Podcast : 2nd anniversary and Happy Valentine’s Day

Ladies and germs, here is something done impromptu with no prepared scripts because things are so familiar to me by now.

Two years, 1,888 posts.

Hope you like it. It is a rather long podcast and damn, I do sound so weird hiao, if I dare to say so myself. But if this is my real voice, you have to ask those whom had talked to me in person. I know people always asked me, Eh, auntie, what software you use to make your voice like that? Tiu ler, my real voice is like this ler.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

AND TO ALL THE SILENT READERS – Please lah, for once, pop me a comment lah. I don’t bite wan, promise.

41 thoughts on “Podcast : 2nd anniversary and Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, Lilian!!!! Me feel so happy to be the 1st one to greet you leh.

    Also, HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY TO CHANLILIAN.NET !!! It was your site that make life interesting and also making people knowing more things and meeting more people too.

  2. Happy valentine lilian!
    I have been reading all blogs and follow some of your recipes which is excellent since end of year 2004 daily without fail unless my computer infected by virus or on holidays. Thank your very much for giving me some inspiration daily.

  3. Happy Birthday to ChanLilian.Net!!

    Happy Anniversary to Aunty Lilian and her beloved blog..!!

    Happy Valentines to Aunty Lilian… and to all the hamsap ChanLilian.Net Readerssss!!

  4. wahh…..everday now u Fatt Fatt Fatt!!!!!!!!

    happy bloggersary Aunty Lilian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    To your sons…don’t give your mama a hard time today ah!!!!!!!!

  5. hahahaha you are lucky to have cute/lovely voice. I sound like a man when I speak on the phone (to people I have not meet). Make me ire when they asked if I’m a transexual arrrgggg could break their neck if my hands can reach thru the phone line.
    Anyway ….. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY VALENTINE ‘muaakkkkkkk’

  6. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Auie Lilian…!!!

    Happy Anniversary to chanlilian.net!!!

    Seriously, that’s HER voice. Original wan. Not modified using software or anything. Natural beauty mar, right auntie?! *wink wink*


    Happy Anniversary! Happy Valentine’s day! Kong Hee Fatt Choy! Happy Chap Gor Mei!

  8. Happy 2nd Anniversary and Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Come, come!! Let me give you big, big hug abd big, big kiss! Muuu…aaacks! And in advance, kongsi fa cai!! When u fa cai, we kongsi, ok? LOL!!!

  9. Having been silent all the time, decided to drop u a comment upon ur call.
    Happy Valentine’s Day & 2nd anniversary to chanlilian.net!!!
    Been reading a few of your blogs for like 1 year time, and really enjoy reading them. Thanks for lighting up my days when I was home-sick over in Melbourne, your posts remind me a lot of Malaysia, seriously…
    Btw, can I call u auntie lilian?

  10. Lilian,

    Happy valentine’s day and happy anniversary. I am one of your silent readers. Love your humor. Maybe you should start podcasting and become a standup comedian. And charge people for podcast download. You will be a hit, I bet.

  11. Dear Lilian,
    Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy 2nd Anniversary!
    I’m one of your silent reader (well,till just now) and I really love your pantun(s).They are hillarious! From ur blogs, I think you are one super cool mum. Your hubby and kids are very lucky to have you in their life!

  12. Happy Valentineรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs Day and Happy 2nd Anniversary to you, Lilian. Love your blog!

  13. pablo -Wuah, hepi hepi, very hepi

    hellokitty – tenkiu..

    intan – ya lah, must do one pantun pulak one day ya?

    bryan – yes, tua huat

    tehtarik – tks for the bodek. kahkahkah…eh, i appeared live with shazmin and richard in Astro studio before ler. as a speaker, you know. dem bangga hahaha.

    dan – tks for dropping by. can me anything lah but i prefer a straight lilian

  14. doc – You want me to call a Code Blue? Or minyak cap kapak?

    stp – Big hugsssss….like teletubbies like that

    not a silent reader – Like this only? *pouts*

    earl – I reprocess already. my audacity cacated liao, that’s why

    clare – yahor, i sound younger than you. LOL.

    cili – actually when i was younger, it was shrill but now, at least it balances a bit la. thank god for that or else, die lah, 80 years old and still shrill, chialat lor.

  15. mott – tenkiu, hope yrs is a good day

    rizs – welcome welcome, tks for saying hi

    siwwy pig – you have a nice valentine’s day with yr Boss ya?

    theresa – glad it works for you, i am always happy to hear when my recipe didn’t fail when others try

    erina – yes lah, you kasi sapot, thank you

    marina – hahaha, that one already a controlled one if i terus pokpek, lagi cute LOL so cute until my hubby and kids oso dun get what i am saying cos it is always mispronounced. Haih….

  16. pookyma – I want to lah, but the words won’t come out. i tried liao, hokkien, canto, hakka but you know hor, i really got manners wan, cannot say wan. kahkahkah

  17. Ok ok. I just heard it with my speakers and woofer at full blast.(happy now?) Why u sound so ‘kan cheong’ ar? Very sexicted ar? Mention my name only giggle. Woi! After the other Loh kill me leh.

    Answer my questions like never answer also. Very cute lah ur voice. Don’t want to msn and sms u liao. Call you every night b4 going to sleep. Why maxis don’t use ur voice for the recording ar? At least not so sein when calling them.

    I live with a hainanese remember? Lu mongkang ar?! Lu chiak bah wor! Chen nah lu tor kin me?

    Anyway, congratulations and happy valentine’s day. I call u tonite ar? *Bwahahahaha!*

  18. terence – Yahor, when you come to Penang, I take you go to pookyma’s dad stall. They are 100% Hainanese. Sure your loupoh very ngam wan. I only 50% Hainanese.

    terence #24 – *takes Ridsect and spray*

  19. Happy Valentine Day and Congrats to you Blog 2nd Anniversary. I am one the silent reader so far. I am new to blogging ……just 2-3 months and not sure how I managed to get to your blog (I think thru of the Blog Link). You write great stuffs. Cheers. Uncle Sam

  20. Hi Lilian,
    Happy 2nd Anniversary.

    I am one of your silent readers. Enjoy reading yr blog.

    Just wondering, all those food you posted on flickr, you made/cooked/baked them ah?

  21. Happy valentines day! Been reading ur post since last year.. I really learned a lot of things from u~ thanks

  22. Jovin – Tks for visiting, appreciate to hear from you.

    Malaika’s mummy – I have my food blog so I do cook some. If you see the food like restaurant standard, with nice cutleries and plate, then it is not mine. If you see the same old plates, then, it is mine. “Hey!!!! Who wants to sponsor me a set of plates!!!!”

    beng2 – Tks!

    Sam – Hi! I know you dropped by cos I can see from the MyBlogLog. Keep blogging and share yr URL next time. (Just key in when you comment, i.e. if you comment again. LOL)

    Dawn – Psst…each ex-bf diff. dialect mah, so mah learn to please/impress the future MIL. Skali learn so many languages lor. HOHOHO

    Dr.B – Thanks! Hey, can I call you Dr.B from now on?

  23. hey auntie lilian =) Happy Valentine & Happy 2nd anniversary! im one of ur silent readers too, from KK. see? u have fans from KK! next time if u r able to come to KK, i can be ur personal tour guide, free in charge, can be ur driver somemore, if only im at KK lar, hehe. im planning to visit penang on july, hopefully can get a glimpse on auntie lilian with my luck, haha.

  24. auntie lilian, happy anniversary. really enjoy ur blog, thank you for sharing with us. * i’ve been ur silent reader for 1++ year ๐Ÿ™‚ *

  25. Wahlau!! Happy “Belated” Anniversary

    by the way..it sounded like you planning to stand for election, stating your views and comments in such a clear and concrete statements…. Lilian for MP ๐Ÿ˜›

  26. I was laughing at one of your statements on where you stated…most of the questions came from the guys..where are the ladies….hmmmm..maybe aunty so hot…ladies takut of her and only horny guys come and fish for aunty ๐Ÿ˜›

  27. Another silent reader from Penang too…:-)
    “Jit Kah Ngin” yeah (aka Kah Kee Lang in Hakka) …:-)

    Reading your blog is like reading a “diary bread”…

    Good job done, Lilian!

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