Secure your home with Sentinel

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My sister only recently told me about the break-in that happened during my niece’s wedding. You see, the whole family have gone to the wedding dinner venue and thieves broked into the house. Normally, they target houses with wedding going on because there are a lot of angpow (red packet for good luck,gifts) money and other jewelleries at home.

Lucky thing is the neighbours heard and called the groom’s brothers who rushed home to find the thieves escaping. Nothing much was stolen. But their wedding dinner had been greatly interrupted.

How nice if every home has an alarm system to prevent break-ins. At Florida Security System, they have this Sentinel system where they provide a full-service home security company. Sentinel Security will be responsible to install, service and monitor the personalized security system tailored for your  home. The company is an expert in security management for residential homes and small businesses.

This will give everyone a peace of mind, isn’t it?

One thought on “Secure your home with Sentinel

  1. Wei, why wasn’t the neighbour invited to the dinner ar?

    Anyway, my other sister owns a security surveillance company. You wanna some CCTVs to stalk lengjais??

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