Happy Mun G Keok

Over on MSN…

lilian says:
ok lah, tok to u later cos i going to ‘marn’ chee keok. with oysters and mushroom, minus fatt choy. didn’t buy, maybe i substitute with my hairs

lilian says:
i go CNY first LOL

iWingz says:
haha ok ok

iWingz says:
happy mun G keok

(marn chee keok – stew pork’s leg)

Yay! I am celebrating CNY already. Because this Saturday, I will be going to KL to hide from the crazy traffic, heat, chaos, food overload and all that.

Room booked and paid already.

10 thoughts on “Happy Mun G Keok

  1. What is better than Mun G Keok?
    Off couse, Mun G Sau.

    You may say, WTF, pig where got hand?
    For chinese, the front legs taste better than the back, and it is call G Sau (hand).

    So happy Mun-G-Sau, fatt-choi-jao-sau. 🙂

  2. WMD – Have a properous CNY! Drive safely ya.

    TehSee – -ditto-

    moo_t – Ya, it is chee sou, not chee keok cos I never buy those huge ones, so fatty.

    agnes -No lah, not Cititel. Hehehe.

    simon – Wei, not Cititel lah, their rooms like sardines, crowds ji…okok, you got the message.

    wuching – Tok only, come Msia oso never come to Penang.

    terence – Mei sei kor? Wait lah, I sure poison your coffee when you are not looking.

    pablo – You have a good time in Kuching then.

  3. I’m now accessing the Internet at Starbucks, KLCC. Haha.
    But will be back to Penang in a while lah.

    Wei, you don’t run away from Penang for CNY, at least give me ang pao first. :p

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