Does your husband gives angpow?

Very, very curious. I demand angpow every year. You know…like those rubbish collectors who will go from house to house and ask for angpows? I will also ‘teh’ for my angpow. (see the meaning of ‘teh’)


So, after ‘teh-ing’, I sure get my angpow. But hor, I usually stuffed the packet somewhere until I forget all about it. I think the packet I got last year is somewhere in my piles of clothes. My angpow is 5x more than what my kids get individually. So, can say very huge amount also lah. Enough for me to get a nice handphone or nice digicam.


Therefore, wives, do your husbands give angpows to you? I got it even when I was working. Is that a tradition of yours? Tell, please……And husbands, do you kasi angpow sama itu bini?

12 thoughts on “Does your husband gives angpow?

  1. ooh..yes. I demand angpow every year too. In fact i started demanding it since we started dating, but he never give until after we got married. I never open the angpow hubby gives. I keep them as it is. So, i never check the amt. But he tell me that he increase the amt every year, to symbolize that the relationship means more each year šŸ™‚ .

  2. Erin – My atm not so yok sin and chau yong lah. Adoi! Hahaha.

    shooi – Wuah…you can hold the curiousity wan meh? I terus bukak and kira wan.

  3. actually hubby does give me angpow but i only give him when i remember to pack one haha

    anyway, wishing you and your family happy and prosperous Chinese new year. Oink!

  4. O yea, hubby gives me “big ” angpow even tho he’s angmor. Me… er … if I remember hehehe.

  5. Adam – Yes, how nice of you to say that. And the figure can never compensate right enuff plus it is only the thoughts that count, right? šŸ˜›

    romantic – I think I am going to chuck all these money into the bank and see it accumulate. Cos I can zap the card for all the things I want already. Hehehe.

    babe – My excuse is I got no income. Even when I was working!

  6. Dear Ms Lilian and reader sekalian,

    You lucky bunch of ppl. Even tho I’m divorce from my ex (we remained best friend), I kena ‘ta pau’ (pack) ang pow for him to give to our kids, relative, friends kids and friends …… I’m doing very rugi business la ‘sigh’. If I demand the money I ta pau, he said later, which never la.

  7. Wow, I’m gonna ask for ang pow from my husband when and if I get married šŸ˜€ thanks for the advice, Aunty Lilian!

    Btw, is it me or does the “choy san” looks like Kenny Sia? hmmm…

  8. wuching – *smacks wuching on the head* Of course must give lah, for good luck mah. The money can use go spa or shopping or just makan mah.

    shortie – Hiaks…ya hor.

    cili – Wuah…very see-pun but I hope the receivers appreciate your generousity.

  9. nup, zilch, eelek, none. not even angpau, monthly pocket money pun tadak. u guys out there wish there are more wives like me eh? make own money, spend own money. and i know my womenkind already cussing out loud. for one, my mum is always saying i am sitiupeed. wat to do? started earning own money right after high school and has never handed out my palm opened wide. not used to it lor. and also my hubby must think i sot-plug if i start to ‘teh’ him. also i am the one organizing the angpaus leh. but lucky this year he volunteered to get the change. SIB!!

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