Meme – Orange pig

This meme is from my si heng, Rojakz. He eat full nothing to do and started a ‘Things you can do with the skin of oranges’. Tiu, like this oso can?

I do not like mandarin oranges because they contain a lot of bacterias and will make people sick. Oi, there is no such thing as ‘yit hei’, ok? You get sick because of those fungus, bacteria, virus or what craps in the oranges. So, I never buy oranges. Bad for health. But today someone gave us two cartons, tiu, how to dispose them off except to pass to our guards? So, here is my project, si heng!


Once a upon a time, Mr. Chu Chai Wingz fell in love with a sweet young thing of a pig. She took his breath away when she strutted around with a gold bikini top and a flirty skirt. Imported from Italy, wei. Ferrero Rochero mia brand.

Mr. Chu Chai Wingz was so deeply in love, he skali proposed to her. So, sweet young pig became Mrs. Chu Chai Wingz. But you know hor….pig very clever to eat, sleep, do nothing and breed.

Many years later…….Mr. Chu Chai Wingz pun regret liao lor. Because Miss. Gold Bikini top has turned into a gold digger. She hari hari demands money every time Mr. Chu Chai Wingz demands sex. If Mr. Chu Chai Wingz refused, she will boikot and kasi quarantine.

Wah piang eh, like this, Mrs. Chu Chai Wingz turned richer and richer. Hari hari makan, tidur, makan, tidur.


Lama-lama, she got plenty of gold chains to hang on her pig neck. And as you know lah, habis liao the figure.


Mr. Chu Chai Wingz regret betul because all Mrs. Chu Chai Wingz does are to lie around, half naked with the nen nen hanging out, her belly big big, suitable for making khau yoke and no more flirty skirt and gold bikini top. Only one aunty panty, terkangkang.

Now? Mr. Chu Chai Wingz got Viagra oso kena up liao. The End.

Moral of the story? Don’t become a pig after you marry lo.

Now, I must tag three persons to make ‘Things you can do with skin of oranges’. Fuwah, dem shiok man. Not easy to do, you know. And you better do it.

I am going to tag :

1) Dr. Bernard Chan because he doctor mah, sure clever kasi plastic surgery, liposuction and tummy tuck to make pig sexy sexy.

2) Pablo Loyar ‘cos he loyar, so in case I kena sue for saying fat women are ugly, he can kasi gua discount in legal fees. Somemore he is trying to increase his link lah. His blog – Hochiak! Delicious Asian Food.

3) Sifu – Dr. Liew. Sifu!!!! Please lor, can use your creativity and do ah? Action like that real pigs on your blog wan? Please, please, please!

**Added: Photo from Sifu.

14 thoughts on “Meme – Orange pig

  1. Wuah, Auntie!!! Lu gila sama that fella ar??? Hahahah!!

    But I lile your twisted story lar…so original…Uncle Wings wan can tutup kedai liao…LOL!!!

  2. wah…this lil piggy had a baby!!!!!

    gong xi gong xi!!!

    hv a safe journey to KL..I’m so jealous! It’ll be so peaceful and quiet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wah lau! You gif me this CNY present to do ah? Very the kepala sakit wan leh…si beh chia lat liao lah… I shall have to charge you konsulten fee for this kepala sakit. Wait ar…after CNy I will do this meme. Let me chiak! the oranges first. Heh heh!

  4. Lilian, like that also can har. I like your orange pig. Very the cute. Kong Hei Fatt Choy. Better cut down on my food liau during this cny otherwise got problem liau like Mrs Chu Chai Wingz.

    Lawrence is making a joke that Chu Chai Wingz father name must be Chu Yoke Weng and his great great great grandfather mah could be Chu Pat Kai lor. LOL

  5. sifu – Your piggie so kawaii….got ribbon on the hair somemore. I dunwan to be piggie cos I dragon lady lah. Dragon only plays with dragon. But Wingz is a pig lah.

    Erina – Hahaha, that’s a nice joke. But nowadays Chu Yoke Weng foods no more nice.

    pablo – Good lah, fun what. Keep you occupied and creative.

    mott – Yeah, will be spending that at the skateparks. *roll eyes*

    clare – Hahaha, what message you get lah. No pigs were harm in the process wor.

    bryan – We all heng tai-si jeh must tunjuk kungfu wan.

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