Random pics of Chinese New Year


Good morning, aunties and unkas! It is Chinese New Year and I am 5xmom little toddler. Mom took me to see a lion dance at the hotel this morning. I am going to be four years old this February 28th and this is the first time I actually see a lion dance up close. *roll eyes* My mom took my big brothers to see lion dance when they were just months old but she forget to show me this until I am four. You say pathetic or not, being the youngest of the lot?


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My mom squatted on the ground to take this photo. She thinks it is very cool to have the red lantern and lion against the skyscrapers. But hor, really, my mom very the siao one ‘cos every one else use only camera phones and small cameras. She is the only siao auntie with a DSLR, squatting down like she pangsai like that.


Talking about pangsai, have you deposited your first pangsai for the new year? I did already lor, right at 12 midnight last night.

I was scared the lion will fall off the high place and landed on top of mom. So, I screamed and screamed for mom to go away but she insist to khap leng jais in lion pants.

(mom said I am so absolutely, totally, cute so she is showing another pic)

Mom has no more internet access ‘cos our 24 hours is up. Ta Ta!

10 thoughts on “Random pics of Chinese New Year

  1. Gong Xi Fatt Chai!

    Great shots Lilian!! (for sacrificing your ‘dignity’ by squating as if you were er.. ahem.. all to get a great shot for us!)

    Thanks for the updates! Makes CNY here in OZ easier to bear. *wink*

  2. fabulous pictures ….. happy chinese new year and wishing you ‘piggy cages enter lots of water’ šŸ™‚

  3. gong xi gong xi! we went round town looking for lion dances, but didn’t find any… maybe tomlo. but the one in midvalley looks good from the pix.

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