What do you do at 3am? Got ghost anot?

It is 3am. No help that I drank a large glass of green tea just now. Add that to my nap from 7 pm to 10 pm. Plus lots and lots of paid posts to enjoy.

So, I was typing away like mad over here in my hotel room. Everyone else have gone to sleep. While banging away at the keyboard, without my contact lenses, I look up and saw a ghost staring at me! OMCCB! Damn terkejut, man!


Moral of the story : Get a hair cut even if the hairdressers have increased price. Don’t be so kiamsiap. Wear your spectacles. Don’t sit in front of a mirror to do your typing. Don’t type in the dark.

But who cares lah, I have make amalika satu ratus sepuluh since 12 midnight while MSN-ing. Choy san tou! Yay! No more bitch year. Bitches like to bite dragons. I almost got bitten by a bitch last year. Welcome to the piggie! Piggie good.

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