Markers of a relationship in the form of shits and farts

Enough of me babbling about the blog anniversary. Let’s get on with some relationship matters. You know you have a chummy friend when the two of you can talk about the kind of shits you deposited.

However, in real life, it is not that easy to say it straight face. But over on MSN, it can range from :
**Waitaminit, I sikap
**BRB, I go pangsai first
**Sorry, I orsi just now
**Eh, you pangsai liao? LOL
**Yalah, now that you mentioned it, I am going again…3rd time

**Wuah…I drank this ginger tea and my farts cannot stop, like machine gun likedat
**Chey…the curry mee I ate this morning gives smelly farts
**If the internet can transmits smell, I sure fart into my laptop to let you pengsan

So, back to physical relationships. If the two of you, as a couple, are not comfortable talking about shits and farts, then, you are not ready to take the next step. I must say that you ought to be comfortable enough with each other up to this level before you can think of committing to each other.

Another wise theory from the 5xmom, your neighbourly, good, friendly and influential blogger.

So….lu pangsai ah boey? Dah berak?

12 thoughts on “Markers of a relationship in the form of shits and farts

  1. Talk shit is not just for relationship only. I use it on my colleagues all the time. No shit. Shit lah you. Don’t give me that shit. I’m not going to clean up his shit. Aahh, shit lah. LOL.

  2. You just reminded me of my good friend where halfway through phone conversation, we can comfortably excuse ourselves to go pangsai. After that, we will even describe the texture of our latest deposits.

  3. ingat lagi my fren kenneth tan ask which texture best, “bulat bulat seketul” or “one long stretch” hhahahahah!!

    anyway i’m chili sos deprived. sini tarak laa mau beli online 6 minggu baru sampai. haiyooooo.. kari tarak cili sos pun tarak!!

  4. Wah pangsai liao…early this morning after breakfast hahaha šŸ˜›

    Actually, I pangsai quite easily one, asal masuk, mesti keluar an hour later šŸ˜›

  5. can talk abt pangsai and pangphui, no problem one. but when talk about wedding bells, my bf is all freaked out. how? -_-

  6. Wuah!!! All this sai talk make me wanna pangsai now…

    Well, when he farted, i’ll just said “wah u eat kari just now ar” or “wei, dun kill me with that poisonous gas la”

    Sometimes when my bro farted silently I said, “THAT’s a silent killer!” or “Go fart near mum” LOL!!!

    Aduh!!! Gek sai liao…

    *dash to toilet, zha dong geng (bomb Tokyo)*

  7. Wuah…I stomach pain, I go pangsai first while I ponder over the comments ok?

    And while I am there, let me try to see if I can keep farts in plastic bag and maintain the ‘fragrance’ or not.

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