“Woi! Why you bring rain to KL wor! I just …..bla bla bla today…..Boo Hoo” And that’s the SMS message that greeted me when I reached Kuala Lumpur at noon today. It was raining cats and dogs. A heavy rain that I haven’t seen in Penang for like 2 months already.

I replied, “Good wor, sui tor tor – cheen tor tor.” (water and money rhyme in Cantonese so water denotes lots of money.) And therefore, your choy san poh 5xmom has brought lots of money luck to you Klang Valley folks. Oi, Penang people, got rain or not in Penang ah? Got flood ah?

I only slept at 3am last night, woke up at 6 am for the trip and therefore, I drool all the way from Penang to KL. Traffic was smooth but our car got a problem and we stopped in Taiping for a while (questions later). However, I pity those travelling up north. The traffic jam was like 40 KM so long, bumper to bumper in the heavy rain. The female travellers are seen lining up from the road up to the toilets, in umbrellas. Something like 40 people in each queues. There is no parking in the rest areas so all the cars parked by the highway, causing more chaos.

Had wanted to take some pics but it is not so nice to take photos of other misfortunes, eh? My heart goes out to them and hope no one suffer too much. I cannot image being caught in those jams! Horrors! I would probably have to shit by the kerb! I mean, if you gotta go, you gotta go, right?

So, did everyone had a nice reunion yet? My bro who lives here in PJ has gone to Japan so my little family had our dinner at a Chinese restaurant downstairs. Funny that the restaurant is packed because everyone seems to be eating out. Not like in Penang where mostly everyone eat at home. I am going to miss the lighting of firecrackers at 12 midnight tonight. Right in the middle of MidValley, I suppose none of those crazy, deafening sound can be heard? Nice!

Now, who expert in car? Our Naza shakes when we go above 100KM. The front tyres are new. We stopped in Taiping to balance the back tyres. Now, it only shakes at 110 KM. Heh. Maybe if we balance one more time, we can go the max speed limit of 120KM. Saves us a lot of samans, no? But seriously, all workshops are closed. So, we will make it back in one piece, I pray.

I have the net here. Let me tell you who are the bloggers who have no life like me. Psst…I can see them online. The bloggers are wuching, earl-ku, bryan and wingz! Wuah, gang of the no-lifers unite! But I am showing ‘not online’ ‘cos like that baru proof I have a life on a Chinese New Year eve mah! Not like them, happy night like this, go play fireworks and firecrackers lah. These activities are against the law mah, so mah extra chikik lor. Or go play mahjong mah.

Again, Gong Xi Fa Cai. And I hope everyone who travel by road, you have been spared the agonies of a highway crawl.

11 thoughts on “Burp!

  1. I actually live in the datacenter and sleep beside servers wan. Cannot play firecracker here wan!
    Btw, the night is still young lah. Keke…

    Happy Chinese New Year!

  2. Be this year you enjoy the most successful, happiest, healthiest, wealthiest, loveliest, luckiest and most peaceful ever. GONG XI FA CAI my friend

  3. Woi! At least I greeted you right! Could smell you entering KL.

    People in KL very lazy nowadays. They have reunion dinners at restaurants. Food minus the hassle mah.

    Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year! May all your prayers be answered. Great wealth and good health to you and your loved ones.

  4. Happy CNY! So you are in town now! It is good that you are actually against the traffic. Today, people leaving town has great trouble – massive jam! Wish you all the best in the coming Fire Boar year.

    BTW, I’ve tagged you again. It is something similar to the previosu Z-List. I guess you might want to be included in that list.

  5. suzette – Again? Wuah…. I femes liao! Hahaha

    Adam – Where I am in, it is also quiet. So nice oso lah.

    terence – Woi, must you simply claim everything wan ah? I got say it is you meh? You track me on GPS or what ah? But thanks for the wishes. Get your angpows ready hor?

    9393 – Dor jeh

    bryan – yayaya, jaga baik baik if not later my site went down skali i bankrupt oso

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