Diary of David’s tonsil’s op

I am going to do a pictorial post of the thing for my sons. So, read on if you like. It is a simple operation but nevertheless a big trauma for a 10 years old who have never been hospitalised since he was 18 months old. This will be written one-to-one, me to him.


On the night before your operation, we went to have sushi at E-gate and Michael said it is your last supper. I told him I am going to wash his mouth with Dettol.


On the way home, I suggested to papa to turn into our church and surprisingly he agreed. We went to the grotto and asked Mother Mary to watch over you. Ok, you did not actually say any prayers because you were too busy playing with candle wax. But Matthew obediently kneeled along with me and said, “Please keep David safe safe, Jepli no accident, no bleeding, no pain pain…Aaaaamen’.


Before that, when we reached the church, the Chinese aspotolates were busy putting up lanterns with Father Henry. Papa got down the car and the moment Father saw him, wuah..they so chummy wan. I muttered, “What! How come your father knows Father more than me wan ler?” And he stayed back to help with the lanterns till after midnight. So, you were at home with me and we were counting and watching the clock because you are not supposed to eat anything after 12 midnight.


At the break of dawn, we went to the hospital. Nice sunrise over Penang Free’s School. And you have to ask, “Really wan? This school all free wan?” Doh, I said it is the name of the school lah. And asked if you want to come to this school next because it will be very near our home.


Ready for operating theatre. We were mimicking Theme Hospital’s PC game. Doctor! Operating Theatre! And doh, you have to bring in the part about the Grim Reaper with the scythe guy. I scolded you, “Cilaka, wanna get slap issit?”


You actually enjoyed being cradled in the stretcher and papa and mommy swing you on it a few times. Wuah…must be tough being an ambulance guy cos not easy to carry. We had sometime in the day lounge where they allowed us to be with you until the OT is ready. Dr. Something-something came in and told you he is going to take you to watch cartoons! He asked which cartoon you liked and you asked him what’s the time.

It was 11.40 am and you told him, “Hah! 12 noon I can watch Dragonball!” Doh!


It was a loooong wait and you only came out three hours later. Doh again. (more on the waiting part over at Christian-Journey)


You totally konked out for six hours straight. And I had to eat McDonald’s Prosperity Foldover with my laptop as company.


But all ends well….Today, you can follow us to Baskin Robbins and get your favourite sherbet. And I hope no one notices that middle fingers of yours which you posed for Michael. If they do, I am going to the kitchen, get a cleaver and chopped them off.

What’s left is you can’t put out your tongue, you can’t scream when annoyed and you cannot swallow tablets and pills prescribed.

Thank God for the mercies and thank God for the nurses of paeds ward of Lam Wah Ee for their excellent care.

16 thoughts on “Diary of David’s tonsil’s op

  1. David, speedy recovery to you.

    Lilian, one of your best posting. This is what I call Ori lah. The true essence of blogging.

  2. Hell o Encik Terence – Sini bukan KFC lah. Tapi Hot & Spicy mau kah? Anyway, tks. šŸ™‚ You want a bite of the foldover?

    shoppingmum – Ya, hope no infection sets in. But heh, nowadays the antibiotic will kautim that part. Last time, I did the op, kena infection and sakit for several days cannot eat.

  3. Looks like it was another fun day at the hospital šŸ™‚

    I like that shot of the youngest boy holding the end of the stretcher… looks like he was trying to help.

    Prayer: my boy prayed for 2 weeks that there wouldn’t be any flood in Malaysia. Mebbe that’s why it’s so hot and dry in SP. LOL.

  4. I had my tonsils removed when I was 5. Cried till the whole hospital almost collapsed, and was spanked by the nursing sister (red-haired monkey, at that time). That has left me psychologically scarred for the rest of my life! Ka ka ka ka ka! The aftermath was the best…everyday eating ice-cream (and THAT probably was the beginning of my weight problem!). Umm…nice, long middle finger. Does he play the pe…I mean, is he a pianist? LOL!

  5. STP – LOL, so many excuses lah you! Childhood trauma hor. Nolah, I am not musically inclined and don’t pass that genes down. But he said he wants to be a rock star and drummer. *faints*

    Bernard – No wonder lah so hot. Change channel, please. Make it rain a bit ‘cos I can’t stay in my living room nowadays, so hot.

    budokid – Yalah, usual la, they simply talk wan.

  6. NO! NO! I didn’t see the middle finger! And I’m sure nobody else does.. So NO NEED to chop off his fingers, right? Right?

  7. I saw not only middle finger! I also saw thumb and index. Also Lilian’s thumb and index finger too! Come come bring me cleaver!

  8. He seems to be so happy. Guess, he could get a nice voice later har? LOL. Speedy recovery to you boy and listen to your mummy advice on the food you can and cannot eat, ok?

    Lilian, not easy being a mum har? When they are sick, we got to be sick with them and off course the happiness that we grow up together with them. And the next things is – it seems that they are growing so fast and soon they will be going away from us leh…… Mummy job is never easy one. Like my friend once told me a mum job is a job that is without MC, AL and PH. It’s a 24 hours and 365 days work. Hahaha………. agree? And off course there are fun too mah.

  9. #doc…u go get cleaver! I’ll just stick around and enjoy oogling at her cleavage!!! LOL! BTW, Lilian, just remove tonsils only…why go pray at Mary’s grotto!!! Like matter of life and death! Aduh! If I ur son, sure I pee in my pants (and mind u, I’m not suffering from incontinence lah!)!!! Scared stiff (Ummm…!!!)!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!

  10. mott – Tks!

    Cikgu STP – You got cataract or what ah? Ini Bayan Lepas International Airport lah. Cheh..

    And then hor, I memang very kiasi wan ler. Go find Mary better mah, mana tau skali the doctor screwed up, go operate liao, my sons’ voices turned Ah Kua, how wor.

    Erina – Lucky after the initial pains, he ok liao and back to normal.

    doc -Why you so tuk wan lah. If I no finger and thumb how to blog to entertain you wor? You want me to use voice synthesizer like Stephen Hawking issit?

    pelf – Yay! Pelf see no evil, say no evil! Hahaha.

  11. suituapui : You still oogling at that photo? She photoshopped it liao lar. The original got very deep longkang one! If every longkang in JB as deep as that, guarantee no flood!

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