On a hot afternoon…

On a hot afternoon, one can :

  • have sex in aircond room;
  • shop in aircond mall;
  • nap in aircond room or   mall;
  • pray in aircond room if all the above are forbidden or not available;


Just do anything but go out in the hot sun, run in the parched, dried, dead field and get fried!


So what did you do on a hot afternoon like today?

16 thoughts on “On a hot afternoon…

  1. terence – Lu jaga lu! When you come, I will know what to do.

    simon – I bet KL not as hot as here. Like oven like that, can feel the sweat evaporate from the hair follicles.

    clare – Yalor, you also feel the heat here hor? Terrible and it is only just the beginning.

    wuching – Yalor…I read somewhere that a major drought is going to hit australia in another 70 years.

    teeming – Long Island Iced Tea at TGIF.

    doris – that’s a nice thing to do.

  2. I would come up with fresh ideas for umbrella designs and sell.. i mean small ones foldable but still look macho enough for guys and also mums n ladies…guys rather get sunstroke than use an umbrella ..put on machoism 🙂
    as i get older i think of skin cancer rather than to look macho hahha..depreciating or saham turun every year.

  3. erin – Nay…like Terence said lor. Idiot running around the field taking photos of dead grass. LOL. No lah, my #2 son went to this St. Nicholas Homes for the Blind – ‘Walk with the blind’ fund raising thingie for scout duties and we went to pick him up after the event at 12 noon.

    Bengbeng – Aiyor…I dun use umbrella wan, so no business lah like that. So Ah Kua/Ah Soh like that to be seen carrying umbrellas lah.

  4. KL also super hot, but it rained here for 15minutes awhile ago.
    I hope no water rationing this time around..hehe.

    On a hot day, drink limau ais and read 5xmom….hehe

  5. its so nice to see the apartments in the pic. At one time, I wanted to buy one of them so I have a place near Gurney Drive and can stay for a holiday sometimes

  6. Wah! Like dat Penang people now all on heat lah??? LOL! Read in Reader’s Digest…must go out in the sun. That Vitamin VERY good, despite wat they used to say about skin cancer and all tat!!! Haiya! These people, one day say one thing, who to believe???

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