Things I Like – another meme lah

I woke up feeling anal. So, you all better be giving nice nice comments if don’t wanna kena bite, ok? Not sure why but maybe some haters must have gotten hold of the voodoo doll and pierce some pins and needles or whack the head with hammer. Yeah, maybe whack with hammer is the right feelings.

So, what I am going to do is to take up this meme from The Suzette and see if I still remember what I like. It is a lame meme about ‘Things I like’. Eh, why no one gives me meme like karmasutra positions I like or Latin, Bollywood, African male pornstars I like. LOL?

Things I like

1) Solitude – Being alone and housed in a comfortable place like a five star presidential suite lah. Not maroon on an island with no facilities lah, wei.

2) Cute little babies to pinch and smell – Minus the barfing, pooing, crying and all those glitz that come with babies

3) Chocolates that don’t make me fat – Must be the most expensive ones that I cannot afford

4) Drinks – Again, must not make me fat, with enough alcohol to give me a high without needing to pee so often and if possible, a personal bartender who keeps pouring

5) No rules,no laws, no conscience – Fat hope, this is life lah wei.

6) Emo heart-to-heart talks – Hard to find the people to do that. *haih* Where have all my girlfriends gone?

7) Rainy day (with a lover in bed) – Eh, we are experiencing severe drought here so that’s why I am hallucinating, wokay?

Did they say how many I must list? I guess not.

Now, my victims – Aiyor, I dunno who to tag. Later, they never take up, I feel sad lor. So, everyone go write down your list of ‘Things I Like’. Remember to pass it on, ok?

4 thoughts on “Things I Like – another meme lah

  1. Thanks for passing on the meme. I hope you feel better now, after writing about what you like. 🙂
    Don’t think too much about that voodoo thingy. LOL!

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