Faster faster – Interview me for my podcast

Limited time only. Few hours only. A once in a year chance. Now you can interview me and I will reply it online by podcast.

So, faster faster give me three questions and I will try to answer them tonight and post it tomorrow. This is to celerate Valentine’s Day and also 2 years anniversary. Ask anything, the wackier the better. But I cannot promise to answer all of them lah. You know lah, I got so many thousands of readers because I influential blogger mah (hahaha) so the list will be too long.

But I already got three questions from my sifu:
1. What’s the difference celebrating Chinese New Year as a Buddhist and as a Christian?

2. Which direction(s) do you think Malaysian Bloggers are heading?

3. Which post(s) of yours do you like most?

Quick! First 1,000 readers only (kahkahkah, as if I can get past 10)

12 thoughts on “Faster faster – Interview me for my podcast

  1. Ok, dun lie ar!

    1. What is your full name? *1st question, kena liao*
    2. What local dialects can you converse in?
    3. When are you gonna invite me to Penang? Paid trip by you of course.

  2. *Edited by 5xmom*
    MyQuinta – Sorry wor, I don’t know you enough to answer those questions you asked.

    Thank you.

    And my friends asked me to ask you to ask your mudder the questions you posted. (5xmom)

  3. 1. When you 1st time kena deflower? time, date, year and age pls!
    2.You kena conned or u willingly gibe wan? By who?
    3.Where? (the place)

    ok 3 questions liow

  4. HOI! Cilaka Wingz – You jaga ha.

    terence – I said liao mah, I send my char koay teow neighbour auntie to go to Melaka and char koay teow for you.

  5. LOL@Wingz!

    Let me make some small correction for Wingz’s second question.

    2.You kena conned or u willingly gibe wan? By what?


  6. The two of you hor, doc & wingz, bad influence lah. LOL. Eh, maybe, doc, you go compile ‘Top 5 Malaysian BAD influential bloggers’

  7. errr … can i ask ar? since wingz askin it, might as well we get into details la …

    How frequent do you have wantan mee meh?

    Have your kids ever barf wantan mee?

    How many years have you been married?


    ****runs away ……..


  8. 1) when r u coming to visit me in melbourne? :/
    2) why u no come down to kl to meet me wan? šŸ™
    3) can i stay at ur house when i go to peneng? šŸ™‚

  9. AhPek – In pixels, right? OK. I know how to answer liao.

    wuching – I *heart* wuching….

    earl – HOI, soli hor, u kena wantan mee cos you know lah…

  10. 1. Can we ask another 3 question before the 1K readers post his/her question. šŸ˜‰
    2. Ever shocked by your monthly USD income from blogging?
    3. Will educate your readers if they know nothing about sex and responsibilities?

    *heh, moo_t – can hor?*

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