakai mah. I am also a mum to 2 kids so have to learn also. Is it a must to operate that ?

  2. I think its not a must unless the tonsils become infected and swells very often, if not they use antibiotics or sth like that.

    Ain’t so sure, probably 5xmom can help confirm

  3. dylan – Yeah, if the child is sick more than six times a year and he gets sick like twice a month with fever and headaches so time to get rid of it.

    Erina – The paed told me not necessary. But since my eldest son had to do the opp, might as well send him because he kept getting sick. But the ENT doctor said better to remove because he got four tonsils LOL and the adenoids (some flesh behind his nose there) are huge. He has problem breathing when he gets cold. It is believe when he sleeps it reduces his oxygen and he does sleep walk a lot (because his brain not totally rested as not enough oxygen). The ENT said children like him, remove liao can get smarter wan wor cos the brain gets more oxygen. Hehehe, saja cakap wan lah cos he wants to ‘thong’ people mah.

    My eldest son got no choice wan cos that day he hospitalised due to severe swelling. That one no remove if swollen too huge, can mati di cos cannot breathe. If he kena NS, mah big worry lor.

    I wonder what our two doctors say about this? Dr. Liew Shin Chan and Dr. Bernard Chan?

  4. wah, Liew Shin Chan??? Are you sure that thats his/her name? Like the japanese manga charachter’s name Shin Chan leh…

  5. Dr.Chan would have done a macro shot with those stuff out of the container lah.

    *not gory also, eating kacang while reading* cheh!

  6. Mine the size is a bit bigger than your kid. Hehe…
    It’s there since high school. It used to be problematic, but now not kacau anymore. :p

  7. Interesting…..

    now..should I remove mine or not? Its very troublesome, as I’m sure with what your anak experience, especially when I want to eat deep fried food that’s still hot….

    Might consider removing mine….key word..MIGHT :P…chicken maybe šŸ˜›

  8. Uahhh… whack out the tonsils liao ah… good lah… got ice-cream post-op.

    Regarding indication for operation, usually those who suffer from frequent bouts of tonsillitis, chronic tonsillitis, abscess, difficulty in breathing (including obstruction during sleep) and difficulty in swallowing may need operating. But these is just a very academic list. It depends very much on the assessment of the surgeon seeing the patient.

    Nice teeth… younger boy’s ah?

  9. Dr.Bernard – Hehehe, all my kids got big teeth like me. But lucky all straight straight in a row.

    andy – Sked what la, you shud visit Dr. Bernard’s blog more often and become hero. Now, I can ogle at those innards of ours. LOL.

    QV – Simple op oni…So big size, sked what la.

    Bryan – Yakah, next time got blog meet, you show. LOL.

    moo_t – That sounds like fun. When I get a breather, ok?

  10. terence – HOI, dun challenge me hor? I packed it and courier it to you for Valentine’s Day you baru tau. Red-red, pink-pink, like roses jugak mah? Correct or not? Eh, but I dare not open up the top, pour it onto a plate and macro lah. Cos the nurse was waiting to bring it to the lab liao. Later she think I gila or what. And call the doktor mental to come attend to me. They got one ward there oso, with bars and locks.

    Erin – You go ask him and see? You know who is MS. LUITA or not? No eh? You need to read Dr. Liew more often. Anyone who doesn’t know who is Ms. LUITA, must subscribe to DrLiew.net private blog. Must register and approved before can masuk.

  11. i hope both of them are recovering well. tell them to get well soon otherwise their mummy too busy to pamper them and neglect us hehe

  12. Eh, his uvula bengkok wan.

    [uvula – A small pendant fleshy lobe at the back of the soft palate aka punching bag]

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