Is Flickr hacked?

I couldn’t log in to Flickr this morning. It says ‘Flickr is having a massage’.

So, I finally can get in but it has a message that says..’Seeing weird images? Sorry about that.”

Again, no problemo.

But this got me shocked!

My little buttons for my blog have been replaced with avatars of strangers:


Well, at least they are nice looking avatars. I think I am going to have a word with Flickr now.

4 thoughts on “Is Flickr hacked?

  1. Ish.. they were in accessible this morning but I didn’t paid any attention to it. Aiyoh.. you’re right.. luckily those ‘stranger’ avatars were decent ones.. phew~~

  2. wayan – LOL, that ball sack in lace, no less! LOL.

    Yvonne – You should take a look at wayan’s. LOL.

    lingghezhi – Scary right? Cos I paid good money for them so Flickr should take care of their site better.

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