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Valentine’s roses & chocolates


Got roses worrr…. Not me lah, my son. Kerng or not? Jeles kah? Lucky, it wasn’t me who answered the doorbell or else I mah thought the bouquet is for me. Mah dem paiseh hor?

But never mind, I oso got..broken hearts. (different senders lah, understand?)


What to do….it comes from Belgium leh. The courier man squashed it. Thanks! And thanks for the books. Now, I busy reading no time to blog liao.

Plus, I have closed comments in previous post due to popular response. Hehehe. Perasan sial.

8 Responses to “Valentine’s roses & chocolates”

  1. komen where got close??!!! who gibe u broken heart jek?

  2. Wow, your son gave you flowers, that is soooo sweet. I am still waiting for the day that my son will send me flowers, maybe in another 10 years, sigh.

  3. Aiseh, I blur lah, sorry thought they were from your son… WAH your son is keng man, learn from the mother la, mother must be that keng:)

  4. Mae – Yalor….got girlpren give flowers to him wor. Wuah..I dem proud as a mama lor. LOL. I think the old man oso never got so lucky before. Must have followed my footsteps.

    Wingz – Previous post mia comment lah. I malas mau reply so many questions so I mah closed it lor.

    Broken hearts – Aiks, not from you ah? Sei lor…I whole day arm luen thot you send anon to me wan, jek? Not you must be AhPek lor….He said I am his arm luen cheng yan. *slaps self*

  5. Wah!!! So early sudah dapat present liau. Hmmm….. where is mine leh. See Lawrence will give me anything tmr. LOL

  6. Wah! beh tahan. *hair all standing* Geli………….

  7. Wow .. me jeles betul la 😛

  8. I am waiting for Valentine lunch at Bakerzin. Hopefully someone remember… ;-P

    Happy Valentine & Anniversary Lillian.

    To everyone, Happy Valentine too….