American Idol – Season 6 : Audition in Malaysia (Bloggers CNY song)

Simon Cowell of American Idol said : Lilllian (British slang mah, so the llll longer lor), you sounded absolutely horrendous. Did you just gave a bj to Ryan Crest out there or what? (bj = biji jambu lah)

Randy said : My momma can fart and still sounds better than you. *gives devil sign with fingers*

Paula Abdul said : *hic, hic, hic* You sounded like a tramp and high on alcohol.

And that was why I was eliminated in the audition round and did not make it to cut an album with LinPeh’s Bloggers CNY song project.

I shall spend the rest of my life crying over my failure to be part of this yearly affair. Back to making piggies with orange peels.

So, ladies and chinamen, let me present to you the bloggers sing-song projek for Chinese New Year. Please listen without drinking F&N orange or Jolly Shandy. Wingz will make you spurt liquid out of your ears and nose.

**self talk to Wingz : Mahai, your voice hor, like those bad kehtai at hungry ghost festival. No jek, worst than that. I think ghost oso cabut lari listening to you. William Hung oso kalah sama lu. Niamah, the next time you see Lin Peh, you go cabut off his head for making you ‘char tou’ (kena) like this. Like this voice, mana lu mau cari SYTs arm luen sama lu jek? Like 60 years old ahpek drank too much cheap alcohol. But I still lafu yew, donch worry. For making me laugh non-stop at your horrijible, off tune song.**

The song URL is at :

Enjoy folks. Thanks to LinPeh for bringing bloggers together again.


(eh, someone said this wan look like a porn CD cover. Nice anot? Want to know how to do it, go here to my Digital Photo blog)

If you want to put the song on your site, feel free. But hor, I kena pay for bandwith, so can mention something like:
5xmom (link to hosted the song on her FrenzRSS ( link to site. (and make sure kena the correct link, ok? Kesian me lah, I am desperate for links mah. )

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  1. damn.. good song leh…
    but ha… I dont know about the idol thing eh… they’d prolly say… GET LOST!!!

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