Wings Sedappppp…..(and some Valentine’s questions)

Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan sekalian….Dipersembahkan….Mee Sedap buatan Indonesia dari Wings Food. Ini Wings tarak kena mengena dengan Wingz Rojakz, ok? Rasa sambal pedas.


MSG berlambak-lambak tapi, jangan risau…Ini petua orang tua-tua –

Terence said on Food Haven : My godma swears by MSG. When I told her too much is no good, she will tell me, “See? the Japanese are so clever after eating it for years”. *speechless*

See? Terence’s godma said can make people clever. So, I mah eat it for breakfast every day lor. Paling chialat, I become like Japanese woman so subdued and demure and no longer swears in Hokkien.


Add some sweet peas and boil some prawns along with it. Bet your breakfast is not as good as mine. (sings to the tune, Doncha by Pussycat Dolls. Doncha wish your breakfast is hot like mine? Doncha, doncha?)

Now, on to Valentine’s Day questions:

1) Do you celebrate?
2) If you don’t, do you feel a bit embarrassed about it?
3) Do you have anyone to wish? Like you know…special people? Dare to name him/her/them?
4) Was there a Valentine’s Day that you will forever remember?
5) What do you say if I ask you to write a secret love note to someone (anon) you admire and publish it on your blog? You think you can find the word for them? You have the courage? Yes? Good…go do this meme!

If more than five persons took it up, I will do mine? How? Deal or not? If you don’t blog, write it on my comment board.

Five persons and I do mine.

Two more days….to Valentine’s Day.

Oh ya, the plate of noodle is just to distract you, in case you hate Valentine’s Day as much as me.

11 thoughts on “Wings Sedappppp…..(and some Valentine’s questions)

  1. 1) Nope… still single
    2) What reason to be embarrassed leh?
    3) Hmm… Don’t dare xD
    4) Urmm… not yet.
    5) Hmm… 500 persons and I’ll do mine xD xD

  2. i’ll just do mine here lah so..
    1) i try to get out of it!
    2) not at all! si fu sai!
    3) i got so many to wish but dare not say names, later they all know each other & i mati lah!
    4) i can’t remember yesterday so how to remember previous valentine’s days?
    5) cannot la..lidat not secret anymore how to be secret lovers leh!

  3. Lilian ah… careful about the MSG thingy… the Japanese may have invented it, but they are staying away from consuming it as far as I know… the mee looks good anyway…

  4. Who is that Terence lah. Related to me ah?

    Will you be my valentine this year???? *Wah lau! typing this also geli liao*

  5. terence – Heh,need to ask meh? There is only one. (who has a Mr. Muscle blown-up rubber gay lover)
    Eh, dun mislead my readers lah wei. Later, on Valentine’s Day, no one send me any wishes, you must compensate me, wokay?

    Lrong – Hi! Hehehe, I am joking about the MSG part but we still unintentionally consume them sometimes.

    wuching -Wah…so many? Fuwah…am I in the list or not? (keeping fingers and toes crossed it is not)

    wingz – Yay! two more to go and I get to tembak.

    CY – Wuah..if I can have 500 ppl responded to what I wrote, I hepi liao. To yr question 2, got ler…many people feel paiseh (i.e. those singles) that they don’t have someone to wish or celebrate or has anything to do on this day.

  6. 1. Not really, sometimes go out 4 dinner (Any
    excuse, oso go out for dinner anyway!!!)
    2. No, but usually buy present for mrs lah! Otherwise
    merajuk, two days don wanna tok…and food she
    masak oso not nice!!!
    3. Wish my mrs lah! I’m faithful one-woman man one!!!
    Name? Mrs. suituapui!!! LOL!!!
    4. No. Can’t even remember what I bought her last
    year??? Kleen Floor Cleaner? Oh no, tat’s the
    previous year. LOL!!!
    5. Roses are red, violets are blue.
    Girls are born pretty, what happened to you?
    For all the ugly ladies in the world, Happy
    Valentine’s Day!! (Kesian them lah! No one to wish

  7. STP – Wah, Mrs. STP so lucky wan, get Kleen Floor Cleaner for a whole year! Eh, this year buy Mr. Muscle, toilet cleaner, yellow or is it blue bottle. So suggestive name wor…..Hari hari she can spend time in the toilet with Mr. Muscle. *smacks STP’s head*

    And then hor, you want me to kena flames issit?
    For all the ugly ladies in the world, Happy
    Valentine’s Day!! (Kesian them lah! No one to wish

    Fly – LOL, you are fast! Ok, ok, I do it.

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