2nd anni. Podcast : Rojakz, I lafu yew!

Ok, this is another special podcast to the people who made a difference in my blogging life. I am going to dedicate a special shout out to my si heng – Rojakz. It has been easy doing this because everything just popped out of my mouth.

I hope the recording for this is better because I am now using AV Rack, a different software from Audacity. My previous recording was lousy because I did that at 3 am in the morning and I was too lazy to tweak things.

Thanks for listening to the podcast. I hope you like my voice. Hehehe.

14 thoughts on “2nd anni. Podcast : Rojakz, I lafu yew!

  1. Answer his questions lah! What lah you!

    Answer! Answer! Answer! Answer! Answer! Answer! Answer! Answer!Answer!Answer!Answer!Answer!Answer!Answer!Answer!Answer!Answer!Answer!Answer!

    *LOL running away*

  2. Yay! Here’s to another year and another year and another year and another year and another year and another year. Love your blogs, 5xmom! 🙂

  3. terence – cilaka, you made my blog margin runs with the long, continuous sentence. Wait I send you a bill for taking up my diskspace.

    huei – It is a curse more than anything else. LOL

  4. happy 2nd anniversary. Love your blogs. Keep up the good job.

    BTW, nice podcast – it’s nice to put a voice to a face.

  5. Adam – Tks. To both.

    Erin – No wor, I memang hiao voice wan cos I used to be a secretary. LOL, slaps self.

    Dawn – Tks! It is actually fun doing podcast ‘cos it is like talking out loud about the things running my my head. I hope I don’t turn into a podcast freak.

    wuching – Yes, Analversary.

  6. Wow, you have such a sweet voice! Respect man that now you’ve also gone into podcasting =) Will you sign up to be our angkasawan next? HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!

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