Kena my own Valentine’s Day meme

I thought it will be the ladies taking it up but instead, it is the men who did it! So, I must fulfill my own deal:

1) Do you celebrate?

Celebrate hamik lantiu? Already old liao lor. Not so bodoh to flock to overcrowded restaurants to fight for a seat with guys who wants a good f*cuk after paying RM59.90++ for a ciplak candlelight dinner. But hor….I clever wan wei. Valentine’s Day is also the anniversary of my domain So, I can demand for readers to wish me Happy Anniversary or else I ban their IP. Still kira celebrate jugak lah. Online lah.

2) If you don’t, do you feel a bit embarrassed about it?

Wei…you don’t siasuey me wor. I don’t feel embarassed about it ‘cos I don’t want to celebrate. And when I was single, I got plenty of admirers wan wei. One time hor…I got one bouquet of roses from my ex-boss, one from ex-boyfriend, one from future boyfriend and one from current boyfriend. You can do maths and count or not?

But hor…to all the despo girls who sad sad no flowers on Valentine’s Day, never mind lah. Wait you 80 years old time, sure got people send you a lot wan. White ones with wishes ‘RIP’. So, slowly slowly wait, the flowers will come wan.

3) Do you have anyone to wish? Like you know…special people? Dare to name him/her/them?

Eh, you want me to get stuffed into the pig’s basket and drown in the river or what ah? Cham chee loong. They treat ‘kan fu’ (adultery) couples like this in China. This wan I see on Astro Wah Lai Toi.

But hor…Valentine’s Day is not for only lovers lah. Valetine’s Day oso can mean telling people you like that you like them. Hoi, I am not telling lah, not even if you send me Belgian chocolates, I am not telling, wokay? So stop asking already!

4) Was there a Valentine’s Day that you will forever remember?

Haiyor….I got so many hensem, lengjai admirers every year, how to remember all my Valentine’s Day lah. And hor, I don’t forever remember people wan. That ‘forever remember’ is only lyrics in Ah Kua’s love songs. In real life, you want people to remember you even when they pangsai meh?

5) What do you say if I ask you to write a secret love note to someone (anon) you admire and publish it on your blog? You think you can find the word for them? You have the courage? Yes? Good…go do this meme!

Darlings sekalian….

Thank you for the laughs when you know I need it.
Thank you for the little push when you sense I am losing it.
Thank you for telling me when my blog sucks or rawks.
Thank you for reading all my words.
*hands out disposable barf bags stolen from MAS*

Now, I am off to demand AhPek to take this meme. Wingz’s funny version here. Fly’s lusty one. SiwwyPig’s mushy one.

12 thoughts on “Kena my own Valentine’s Day meme

  1. Lilian Darling!!

    What a put downer!! I was hoping for my sexual expose on the hottest mom I’ve ever seen!!

    Keep it up darling!! You rock!!

    buzz buzz

    /ps Happy Anniversary in advance

  2. Ayo Aunty, your answer no. 2 terrible lah wei -_-”

    And I don’t agree with answer no. 1… Gals also want a good f*cuk too what lol lol

    Happy Chanlilianniversary and Chanlilianese New Year lol 😀

  3. Lilian, beh tahan kah Ah Pek. Read his article just now and laugh out so loud until my sister and lawrence tanya apa sai……. Must one day go and see him in real if got chance. See whether he is really that romantic boh…….. I and lawrence celebrate one. This year will be the 14th years we are celebrating it since courting. Until today, still got receive roses from him, not forgetting the gift too. Dinner pun still ada. Hopefully, until 70 years old pun ada lor………. hahahahaha . I will wish u later

  4. Hello auntie lilian, wishing you a Happy Blog Anniversary. Got any lucky number to buy for special draw tml?

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